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RJCD5 is almost done. Finishing this one

Finishing the last tune for #RJCD5

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Newnew for RJCD5

Newnew for #RJCD5

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First hour messing around w/ the ROLI BLOCKS

Make It Fun – Vol. 1: Tracks for Jamming With Ronald Jenkees

Psst: Last day for CD/Shirt orders for Christmas delivery in the USA is December 20th. Thanks a million to those of you giving my music to someone this year!

*Can now be purchased on Bandcamp (if you want to preview them head to Bandcamp) -OR- directly from me here.

This is a collection of tunes I thought would be fun to jam along with using my style or your own. For each track, I peeled back a few layers to make it jammable for a lead instrument player or a drummer.

It took way longer than I thought it would getting things working again on some of these older tracks, software-wise (i.e. 2009 vs. 2016, 32bit vs 64bit, old instrument and effects plugins not working anymore). Once I got into the swing of fixing things and remembering how I did things with each track, it turned out to be fun bringing a few of these songs back to life and then more fun peeling back a couple of the layers to hear them in a different way.

I hope it inspires a jam session or two, or just enjoyment from hearing the tracks with some of the layers gone to let other layers breath more.

Thanks a million and have fun! Back to work on RJCD5 which will be out early 2017. ;)

Jam Along Album: Cool Layers Underneath

In progress: 10 song jam along album

Full Discography Sale: 25% OFF on (signed) CDs

Click here for the sale

Now you can buy all of my physical CDs (signed) in one-go, for 25% OFF. Been meaning to do this for a while. Finally did the math, financial calculations, and got it approved by HQ. If you're after digital stuff, there is still 30% OFF my Full (Digital) Discog here: Bandcamp

I'm really thankful to have anyone listening to my music in whatever way works for them, but I will always love handling this real stuff that I made whether it be CDs, shirts, or maybe some vinyl in the future. With downloads and streaming, it's crazy to me that I still ship CDs out at all these days, but I love it because it's a tangible thing. I made it, when someone buys two or more I still sign them, and then I have to make sure it gets delivered. It's totally clerical and not-so-creative, but it's a fun process when you're the maker of that thing, and it gives the other parts of your brain some rest.

More RJCD5 stuff – Dr. Goose Robbins (both parts!)

Heyhey! I've been working on this one for a while. It came together in two pieces and today I uploaded the second half. Super excited that one song spurred on two videos. 2 videos, same song, same hat. Would you just look at that. I'm still working on RJCD5. It'd be awesome if I had it out late this year. I don't know yet - so much is still in the mix. Making videos slows things down for me (production-wise), but they also push me to jam more which is important for my health. :) Thanks for watching and listening!




Expensive Ice Chill Cuts Delux (clip)

Happy 2016! Been working on this chill thing, whatever it is, for a good while. I keep wanting to return to it to work on it more, so I thought I'd pause and share some. Hope you dig it, and thanks a million for listening to my tunes! Big thanks to my friend Tnevs for his guitar on here.

Christmas order-by dates, other stuff


If you're ordering my tunes or shirts for Christmas gifts or for yourself, thank you so much for doing so! If you need me to have them to you before Christmas, here's when I need to get the order:

USA: Order by Dec, 18th 2015
International: Dec 1st was the official cutoff time, according to USPS. Normally things take 2 weeks or less to get overseas, but things are different over the holidays.

Other stuff:

The old Triton Le hasn't really left my desk since Try The Bass. I've even had to replace the pitch/bend wheel since then. There are a couple of leads on this keyboard that just make me want to jam. I'm running those sounds through FL Studio doing similar stuff as I did in Try The Bass where I routed the audio from that keyboard into FL to add effects, change the sounds up a bit, and add some tasty crunch. It's making me want to jam more vs. click around in software (which is still fun and necessary, but jams are important for my health), so for now, the old Triton isn't wearing out the welcome at all. Hope to have a youtubes or two out of some of these projects early next year.

RJCD5 is going well. Lots of work to do - still have pieces of things lying around everywhere, connecting dots and what-nots, experimenting and then just playing. Jams are happening, though, and anytime that's the case, life is good. :)

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!


(Instant Download from my website)


If you buy 2 or more physical CD's, I will unwrap the plastic and sign them


If you've downloaded my music elsewhere and want to pay for it



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