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No power!

We had a huge windstorm here in KY thanks to Ike. I love storms. Without any rain, it looked innocent enough until it knocked out power to the majority of people in this area and killed/injured a few poor folks. We haven't seen power outages like this since the mid-1970's when some huge tornadas hit. Still nothing compared to what some in TX are going through though. Gotta hook the red cross up with those donationz.

Anywho, I'm up late without power, using the WordPress app on the iPhone to write this. Hopefully we'll have power ASAP but they're saying it may be up to a week for some. Might have to seek out a coffee shop tomorrow so I can do some CD labeling/shipping.

While I'm at it, my long-time friend and fellow independent musician Brad released his second CD last week. His fans (me included) have waited 5 years for it. I'm digging it - it's solid. And I'm encouraged to see him complete it because albums are tough when you're pretty much doing all the work by yourself (he's a 1-man show too).

Update: 3 days later (9/17), we still have no power. LOL. Ice and D Batteries are hard to find at this point. This Coleman LED lantern is amazing though - still has a lot of life after 3 nights. Totally recommend it - just keep 8 D batteries handy.

Update: Power came back on Thursday. Awesomeness.


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