Motif Motivation

I heard some famous hip-hop producer say one time that it doesn't matter what equipment you play on - what matters is what's going in your head musically (wish I could remember his name). He was right. Be happy with what you have and stop drooling over what you don't have! While it may look like a lot to some, my "studio" is actually quite a modest and humbling little setup but it does what I need it to for now. With that being said, I still get super-excited about new equipment. I mean, dang.

I played this keyboard today in a local music shop - the Yamaha Motif XS8. I was blown away. It reminded me of when I was a kid going into the store drooling over the inexpensive line of Yamaha boards (nothing against them! I played on one up until a few years ago!). And when I got one, I eventually wore the keys out on it and had to buy new pads to put under the keys. Fun stuff, folks. And you know how they tell you to visualize what you want? Well, I think this keyboard has been burned into my brain:

Thanks for reading and encouraging, folks. Every comment/subscriber I get motivates me more!

Psst! LOL. Here's a snippit of a beat I'm working on for my CD. It's the same background as used in this video about it possibly being used for the Bill Simmons podcast on ESPN. Hope you like it!

Dirty Bass

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  • Dude your music is sick. If you are ever in Austin, we'd like to hire you to play a party.

  • Hi Ron,
    Just wanted to let you know I like the look of your website better than before. I also like that new beat you got going for the guy at ESPN.
    Well good luck and take care.


  • Dude every time I listen to your music I get so pumped up! I can tell you really like the low brass sound, and I am the exact same way. Nice "rusty knife cuttin' through a well aged steak" analogy hahaha. Take it easy man!

  • Hey ronald, I found you through youtube. and Listen to your tunes, and man I love your style! totaly, Love and respect from Norway! put up an album with a couple of your beats, A must buy! I would pay gladly the same price i would do for any other cd! Respect

  • If you need any help with your CD I'd love to help you. I'm a professional.

  • Hey Ronald. Keep up the great work man! Love hearing everything that you play, and seeing how much fun you are truly having. You're an awesome, and strong individual; just being yourself and doing what you love to do! I honestly think you are going to blow up someday, cuz you are too talented not too! Keep liven and loven life homie! And as always, shake the haters off and turn them, and any doubters, into believers! Be easy man!

  • You are amazing. I love the new beats and style.

  • Ok, so the only opinions that matter are yours and Bill's, but the minor key isn't working for me on Dirty Bass. I love its sound, but not as Bill's theme song/intro. It's too weighty for his style.

  • Oh wicked, your music and tunes are amazing keep up the good work, and one question, do you use sheet music to make some of your music or do you play them by ear (especially the canon in d) l8rs.


  • Love your music, man. You're really talented. You should make a MySpace Music page and post some of your songs on there, so people can play them on their own MySpace page. Just an idea, but keep up the good work.

  • Ronald...this song is wicked fits Bill's style perfectly. I do like the YouTube version a little bit better seemed it had a "harder" and "dirtier" bass...not sure if that makes sense...the YouTube version sounded like something I'd hear at a sports game...both versions are insanely awesome tho!

  • If all you need is encouragement to keep pumping out off-the-hook beats like that, consider it a done deal!

    The fact that you take so much joy in what you do is nothing short of inspirational.

  • If your looking to get a jumpstart on making a career putting out good music I'm sure alot of people would be blown away if you covered a well-known Zeppelin album (a la Easy Star All-Stars and their full length reggae covers Dub Side of the Moon and Radiodread). Not to say your original stuff isn't bumpin, but covers can be a good launching point to take your game to the next level. Loving everything your doing Jenkees stay positive keep livin to the beat.

  • So I had heard the Sports Guy talk about you, and today I decided to check out your stuff...and man, it is UNREAL!!

    Honestly, you need to get that CD out soon. I'm hooked. Keep up the great work. I love your honesty and humble attitude.

  • Ronny Ron,

    There's this emcee named Last Emperor whose flow would sound amazing over your beats. I know it'd be hard to get in touch with him, but when you get popular, try and remember my suggestion. I think you guys would go really good together.

  • ronald can you get at me at my provided email please??? im seriously interested in having you do some work for me.

  • Ronald, I am a huge fan of your work. You are good people!!! Keep up the jams and I can't wait to get the CD on iTunes!!!! I wish I could make sick beats like that. Keep it real!!!

  • Dude, your stuff is rock solid. The youtube version of this track is off the hook. Let's collaborate! Check out our stuff at

    Stay in touch Ronald!

  • Ronald,

    I'd like to offer you a position at my company. I think you could be incredibly successful.

    Shoot me an email when you have chance,

    Look forward to speaking with you soon!

    James Dioguardi

  • Ronald,

    Thanks for this man, you rock. It is awesome how you just do your thing, you are open for criticism and your positive attitude is simply amazing, thanks for brightening up my work day with your videos.

    Keep the classics coming.

  • RONALD! Whens that album coming out? I just heard your stuff man... you should really put something out. You could also try and do soundtracks for movies. I'm pretty sure whatever you try and go for, you're gonna do real good! Good luck with everything and never stop, just keep going!

    OH! Hey do a James Bond song... try giving that a shot, but also try and keep it relaxing, suave and sophisticated... well you got your style, be free with it! ^__^


  • Dude your beats are sick, when, and where can I buy your cd?

  • With the right advertising and enough confidence, you have the potential of becoming one of the greatest techno/electronica artists of our generation.

  • I met with my CEO concerning your music, and he would like to speak with you about a contract. Please, let me know the easiest way to correspond with you. Your music has a lot of potential. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please, listen to our offer before signing with anyone else. Thanks.


  • Hey. I was thinking. You should make some Fruity Loops tutorials if you had the spare time cuz your stuff is absolutely amazing! I understand if you don't like to share secrets. =) But please consider. =) - GRANT

  • ditto on what Dallas said for Atlanta.

    You're a baller.

  • Ron,
    My buddy posts your videos on my myspace page and they make my day. You're the man! Keep up the awesome beats!


  • Ron you are like wow man… seriously just WOW

    i love the sound the compositions the style
    you’re incredible man.

    peep my weak stuff (tell me what u think!)

    some of the compositions i’d like to accomplish when i do them are sort of similar to yours for example: (hardly even melodies: and then some are just hip hop beats of my own style… but yea i never really learned music theory or how to properly play. i just go off of whats in my head… like in your blog post its all about what goes on up there right?

    everything i compose is click by click piano roll
    *insert LOLCAT*

    tedious but i mean whatever gets me going u know?

    write back if you get a chance —Gunjan

  • Ronald,

    Your intro to Bill Simmons Podcast is up on (Look for Bill Simmons on the front page, the podcast is called B.S. Report) and it sounds incredible! Nice work man. It was perfect - I hope you get your big break soon you deserve it! Keep us updated, we're all rooting for you!


  • Ronald, you're the man now dog. Your track was perfect for Bill's show, way to bring your A Game.

    Listen, I know you posted the mp3 of your Rocky Remix (which also rules), any chance we'll get the same treatment for Bill's track?

  • Dude,

    Heard your stuff via ESPN Bill S. You sick wid it for real. Keep up de good works. Look forward to hear reggae soon.

    -Daga Don

  • You talk about keeping the haters away and I have yet to see one. Thats hard to come by on youtube sometimes. It seems like there is always at leased a handful of people that just enjoy being mean. Not with you Ronald. Your making your own army..... thats called Ronalds Army. That was gay but seriously I want to give you my money so hurry up with the cd please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice nice nice... thanks for the article. I knew a lot of it, just not all.

    Great to get the details on it. :)

  • Nice nice nice… thanks for the article. I knew a lot of it, just not all.

    Great to get the details on it. :)

  • hey i played the motif today and it blew my mind as well.
    i sat and messed with it until i had to go, so much fun i would love one myself.

  • Hey there,

    I came across one of your movies on a blog here in Holland, then found your website and watched more of your great movies. The thing is.. I have a Triton LE and some other basic equipment, but it has just been collecting dust. Every now and then I think of just selling it all, but seeing your stuff has gotten me all energetic to go at it again!

    And not just the music you play but also the inspiring little talks about just starting with something, move from there etc. Although I doubt I can ever find the time to reach your level, it is certainly very motivating when you talk about how it's not great every day but that you just have to keep working it untill you end up with a song "that you would play in your car".

    So keep up the great work!

    PS: and the goofy act is great.. I think it will skyrocket your career :)


  • I just bought some songs from iTunes...GREAT STUFF!!
    I'm a synthesizer/keyboard/piano player and this is the stuff I really need.
    That's what I have searched for...for a looooooong time.

    Thanks! Music is the universal language and you definitely speak that language :)

  • Ron,

    Your music is amazing! I listen to it all the time. You have an immeasurable talent and it's great that you are able to put it out there! I plan on walking down the aisle at my wedding to your Canon in D! Keep up the great work!

  • Looks like you visualized what you wanted, and you got it. Just saw your newest video on YouTube with your new XS8. Hope you enjoy it and make some great new beats. I'm looking forward to it.

  • Nice keyboard man! I like ur music its realy different of the other popular artiste but its better! Good luck

  • Simply excellent !! I am really impressed.If you want contacts on europe do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Dude you are my idol. No joke. Your music inspires me and makes me want to play piano. In fact I'm gonna start to take lessons this Sunday because of you. Thank you! I hope one day I will become half as good as you. If that happened, I would be really good.

    Thank you.

  • WOW, truly blessed, and it's fun

  • I am french.... I love you works ,,,, and motif xs 8 .lol.

  • I love the XS8!!!! I've owned mine for a year now...still learning new stuff on it!

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