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Red Lemonade Remixed [SINGLE]

Email updates, and some more newnew!


If you want me to email you when my CD is done, you can put your email in the top-right corner. Thanks to for setting that up for me in a hurry. Super-cool. Back to work.

Another tune in progress for RJCD3: “Days Away”

Some more stuff I'm working on. Thanks a million to Ken Scott for making an incredible drum package (epik drums). It takes forever to load in FL Studio but man is it worth it. Anywho, really appreciate you listening!!!

Red Lemonade, RJCD3 update

Heyhey! I'm working on trying to include this tune on my 3rd CD, and I'm overdue on sharing something. Thanks for your patience and thanks a million for listening.

I'm shooting for a 2012 release on RJCD3. I'm hoping I can make that happen. It's hard to plan because I get extra bursts of steam at unexpected times, so the gears sometimes switch to songs I didn't plan on spending any more time on. So my workflow is pretty weird right now. Inspiration hits and I'm spending 4 hrs on a tune I didn't plan on working on at all. That's how my first two CD's eventually came about, so I'm hoping it'll come together in 2012. Thanks again for your patience!! Back at it.

newnew: Simpletank

superchill tune I'm working on right now. thanks a ton for listening!!

Supercell In Tune

Newnew! Thanks a million for listening!

Sidetracked, part 2

I'm still REALLY enjoying the updates to FL Studio. I was a bit scared of the changes they made in v10 until I forced myself to work on a new project. This is more of that first tune I started on FL Studio 10 where I'm forced to see things in a different way. Within about 10 min, I was lost in this project and I was excited about the changes. It's super-valuable to have a tool you like working with. Huge thanks to those that have put their time and energy into making FL. I'm very thankful to have it.

I don't have an ETA on RJCD3 yet, but I definitely have enough fun material for it. I'm at the point where I need to keep a notebook on my desk and start keeping notes on what exactly needs to be worked on. Organization is not a natural thing for me in my production but without it, I end up going in circles without finishing stuff. HAHA

more RJCD3: From the Arrow Loop

I hope your holidays are filled with fun tunes and good times. Here's some more newnew for that RJCD3. HAHA. I got ready to post this 3 hrs ago and just kept working away on it. Thanks a million for soundcloud/facebook/whatever comments on these tunes I've been posting. I read them all and I'm super-thankful for them.

Mega Mushroom by Patrick Watson (feat. Ronald Jenkees) on iTunes

A fella by the name of Patrick Watson sent me a tune he made in FL Studio and asked me to mix/master it as well as to put my style on it. I don't get to do this kind of thing much with album work happening but his tune reminded me so much of Mario Kart that I couldn't pass it up. Mario Kart puts me in a good mood so even though it took me way longer than I thought it would, it was a blast. When it was all done, Patrick renamed the track Mega Mushroom. Whatta cool guy. HAHA

The track is part of a soundtrack for an independent film called Polypore and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

RJCD3: Magnetic Moment

Some more of the newnew! This one is very new, actually. What you're hearing is almost all of what I've got on it so far but I'm overdue for sharing something and I wanted to share something fresh. Hope you dig it! Thanks a million for checking it out!


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