Hotel MIDI – new RJCD4 stuff

RJCD4 is in progress and going well. here's a clip of some newnew:

Fun stuff, then Copyright Claims on YouTube

I have just about wrapped up my soundtrack work on There Came an Echo and have recently moved on to RJCD4 work (RJCD4 = 50% TCAE soundtrack + 50% newbbbeats2014!). Hope to post some legit music updates very soon. I have about 20 tunes I'm sorting through, picking out album material and just playing around.Here's a fun animation using one of my tunes for TCAE:

Now for the not-so-fun stuff.. If you want to read about the situation with copyright claims being placed on videos with my music and what I'm doing about it (please read if you have a YouTube license with me), click below to read more:

Updated on 1/31/2014: Continue reading 'Fun stuff, then Copyright Claims on YouTube'

T-Shirts are in! And another tune in progress..

T-Shirts Photo

Finally got some shirts in the store! Found some awesome independent designers to work with, so the process was fun and the result was really neat to see.

Also, new tune in the works for There Came An Echo. Jimmy Hinson and I are making tons of progress. I'm hearing what Jimmy is working on (we share a top-secret dropbox folder) and it's crazy-good. It's going to be a fun game/soundtrack.

2014 Album + TCAE sountrack

Time really does go by fast. I'm already overdue for an update here and on the tubes, but first wanted to update here. My album, "Days Away", probably broke some record for me on sales and it's still doing great. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!

Right now I'm working on 5 original tunes for a game called There Came an Echo (mid-2014 release on Steam) and wanted to share one of them. Jimmy Hinson is doing most of the music and is a really nice guy that also happens to use FL Studio. I was a fan before I found out we were working on the same project. The soundtrack will be available on Steam and I'll be releasing my part plus some other songs at the same time in my own album.

My next album (mid-2014) will look like this:
[5 songs for TCAE] + [at least 5 more songs just for my album] = 10-song album

Back to work. Thanks again for the support on Days Away! I'm super-thankful for it!!

New CD is here!!

Click here to preview and download the MP3s!

I put a ton of fun and hard work into this release and hope you find it fun and interesting to listen to. Huge thanks to my friends who give me input on the little stuff when I needed it, and millions of thanks to you for listening to the end results! I hope you like it!

The physical CD is now shipping (order here). It features more original artwork by Kori Michele Handwerker and Peter Selmayr on a high-quality digipack. I can't wait to see what they look like in person.  It's a fun thing to anticipate seeing after all the effort put into the art alone. Update: They're here and they look awesome! Very happy w/ them!!

Other items of interest:

- Stores: iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, my MP3 store (MP3 download directly from me), Amazon (soon)

- Physical CD Signing: I will still be signing the CD's if you buy 2 or more, including if you buy an old+new CD. To keep it simple on me for shipping and to stay consistent/fair with the way I started doing it when I only had 1 CD, I only put the autographed CD's in packages of 2+ orders.

Red Lemonade Remixed [SINGLE]

Email updates, and some more newnew!


If you want me to email you when my CD is done, you can put your email in the top-right corner. Thanks to for setting that up for me in a hurry. Super-cool. Back to work.

Another tune in progress for RJCD3: “Days Away”

Some more stuff I'm working on. Thanks a million to Ken Scott for making an incredible drum package (epik drums). It takes forever to load in FL Studio but man is it worth it. Anywho, really appreciate you listening!!!

Red Lemonade, RJCD3 update

Heyhey! I'm working on trying to include this tune on my 3rd CD, and I'm overdue on sharing something. Thanks for your patience and thanks a million for listening.

I'm shooting for a 2012 release on RJCD3. I'm hoping I can make that happen. It's hard to plan because I get extra bursts of steam at unexpected times, so the gears sometimes switch to songs I didn't plan on spending any more time on. So my workflow is pretty weird right now. Inspiration hits and I'm spending 4 hrs on a tune I didn't plan on working on at all. That's how my first two CD's eventually came about, so I'm hoping it'll come together in 2012. Thanks again for your patience!! Back at it.

newnew: Simpletank

superchill tune I'm working on right now. thanks a ton for listening!!


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