It's been too long! CD#2 has been very well-received. THANKS for that!!! I've been quietly working on CD#3. Sometimes it's good to work quietly (and sometimes you just feel like you need to) but then you start missing the energy that good feedback gives you, which can be put back into the music. Anywho, I want to jump right into sharing a couple of tunes on the blog for now. I need to just throw some stuff out there without thinking too hard about what to post or what to say, so here we go with some new musics.

This first tune is called Error Me Out. I'm going to start it in the middle of the song for this post and let it play out to the end. I'm really digging it right now - I love getting in the zone and working on this one.

The next one I want to post I threw up as a ringtone you can buy on iTunes but only got a few responses from it, so I think it needs to air out more here.

Thanks for listening and sorry for the super-delayed post!! More to come for sure.

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  • Hey Ron...I'm still hooked listening to your tunes. Please post soon and let us know how you're doing these days.

  • where have you been jenkees?! hope all is well man, your music is AWESOME! it'd be dope if you post up new videos on the tubes man, it's so cool seeing you jam out on your sessions!

  • Each day I open the RJ tab in firefox, and each day I hope to sees omething new.. Can't wait any longer !! I played 7 Times and Error Me Out like 3 billion times !! Please throw something new on your channel !!!

    Thanks !

  • Man, I almost gave up on you! I was checking this blog regularly for a while.. But you didn't post for so long, I thought you fell into a worm hole or something. Glad to hear the new stuff. Amazing! Really looking forward to buying the new album when it drops. Your other 2 albums are on heavy play on the mp3 machine. The tune error out sounds real chill. Like where you're going. Keep it up! Your music literally is my favorite!

  • Been a fan for awhile now and I've been wondering where you went off too. Glad your still bringing us your passion and great music brotha, keep it and and can't wait to get a hold of your new stuff, hearing your samples of what's to come has got me excited to say the least.

  • Awesome music man. Just discovered you. And I just bought both your albums off iTunes. Keep it up!!

  • Been a while Ronald! Glad to see you are still at it!

  • really digging these songs! hope you release them soon!

  • You are the anti-hero of the music industry, and I really love that about you. You do your own thing when you want to do it, you don't have PR and publicists doing regular bull shit 'updates' which are things not even by you which you didn't even write and have no idea about even, ie fake, like other artists do (including bands like Coldplay even), you don't rush your music you just do it whenever you want. You prove that you can be successful without a record deal. The industry wonders why sales are down and blame it on downloads oh how WRONG they are! No one has passion for music it's like a McDonnalds burger now, the industry made it that way, for them to blame us about it is really quite hilarious. You only need to look at artists like you to see that when the music is real then the passion is real in the fans and we buy buy buy and I'd KILL to see you live in concert dude! Can't WAIT for the new album! :-)
    Peace bro.

  • Очень хорошая музыка, кручу ее по кругу, не надоедает. Жду третий альбом.

    Приятно видеть русскоязычных пользователей.

  • You are my hero

  • Hi ...I just stumbled across your music on you tube and i think it is awsome so i have posted some of your tunes all over facebook and sent it to my friends to listen to (over 3000 ) of them so hope they will follow your music and enjoy it as i have ... keep up the great tunes ;-)

  • You have the greatest beat of our generation.

  • Ronald, you should really go on tour. You're extremeley talented. Please go on tour.

  • You are a mad man!!!
    You spoke of good energy from feedback igniting your music. Well I can say wholeheartedly that all of your music exudes nothing but good energy to us, your listeners. I know that personally, whether I’m driving to work, riding the train, at home, outdoors, indoors, or in any situation or setting AT ALL, I can throw on one of your jams and instantly be filled with a great vibe. Therefore I think its only fair that somehow through this message you know that I give you 100% of my energy, which still only reflects a fraction of the good times you’ve helped me have through your music. I hope you keep having fun, keep loving what you do, and keep making the spectacular art that you do.

  • Dude! You should play Jan Hammer's Crockett's Theme with a guitar library. It will be a GREAT thing with this melody and your talent!

  • I love your music, You have GOD's hands while at the some time you are gifted and talented. I'm a big music person, played piano in school, but my art is what i'm best at. Of all the music in the world YOU and a few others like Neil Young are @ the top of my list. Don't ever stop playing because I LOVE your stuff. That all includes the taste of music you have. This stuff gets me moving and i listen to it while i work on my pyrography (wood burning) every day. I now thank GOD for lending you his hand for the the opportunity to listen and enjoy the real sound of MUSIC. Chauntae Moore

  • How much longer?!!!??? >_>

  • Where are you Ronald? Don't just leave us hanging for months with such an awesome announcement!

    I think we'd all love to hear more from you. I'd kill for a some new RJ songs right about now.

  • I want to get 7 times right now. RJ hook me up brotha...

  • Like a lion stalking an antelope, I am ready to pounce on your new album as soon as you're ready to accept my cashola!

  • Ronald, you would really do well on tour. please man, your music has been inspirational to me. if you can effect other people the way you have effected and encouraged me throughout the years then trust me, its worth it

  • Welcome back. The new stuff sounds fantastic!

  • Hey dude, I just discovered your music and its really awesome dude you have such a BIG talent ! Keep it up with the good work ! But I saw that you almost let the fans waiting for like 2 years ? It would kill me to not know what is happening with you for that amount of time :S

    Keep it up with all the things you're doing im going to buy your music as soon as I can pay my credit card a little bit !

  • Hi, you probably get this all the time - but you really are inspiring and it warms my heart to see you having so much fun with your music. Please upload more videos onto your Youtube!

  • PS. those two tracks are AWESOME.

  • Smitty Dingenskirchen

    7 times is amazing

  • привет! мне очень нравиться твоя музыка!!! ты молодец!!!!) и хотелось бы с вами познакомиться!

  • Hey Ronald,
    Keep up the good work on your next CD!
    Any chance we could sweet talk you into making another improv jam to one of your new tunes? ;)

  • Well that does it. From now on, when people ask me what music I listen to, I'll answer, "RONALD JENKEES, OF COURSE!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??"

  • ronald jenkees is a musical genius, to say the least. cant wait to show my kids this music.

  • Hey Ronald! I remember first listening to your songs a few years ago, back when I was in high school. I tried jamming to a few of your songs, and you commented on my improv over Super-Fun on YouTube. Ever since, I was so excited that an artist as famous as you would take the time to watch a fan's video and actually respond. People like you who do music because it's fun really inspire me. I'm currently applying to medical school, and it's a very stressful time. Thanks for reminding about how much fun music can be. At a stressful time like this, I look up to people like you. I simply do not know what I would do without music as a stress reliever. Check me out on soundcloud if you get a chance...and a cannot wait for RJCD3 to get out!!! I've heard your progress on the website and it sounds AMAZING! Take care, and I hope you're having the time of your life doing all of this! Have fun and keep it real! Peace dude!

    -Sandeep Jain (chhotu007)

  • Ronald! So happy that you're coming out with some new and fresh jams. Been listening to you since you starting jamming on the tubes... It's been awesome hearing your music mature!

    You're new stuff is no joke! I can't decide if I like 7Times or Sidetracked better.

    Please don't leave 7Times as a ringtone... it really needs to be a full song! It's really incredible.

    Thanks for keeping music fun! More artists should have that outlook.



  • LOVE IT! Please keep up the excellent work, I'm looking forward to this 3rd CD from you! <3 <3 I can totally feel your energy in every song, and it is so refreshing! Beautiful, amazing, glorious, stupendous, brilliant, (insert 100s of more synonyms here)! That is what you are, Mr. Jenkees. Don't you ever quit.

  • I'm totally loving the 'Error me out track' and can't wait to hear the whole thing!!!! I'm anxiously waiting for the third cd. Keep the great tunes coming!!

  • When is this album released? Can't wait!

  • I can't get enough of your beats, all i've been listening to for the past week. Very excited for CD3.. and cd4 and cd5 and so on.

  • Mr. Jenkees,

    When is your next CD releasing (CD3)?
    I also have an idea for you about your next album release..... What you should do is sell the album like you plan to but also sell a version that includes all of your first three albums.... A trilogy of sorts... I'll be honest I have downloaded most of your music rather than buying it from itunes, even though I don't own an iPod. I WILL BUY YOUR NEXT ALBUM! I would like to buy a hard copy from a retail store like Amazon though. If you release all of your music as a trilogy, I will also be the first to purchase that too.

    All of your music is groundbreaking and awesome, so who wouldn't want the entire collection? I mean the first two albums you released only warranted you about 56 million page views on YouTube! Do it Jenkees, you're da man.

    By the way, if you need any graphics done for your website or for other aspects of your business, I am an expert in Design and would be glad to do some work for you. You've got my email, hit me up!

  • Jenkees you have the kees to makin melodies that dig deep within, touching dormate and unexplored areas of the mind and soul! Keep doing what you'r doing a fan for life!

  • Please Ronald....Never Stop your Musik,

    Thank You so Much....!!!

    Be Water My Friend...!!!

    TIMECATCHER from Germany

  • I've listened to these several times, but just now as I was listening to Error Me Out, I felt something I've never felt before... and I haven't been able to feel very much lately at all. Thank you for helping me know my heart is still alive.

  • Hi,

    Great songs!!
    When is the next song comming??

    I can't wait.

  • Thanks for your great music...and your infectious fun!

  • I heard some of your beats on my Pandora playlist for like 2 or 3 years now (I listen to mainly stuff like Ratatat and crazy cool instrumental songs) I loved every single song of yours and always thought the band name was weird. Until I found a youtube video of you playing the songs from Pandora! THen the name made sense RJ= Ronald Jenkins. After hearing more of your songs... You are a Legend! You are great! I bet there must be pressure to release release release but remember all your great music came from you having fun.. if it is ever not fun.... then feel no pressure... we respect you as a human being and love the music you create when it is good for you .... :)

  • Jenkees* lol sorry

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