Some more fun with this one

Forgot to post this one here

I'm about to pick it back up to work on for a youtubes as it's got some fun jam elements and it's about time for a vidya

Hey now, #flstudio #keyboard #jam still in progress

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Stringy stuff


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Lil bitty track for my peeps

❄️Lil bitty track for my peeps #jenkees #flstudio #serum

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New Single: “Mindful”

Hope you like the tune! It's available everywhere now:

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New new

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RJCD5 is Rhodes Deep

Store links (I'll update as I get them)
iTunes / Apple Music
Google Play

Order the physical CD

The comments, emails, etc. about my new album each make it all worth it. I've read some awesome stuff over the past few weeks that would be motivating to any artist. If you've sent me a nice note (even if a quick one), left a nice review, made a purchase, streamed, or just enjoyed Rhodes Deep without doing any of that, I'm REALLY thankful to have you listening to my music.

RJCD5, in-car testing, zoomed peek at the art

RJCD5 update

I'm waiting on one album art tweak from the artist for the RJCD5 cover. I've tortured every artist that ever did my album art but this one I've tried to (and had to) let go and let it be. Should be soon. In the meantime I still have my mixing/mastering hat on so I have no choice but to check/fix small stuff until my ears fall off.