Few days left for holiday shipping!

2018 Holiday Shipping: December 20th is last day to order signed albums or tees for Christmas shipping within the US. Thanks for giving my music/merch!

Also, last month I dropped a new tee in the shop designed by animator Ben Luce. I love it!! It's based on the Quest for The Jam video from Rhodes Deep that Ben Luce created. Had a good pre-order run on these (thank you if you've already got one!) and you can still buy one. $20, ships free in the US. :)


I think I've done final print runs on all the current designs before possibly outsourcing to shirt professionals (btw, you can hover over shirt sizes to see if sold out). Teespring teamed up with youtube and integrated merch sales pretty well so I'm interested in trying that out soon. Looks really neat and from what I've gathered, their customer service is good. Edit: teespring store is up and people are actually finding my tees there already. YAY

I'm also working on a new youtubes with a tune that's really shaping up to be a fun one. Posted a couple of Instagram clips with bits of it there. I have a lot of starts of songs for RJCD6 - some of them further along than others. I'd love to have a 2019 release if it comes together.

Hope your holidays are safe and awesome!

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  • New design is dope. If your insta clips are indicative of what’s to be on rjcd6, go ahead and take my money

  • Hi Ronald,

    Didn't want to post this here but I just received my/your hoody from teespring and can't just say nothing. Your logo looks like it was printed on my 15 year old deskjet and just ironed on. Not the quality I was expecting! I'm still looking on their site for the refund button.

    I just wanted to rock that hoody like you rock on your keyboards :-(

    My advice: drop teespring as a service...

    Still thanks for you awesome music!

  • DL’d many of your songs gratis from YT and they’re some of the brightest highlights on my old MP3 player’s rotation. Decided it was well past time to pay you back a bit for the hours and hours of audio bliss you’ve given me so i just tonight ordered your discography. Thank you for sharing the music in your head with the rest of us :)

  • Is it too late to order for the Holidays?

  • Ronald,
    We need proof of life.
    You still making music?

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