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  • I have been a fan of yours for about a decade now, and wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me fall in love with electronic music in a way I would not have if I had not found your videos, especially Stay Crunchy and the likes of the Disorganized Fun album.

    It warms my heart to see you still at this making absolutely incredible music a decade later. Never stop doing what you're doing. Someday, I'd love to collaborate with you, as I also use FL Studio. But I think a Dubwolfer x Ronald Jenkees song might be a ways off. I need to work on my theory and my sound design a bit more.
    But you've always been the one to push me and motivate me to keep on going and to actually force myself to use and learn FL.

    Thank you so much, brother. Good vibes to you and all of your family and friends.

  • The certificate of your website have expired. (In the browser it´s this error: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE.) I´m thinking of buying a CD with your wonderful music, but AFAIK without a certificate your store is not encrypted.

    Anyway, keep it up!

  • Joseph William Lombardo III

    Ronald, I’m jonesing! Where you at? I need more Jenkees!

  • Joseph William Lombardo III


  • Ronald... are you ok?

  • Love your music! 音乐无国界!YYDS

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