How I use the Motif XS with FL Studio

People often ask how I'm getting my keyboard sounds hooked up to FL Studio. Unfortunately, I don't truly get the sounds working in FL Studio. What I'm actually doing is just recording into another program and importing those wave files into FL. The process isn't as seamless as I would like it to be. The Motif XS series comes with a version of Cubase that "syncs" better with the Motif, but I don't prefer to use Cubase, nor do I want to run FL Studio as a plugin (VSTi/DXi2) in Cubase. So my method is neither the smart or efficient way of going about this, but since folks ask, I thought I would share my old school method of recording stuff from my Motif XS8 and getting those recordings into FL.

Basically, I just record a .WAV file from my "live" playing from the Motif into Adobe Audition 1.0. Version 1.0 is old, but lighter than their new versions and it does what I need it to. Check out Audacity for an open-source and free alternative. I then trim up the wave file, save it with my patch number in the file name (gotta remember what sound I used), then drag and drop that file into the lower part of the playlist in FL. When I drag and drop the wave file, it's not in time with the beat yet, so I turn the Snap (to edges) to "NONE", and line carefully line it up. Don't forget to turn Snap back on to "LINE" or whatever you used before. FL also comes with some built-in recording and wave editing capabilities (Edison), but I have always found it easier to work outside of FL to trim up my wave files and record them fast.

There are a whole host of problems with doing it like this, so if you haven't created any habits yet, I would suggest doing some research on how to get Cubase working with the Motif XS (check out the quick setup guides on the MOTIFATOR site). The main thing is it a little too time consuming and you don't want technology to slow you down while you're trying to make music. I don't intend on doing it like this forever, but until I can find the time to get good at a method that works for me, this is how I'll do it for now.

Edit: I've learned that in FL 8, Edison can shoot the stuff you record over to the playlist with the click of a shortcut. Looking forward to experimenting with this. I'll give an update on that as soon as I try it.

Hope I helped!!

PSSSSSSST! Here's a small clip of a new beat I'm working on (just started it). Just click the little blue play button.
Throwing Fire

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  • jenkeeesss <3 dude where have you been? we miss you!

  • RJ you are a genius. I love neilyo (professional World of Warcraft player) for using your tracks on his new vid. Now i finally know what real music sounds like. It's amazing. I love it.

  • hey man i love your jams if you ever get time give me a reply i would love to try to collaborate on some jams. im sure your probably way to busy these days. your gonna do great things man keep producing that heat and they all will listen love it dude and that malcom kellly remix is the tightest song ive heard in years man i would love to hear that in the studio with a hook and everything that would be sick

  • Yo man! I guess your name is Ronald eh?
    I must say you are amazing working those tunes man!
    You've got some talent, you should stick to it.
    Now to the point! Im currently playing in a smalltown band called Insangelous. That's our MySpace link, check it out! I have introduced your youtube clips to the rest of the band and they loved it.
    We would be more than glad to work with you, maybe create instrumental versions of your songs?
    Would be cool if you added my mail on msn or maybe sent me a mail?
    Have a good one man :)

    By the way.. The song on our MySpace is a unmixed version with lots of parts that could have been played alot better. For an example, the solo. And we have about 3-4 fresh songs coming up that makes "First Decent" sound like a jam!

  • Hello Mr.Jenkees, Im just a fan saying that you are awesome at what you do. But I do have a question for you. Have you heard of the Yamaha MM6 Synth? It supposedly incorporates the same sounds used on a MOTIF like yours but is cheaper, and I got one last month on my bday. Your opinion on the synth, plus any words of wisdom for a beginner like me would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks for all the great music!

  • Hi Ronald,
    im from Germany and just wanted to tell you that im completely addicted to your music at the time. The songs still keep getting better!
    Dont rush the new CD. Take your time and then blow us away!

  • WOW! Just listend to your music for the 1st time. Amazing! I am so buying your cd.

  • Man Your An Awesome Person I Would Like To Meet You And You Are An Awesome Mucician!! Hope To Talk To U Later!

  • Mr. Jenkees you are truly one of the most original artists to ever come out of the internets. Congradulations. I am proud to be able to say that you will have yet another person purchasing your physical CD soon enough. (and I will purchase more if you put some more of that RAWKING guitar sound on it)

  • Hi~I'm chinese
    and I love your music! great

  • messin with a guitar sound is the best one.

  • yo Jenkees!

    You are one talented individual! Love the beats. When is the new album coming out?

  • Hello Ronald!
    I`m from Russia.
    Your music very good.
    I even buy midi keystation and trying written music too.
    Thanks for your work.

  • Dude, you amaze me every single time you even lay hands on that keyboard. I'm dying to get my hands on even the basic beat without the keyboard melody. One thing though, what happened to the original melodies from your video? Those were the among best melodies I have ever heard of in my life, and that's no joke.

  • Hello Ronald! I'm from Russia too. Your music is amazing, but you very talent!

    Thanks you for the magic music. ;)

  • Hey RJ,

    your music is just amazing! It's so good to hear it in the car on a road trip! Dont stop making us feel the joy you have by making those very good tunes!

    For now, im just waiting you next cd! Cant wait to hear the full completed version of Messin with a guitar sound!!

    Have a nice day, and continue to entertain us with your music!

  • Greetz from Belgium Diamond-City Antwerp.... 1

  • Слушал твою музыку.... Вапше круто!!!! Молодец!!)))

  • again from russia... when we shall listen your new album ???

  • Jenkees is yet again, AMAZING!!!

  • Rob (Rough River Area)

    Hey RJ how come you dont get an Apple computer and record with garage band then to Fl Studios

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  • Круто не то слово! Парень просто жжет!!!! Хочу его диск!!!
    Крутой отдыхает)))))))

  • ...The way you use your Motif and Fl together i think that youd be better suited using one of open labs miko or niko.....if your not familiar with you should go check it out at i also wanted to say i enjoy your music + your genuine love for music....It would be an honor to me if we could work together on a project.....Keep doin ya thing.....

  • Those finger snaps(?) in your new tune or sooooo funky dude!!!!.

  • :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) RESPECT!!!

    Music has power gived by your energy and love!!!! You burn man!!!!!!!!

  • Hey man first off I love your music!~ This is a good post. I too work in a similar fashion using both Fl Studio, Motif Es Rack and Audition. I usually use Fl for the drums and just record the melody in the multitrack environment, exporting the Fl drums into Audition. After reading this I'm going to fiddle around with the Edison technique...Ty ..

    Ps ..wheres your rss feed thingy I would like to subscribe :-)

  • Found it! keep writing and making those awesome tracks ..

  • Ronald i love your songs!!!!!jast amazing music!!!!!thank you!!!!!!!

  • Dude - where is your next CD. I am hooked now after finding you on YouTube. I bought your CDs and your stuff on Napster. GREAT stuff - You really have a talent. Keep making stuff and I will be buy. Thanks again Ronald for keeping it real!

  • а в каком это городе,какой стране??очень креативненько!!!!!)))))

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  • Thanks man, I just got it to work. Thanks for the tip. Great Help!

  • You are the perfect example of just knowing your software. I have told people for years that Fruity loops can turn out amazing things if you know how to use it. Any program can. I use cubase and nuendo for alot of mixing along with pro tools too. Ableton live has become my favorite for production work. I have thousands of plugins and alot of software. Almost all you can dream. I like the techincal sides of things and your music is awesome. Ive promoted you to so many people its crazy. Cant help it. So if you are ever in need of a roomate with engineering skills and mad computer skills along with many other useful skills, Let me know. Id move to from Chicago to kentucky for that. I was in Lexington when the ice storms hit man that was crazy I was there for 2 weeks. Good times. Anyways Keep doing what you do, the world needs it.

  • Hi RJ, I've been introduced to your music dure to a friend who thinks highly of minds, and I'm glad he did. RJ you represent the few that look at music as an expression, as fun, and i lost track of that in my days of producing. I've learn to take my time, insted of drifting with the trends and the seasons of music. It clear to me that although you know who or what is hot right now, it won't affect yo production skillz and I dig that. Keep it real, keep it fun, and keep it original. If your anywhere in Fl, holla back. I would definately like to sit and talk. Peace

  • Hi Ronald,

    Got your cd in the mail today! Been playing it all night and made a copy, in case I play it too much. ;) Can't wait for the second album!

    Keep on rockin'!

    Greetings from Da Lowlands!

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  • You are and absolute inspiration to me and Ronald, you are a one in a billion, congradulations to all your success

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