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newnew: Simpletank

superchill tune I'm working on right now. thanks a ton for listening!!

Supercell In Tune

Newnew! Thanks a million for listening!

Sidetracked, part 2

I'm still REALLY enjoying the updates to FL Studio. I was a bit scared of the changes they made in v10 until I forced myself to work on a new project. This is more of that first tune I started on FL Studio 10 where I'm forced to see things in a different way. Within about 10 min, I was lost in this project and I was excited about the changes. It's super-valuable to have a tool you like working with. Huge thanks to those that have put their time and energy into making FL. I'm very thankful to have it.

I don't have an ETA on RJCD3 yet, but I definitely have enough fun material for it. I'm at the point where I need to keep a notebook on my desk and start keeping notes on what exactly needs to be worked on. Organization is not a natural thing for me in my production but without it, I end up going in circles without finishing stuff. HAHA

more RJCD3: From the Arrow Loop

I hope your holidays are filled with fun tunes and good times. Here's some more newnew for that RJCD3. HAHA. I got ready to post this 3 hrs ago and just kept working away on it. Thanks a million for soundcloud/facebook/whatever comments on these tunes I've been posting. I read them all and I'm super-thankful for them.

Mega Mushroom by Patrick Watson (feat. Ronald Jenkees) on iTunes

A fella by the name of Patrick Watson sent me a tune he made in FL Studio and asked me to mix/master it as well as to put my style on it. I don't get to do this kind of thing much with album work happening but his tune reminded me so much of Mario Kart that I couldn't pass it up. Mario Kart puts me in a good mood so even though it took me way longer than I thought it would, it was a blast. When it was all done, Patrick renamed the track Mega Mushroom. Whatta cool guy. HAHA

The track is part of a soundtrack for an independent film called Polypore and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

RJCD3: Magnetic Moment

Some more of the newnew! This one is very new, actually. What you're hearing is almost all of what I've got on it so far but I'm overdue for sharing something and I wanted to share something fresh. Hope you dig it! Thanks a million for checking it out!

Early Morning May, part 2

Moar newnew!!!!!! Thanks for listening! Hope you like it.

Sidetracked with a new tune

Got sidetracked last week with something new after I downloaded the updated FL Studio 10. Things are good when working (playing) on a new tune is more important than sleep. LOL. This one really threw me off my sleep schedule.

I want to save the rest for CD3, but here's the start of it.. Thanks a ton for listening!!!

Early Morning May, part 1

HEYHEY I've got some NewNew! I have a lot of tunes in progress right now that have several different parts to them that need to be tied together somehow.  This happens when I work on a song one day, come back another day in a different mood and put new/different energy into it. It almost always happens that way for me. Maybe that's why some say my songs have songs within that song.

Anyways, this is a section of one of those songs, and it's the "minor" part (the way I think about major vs. minor: minor = serious, major = happy). It's very different from the other parts of the song. I'll share those soon too. Maybe I will have married the two parts by then.


It's been too long! CD#2 has been very well-received. THANKS for that!!! I've been quietly working on CD#3. Sometimes it's good to work quietly (and sometimes you just feel like you need to) but then you start missing the energy that good feedback gives you, which can be put back into the music. Anywho, I want to jump right into sharing a couple of tunes on the blog for now. I need to just throw some stuff out there without thinking too hard about what to post or what to say, so here we go with some new musics.

This first tune is called Error Me Out. I'm going to start it in the middle of the song for this post and let it play out to the end. I'm really digging it right now - I love getting in the zone and working on this one.

The next one I want to post I threw up as a ringtone you can buy on iTunes but only got a few responses from it, so I think it needs to air out more here.

Thanks for listening and sorry for the super-delayed post!! More to come for sure.


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