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Sidetracked with a new tune

Got sidetracked last week with something new after I downloaded the updated FL Studio 10. Things are good when working (playing) on a new tune is more important than sleep. LOL. This one really threw me off my sleep schedule.

I want to save the rest for CD3, but here's the start of it.. Thanks a ton for listening!!!

Early Morning May, part 1

HEYHEY I've got some NewNew! I have a lot of tunes in progress right now that have several different parts to them that need to be tied together somehow.  This happens when I work on a song one day, come back another day in a different mood and put new/different energy into it. It almost always happens that way for me. Maybe that's why some say my songs have songs within that song.

Anyways, this is a section of one of those songs, and it's the "minor" part (the way I think about major vs. minor: minor = serious, major = happy). It's very different from the other parts of the song. I'll share those soon too. Maybe I will have married the two parts by then.


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