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second album: still workin on it, still fun.

First I said "late summer". Feeling a bit pressured, I then said "December". I'm looking at where I'm at with the album and I'm not sure I'll have a complete December release. I could, but it's just not ready. You know that moment right before you completely go to sleep? It's a time when you're kinda vulnerable - if something worrisome pops in your head, you're awake all over again a little bit startled. Lately, that's about the time where my brain has faithfully reminded me that my album isn't done yet and there are people waiting for it, as if I didn't think about that enough all hours throughout the day. Should I get out of bed and work on music? Sure. What would it hurt? Lets go work on some music. 2-3 hours later and sometimes that process repeats itself - back to bed, back to the Motif. Sometimes I have some recorded media to show for it, sometimes not. Never do I beat myself up if not - music is always worth the time you put in.

Things continue to be fun though. Just the other day, I found myself adding a minute of newness to the end of "Throwing Fire". It's the kind of stuff I love to do - just go anywhere I want to with the song. All else is moving along too - some songs quicker than others.

Back to deadline speak, I (thankfully) don't have a label beating me up to release a second album, just people interested in hearing new stuff and I'm grateful for that. Just be patient with me while I have fun with music and get it recorded. I'm just thankful I don't have a label imposing arbitrary deadlines on my creative progress. I do that well enough on my own. LOL. Late summer. December.

PS. A friend and fellow YouTuber, David Choi, finished his album (there's a buy link on his myspace). All original stuff. Threw it in the car and I was digging it even though it's different than stuff I normally listen to. It's calming and he's got a great singing voice. I think it'd also make a good gift if you have a female friend who digs love songs.

PPS. Got to meet STS9 when they toured through KY. Zach (the drummer) had me come on the tour bus to meet the band before they played. Very nice people and the show was a blast. Thanks to my hat guy, Sam at Livity, for telling Zach about my music and making that collab possible.


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