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ESPN PodcastWow, I just got done listening to the latest Bill Simmons "B.S. Report" podcast with my music and sound clips on it. That was by far the coolest thing to happen since I started posting my YouTube videos! I think I'll have to listen to that podcast at least 20 times before it sinks in. Many many trillions of thanks to you, Mr. Simmons. I can't say that enough. Also, thanks to Eugene in San Antonio for suggesting I make the beat for the podcast and Jimi from China for telling Bill Simmons about my videos back in the day. And Mr. Simmons, that was a fantastic interview with that David Stern fellow.

In that podcast, Mr. Simmons also mentioned that I need to write music for a T.V. show or something. Right on, man. That would be a dream. To get paid for something you love doing?! Honestly that would just be a nice bonus, because I love it regardless.

You can buy this full track here or on iTunes. It's called "Derty" - it's the first song on my first CD.

Edit: Here's a link to the actual podcast: the B.S. report

Thanks Bill Simmons (ESPN)!

I don't for a second mistake my popularity for that of "The Sports Guy", Bill Simmons. He single handedly directed over 40,000 hits (and counting) to my Rocky video when he linked to it from his ESPN blog (third to last paragraph). Thanks for blogging about me, Mr. Simmons - you made my week. Also, thanks to Jimmy from China for telling The Sports Guy about my video and to my good YouTube friends who told me about the article. Man, it's hard not to be positive with all the encouragement around here. It goes a long way, folks. I read every single comment and if I had time, I would reply to every one of em.

Peace out, Ronald


(Instant Download from my website)


If you buy 2 or more physical CD's, I will unwrap the plastic and sign them


If you've downloaded my music elsewhere and want to pay for it



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