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Some December newnew: Rhodes Deep

This tune is one of my favorites for the new album, which is almost done - need a couple more songs finished to have a complete thing ready to go. I also need album art. 12/6 edit: I reached out to someone I've been working with on a separate project and if it works out, RJCD5 CDs are going to look ridiculously amazing and fun. I just went from feeling kinda lost to suuuuuper excited. LOL

Christmas is getting closer and it has me thinking of deadlines and shipping stuff. I LOVE shipping the things I made, so thanks a million if you're ordering anything from my store. The full discography (all 4 of my autographed albums) is still on sale. I also discounted m'Ladys' Cut T-Shirts to make some room here in t-shirt headquarters. Mainly I'd like to have only unisex shirts for simplicity, so all those items must go!

Last day for CD/Shirt orders for Christmas delivery in the USA is December 20th.

Big huge thanks and I hope your December is awesome and full of fun and music.


Physical CD status and album art

Jenkees CD

First of all, I want to thank everyone for purchasing my digital album! I didn't expect that kind of response at all. Last week was probably the most exciting week in terms of putting this whole CD together.

The picture above is a link to my album art in the form of a hi-res download. Lots of you have asked for it and it just took me a while to get around to it. If you download the whole CD, the artwork is already in there. Thanks for your patience!


(Instant Download from my website)


If you buy 2 or more physical CD's, I will unwrap the plastic and sign them


If you've downloaded my music elsewhere and want to pay for it



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