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3 cool things in 1 day. BAM!

A few awesome things that happened all at once... BAM!

#1. A YouTube editor, Sadia, sent me an email saying my channel will be featured on the "Welcome to YouTube" page that appears when anyone signs up for a new YouTube account for two days (starting late Sunday). I think my heart skipped a beat when I was reading that email. It's just an all-around great thing. Thanks, Sadia. And thanks to whoever alerted her to my YouTubes if that's what happened.

#2. Bill Simmons from ESPN mentioned me in his super-famous sports blog again. A kind reader of his blog suggested that I do a 30 second music piece for his upcoming podcast show. As soon as I know for sure what song he wants me to do (and if the offer is still good), I'm going to gladly take that opportunity to thank him for all the hits he's given me and supply him with a homemade beat. Thanks again, Sports Guy.

#3. Finished filming my interview for the guys at Black 20. Those are some nice guys with a cool story. You've probably seen their vids before (the easter bunny hates you).

Thanks a ton to my viewers, commentors, and subscribers for bringing a crazy amount of attention to something I wasn't even trying to do on purpose.


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