New Single! “Try The Bass” (hello youtubes!)

Thanks a ton for checking out the new tune!! Feel free to email if you have any problems w/ orders or if you just want to say haaay. I try to reply to as much email as I can.

7/22 update: I'm restocked on all t-shirts and working to fill a few backorders. Almost caught up. July has been crazy thanks to the bass.

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New Album: Alpha Numeric

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4th album is done! I will say they don't get any easier, especially on that last stretch, but I'm very happy with how it turned out and hope you are, too. The first 6 tracks were composed for Iridium Studios' "There Came An Echo". Be sure to check out the complete soundtrack w/ other original tunes from Big Giant Circles and a collab between the two of us (Throwing Circles). Super cool of Jason Wishnov of Iridium to to allow me to release tracks 1-6 before the game release. Also huge thanks to him for 2 years of technical and creative input from him on those tracks while still allowing me to make them my own. Such a fun process.

The physical CD is packaged in a high-quality digipack like my other CDs (digipacks are a step up from a normal jewel case). I designed the cover art this time and had awesome help with the inside and technical details from an artist named Mary Betowt. She's the artist who designed my portrait shirt.

- Stores list: My MP3 Store (directly from me), Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play... I think it's out just about everywhere now.

Thanks a million for continuing to listen to and purchase my tunes. I'm super thankful for it, and I'm pumped about this release!

RJCD4 coming out in a few days

Iridium Studios has been cool enough to allow me to release my album before the release of There Came an Echo in Jan, 2015 (half of my album is soundtrack stuff I made specifically for the game). Anywho, I'm looking at Nov 4-6 for the release of RJCD4. Can't wait!!

If you ever want updates when I do release stuff (I send very few emails, haha), you can enter your email on this secret page (or up top there, see it?) --

Tangible Orchestra

For this, the artists asked me to split my song "Loui" up by instrument. That took a couple of hours, believe it or not, but it turned out to be worth it. Standing by a pod activates that instrument of the tune. A great, interactive setup, and I'm glad they wanted to use my music. The artists, Picaroon, got nominated for this installation and public voting is now open if you want to throw "Picaroon" a vote:

New shirt is in! And a some more newnew for RJCD4

New Shirts are in! Can you spot the keys on the E's? They're up for preorder - shipping this week.

New Shirt!

Also, some newnew I'm working on for RJCD4. Named this song "All The Circles" in honor of Omnisphere. Jimmy Hinson of Big Giant Circles personally recommended it to me (we're working on TCAE soundtrack together). Too many circle references not to have it in the name of the song. ;) I'm shooting for an October or November release for this year on RJCD4. Can't wait!! Hope you dig the All The Circles preview:

One Hundred Three Degrees – more new RJCD4 stuff

This track has come together a lot in the last couple of weeks. Wanted to share the intro and a bit into it. RJCD4 will be out in October of this year, timed with the release of There Came an Echo. ;)

Hotel MIDI – new RJCD4 stuff

RJCD4 is in progress and going well. here's a clip of some newnew:

Fun stuff, then Copyright Claims on YouTube

I have just about wrapped up my soundtrack work on There Came an Echo and have recently moved on to RJCD4 work (RJCD4 = 50% TCAE soundtrack + 50% newbbbeats2014!). Hope to post some legit music updates very soon. I have about 20 tunes I'm sorting through, picking out album material and just playing around.Here's a fun animation using one of my tunes for TCAE:

Now for the not-so-fun stuff.. If you want to read about the situation with copyright claims being placed on videos with my music and what I'm doing about it (please read if you have a YouTube license with me), click below to read more:

Updated on 1/31/2014: Continue reading 'Fun stuff, then Copyright Claims on YouTube'

T-Shirts are in! And another tune in progress..

T-Shirts Photo

Finally got some shirts in the store! Found some awesome independent designers to work with, so the process was fun and the result was really neat to see.

Also, new tune in the works for There Came An Echo. Jimmy Hinson and I are making tons of progress. I'm hearing what Jimmy is working on (we share a top-secret dropbox folder) and it's crazy-good. It's going to be a fun game/soundtrack.

2014 Album + TCAE sountrack

Time really does go by fast. I'm already overdue for an update here and on the tubes, but first wanted to update here. My album, "Days Away", probably broke some record for me on sales and it's still doing great. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!

Right now I'm working on 5 original tunes for a game called There Came an Echo (mid-2014 release on Steam) and wanted to share one of them. Jimmy Hinson is doing most of the music and is a really nice guy that also happens to use FL Studio. I was a fan before I found out we were working on the same project. The soundtrack will be available on Steam and I'll be releasing my part plus some other songs at the same time in my own album.

My next album (mid-2014) will look like this:
[5 songs for TCAE] + [at least 5 more songs just for my album] = 10-song album

Back to work. Thanks again for the support on Days Away! I'm super-thankful for it!!


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