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How I use the Motif XS with FL Studio

People often ask how I'm getting my keyboard sounds hooked up to FL Studio. Unfortunately, I don't truly get the sounds working in FL Studio. What I'm actually doing is just recording into another program and importing those wave files into FL. The process isn't as seamless as I would like it to be. The Motif XS series comes with a version of Cubase that "syncs" better with the Motif, but I don't prefer to use Cubase, nor do I want to run FL Studio as a plugin (VSTi/DXi2) in Cubase. So my method is neither the smart or efficient way of going about this, but since folks ask, I thought I would share my old school method of recording stuff from my Motif XS8 and getting those recordings into FL.

Basically, I just record a .WAV file from my "live" playing from the Motif into Adobe Audition 1.0. Version 1.0 is old, but lighter than their new versions and it does what I need it to. Check out Audacity for an open-source and free alternative. I then trim up the wave file, save it with my patch number in the file name (gotta remember what sound I used), then drag and drop that file into the lower part of the playlist in FL. When I drag and drop the wave file, it's not in time with the beat yet, so I turn the Snap (to edges) to "NONE", and line carefully line it up. Don't forget to turn Snap back on to "LINE" or whatever you used before. FL also comes with some built-in recording and wave editing capabilities (Edison), but I have always found it easier to work outside of FL to trim up my wave files and record them fast.

There are a whole host of problems with doing it like this, so if you haven't created any habits yet, I would suggest doing some research on how to get Cubase working with the Motif XS (check out the quick setup guides on the MOTIFATOR site). The main thing is it a little too time consuming and you don't want technology to slow you down while you're trying to make music. I don't intend on doing it like this forever, but until I can find the time to get good at a method that works for me, this is how I'll do it for now.

Edit: I've learned that in FL 8, Edison can shoot the stuff you record over to the playlist with the click of a shortcut. Looking forward to experimenting with this. I'll give an update on that as soon as I try it.

Hope I helped!!

PSSSSSSST! Here's a small clip of a new beat I'm working on (just started it). Just click the little blue play button.
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