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ESPN PodcastWow, I just got done listening to the latest Bill Simmons "B.S. Report" podcast with my music and sound clips on it. That was by far the coolest thing to happen since I started posting my YouTube videos! I think I'll have to listen to that podcast at least 20 times before it sinks in. Many many trillions of thanks to you, Mr. Simmons. I can't say that enough. Also, thanks to Eugene in San Antonio for suggesting I make the beat for the podcast and Jimi from China for telling Bill Simmons about my videos back in the day. And Mr. Simmons, that was a fantastic interview with that David Stern fellow.

In that podcast, Mr. Simmons also mentioned that I need to write music for a T.V. show or something. Right on, man. That would be a dream. To get paid for something you love doing?! Honestly that would just be a nice bonus, because I love it regardless.

You can buy this full track here or on iTunes. It's called "Derty" - it's the first song on my first CD.

Edit: Here's a link to the actual podcast: the B.S. report

Motif Motivation

I heard some famous hip-hop producer say one time that it doesn't matter what equipment you play on - what matters is what's going in your head musically (wish I could remember his name). He was right. Be happy with what you have and stop drooling over what you don't have! While it may look like a lot to some, my "studio" is actually quite a modest and humbling little setup but it does what I need it to for now. With that being said, I still get super-excited about new equipment. I mean, dang.

I played this keyboard today in a local music shop - the Yamaha Motif XS8. I was blown away. It reminded me of when I was a kid going into the store drooling over the inexpensive line of Yamaha boards (nothing against them! I played on one up until a few years ago!). And when I got one, I eventually wore the keys out on it and had to buy new pads to put under the keys. Fun stuff, folks. And you know how they tell you to visualize what you want? Well, I think this keyboard has been burned into my brain:

Thanks for reading and encouraging, folks. Every comment/subscriber I get motivates me more!

Psst! LOL. Here's a snippit of a beat I'm working on for my CD. It's the same background as used in this video about it possibly being used for the Bill Simmons podcast on ESPN. Hope you like it!

Dirty Bass


(Instant Download from my website)


If you buy 2 or more physical CD's, I will unwrap the plastic and sign them


If you've downloaded my music elsewhere and want to pay for it



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