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Hello, friend! There isn't a problem on the store that I can't help with so don't hesitate to get in touch if something isn't working right or you just need some help.


1) 10 minutes (or more) have passed and I still didn't get my download link. What's up?

First check your spam folder (make sure you're checking your email address for PayPal) . If it's not there, your email host might have blocked the automatic email from my store (this happens a lot with AOL). No biggy. Just email me ( and I'll send you your download link as soon as I possibly can. Don't worry, I want you to have your music and I'll take care of ya.

If you mention you need help in the Subject line of the email, that will help me spot your email faster.

If you paid with an E-Check, check out #4.

2) How do I get the files on my computer?

When you get to your download page, you'll see a "download" link. Right Click the download link and choose "Save Target As " or "Save Link As ". Then choose where you want to save the file on your computer (Example: My Documents/My Music) and hit Save . BAM! The download will start and you'll soon have the MP3 file on your computer. Just make sure you don't loose them.

3) Mac Users - When I click the "Whole Album" download link, I just get a bunch of crazy code. What's the deal?

Safari tries to open the zip file instead of downloading it, which is weird. Try holding the "option" key and clicking the download link at the same time. This should begin the download of the zip file.

Google's new browser, Chrome, does the same thing on the PC. Just right click the link if you're using Chrome and choose "Save Link As".

4) My download link says it's "pending" or "waiting". Why doesn't it say "Download" and why can't I get my music?

You probably paid with an E-Check. The store knows that I haven't received your money (not until the check clears), so I have to manually activate these downloads. Even though I don't have your money yet, I always activate E-Check downloads the first chance I get. If you wait for over 1 hour, refresh the download page, and it still says "waiting", just email me and I'll activate it as soon as I can.

5) My download expired and I didn't get my music. - OR - My computer crashed. Can I still get my music?

You bet! I want you to have the music you paid for. So just email me (from the same email that you have with PayPal), let me know what happened and I'll take care of ya.

For anything else, don't hesitate to shoot an email to:

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