RJCD5 is Rhodes Deep

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The comments, emails, etc. about my new album each make it all worth it. I've read some awesome stuff over the past few weeks that would be motivating to any artist. If you've sent me a nice note (even if a quick one), left a nice review, made a purchase, streamed, or just enjoyed Rhodes Deep without doing any of that, I'm REALLY thankful to have you listening to my music.

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  • The jam returns :) :)

  • Lovin Rhodes Deep! Roll on Friday. Thanks

  • I will be preordering the physical CD, I have all the others!!!

  • My day has come.

  • I've never pre-ordered before. I got the 3 tunes instantly, but how do I get the other ones? Does it just auto-download sometime tomorrow? Or do I visit Bandcamp to pick them up?

  • Awesome! I've kinda been mixing lyrics into your songs, mostly mc chris. Pay day is tomorrow then I'll pre-order!

    Here's one of my favorite ones: https://soundcloud.com/scott-chwiskey/mc-chris-ronald-jenkees-sts9-han-solos-lullabye-and-beyond

    Looks like Try the Bass is on this album, cool! I already mixed some lyrics into that song, when you released it as a single, titled "Where is the Bass".

    I know some of these mixes aren't very good, but I'm having fun with it, please let me know what you think RJ!

  • Got the new album and had a listen to it. Gotta say Try the Bass is my favorite, since it's the only one with the energy level of tracks like Stay Crunchy and Disorganized Fun. I feel the rest are too calm for my taste.

    • I have to say that it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. This album kind of reflects the balance of life with both its high and low notes. Some days we need the energy, some days we need the chill. I definitely love that there is more than just energy too it because there is very strong emotional appeal to the way Jenkees plays his music. He definitely seems to catch the living aspect of the rhythme with great intuition. So you might say that energy is what catches your fancy in this moment, but the graceful movement of things may catch you ear in a different way in the next moment.

      As always, though, much respect to the master of ceremonies. Keep the touch, and inspire the feels with the music that is in your soul.

  • Want the CD! I plan on ripping it to lossless and taking it EVERYWHERE with me!

    As a side note on that, offering lossless instead of just MP3 might please some of your fans. =)

  • Is it going to be published to spotify ?

  • Classical piano version of Rhodes Deep drops in about 15 mins :)

  • Energy, low and high. I like this album a lot. It's a great addition to the playlist. Hit the random and it all flows in nicely. Keep doing you ! Look forward to RJCD6!

  • I really need to check my email more often! I always seem to miss releases by a couple weeks!!I am super excited to check this out! Thanks Ronald!

  • Is there anything left to say? How shall we praise him...without being redundant, I mean. The English language strains to approach his majestic fleshtone musical jams, yet press on we must. His music has evolved into the next level, finally breaking the 12 tone barrier into the next world, a world of never ending happiness. You can always hear his music there, sustaining the universe. Oh, do we hear through a glass darkly? I think we do. Five albums in and he's STILL not taking his foot off of the accelerator. RJ is evergreen, ageless, and crunchy. Yet still he comes on, tireless, his fingers crackling full of magic, and nothing but fair winds and blue skies ahead.

  • I love how Spotify keeps reaffirming my love of your music. You frequently turn up on my weekly 'Discovery' playlist and I invariably react with "hmm... that's a great tune, I wonder who it's... oh, of course! *add to playlist*".

    Rhodes Deep is excellent. Keep up the great work.

  • Wow - Jenkees! This is a culmination of such hard work and dedication. Add your creativity to that mix and this album is a perfect storm that I hope you know we listeners and fans already treasure and value deeply. I believe that in 150 years, if humanity has not destroyed itself, your posters will be up everywhere and everyone will be wearing hats and glasses as tribute. It's powerful stuff in the best way possible. Thank you for your HARD WORK! It is inspiring.

  • You are getting better with time. Do some film scores--go on tour. You are gifted.

  • Love you man!

  • Really loving the new tracks! I missed Rhodes Deep when it came out earlier this year, and it's been a while since I was last able to get my RJ fix, so this is a welcome find! The overall sound is more on the mellow side (like Days Away) compared to some of the other music, but no less awesome to listen to.

    Keep it up, we all love your work, Jenkees!

  • Still no "Too Much Fun" ಥ_ಥ

  • Been watching you since throwing fire man. The passion and energy you bring to your music has never faded and you never cease to amaze on every track. You have made it nearly impossible to start grooving in public when I listen to any song of yours.
    Almost cried when I watched Quest for the Jam... such a good throwback to all the amazing things you have said and knowing you've stayed true to your past and kept making the music you love regardless of anything else is inspiring beyond words...
    Much love and respect and admiration from all of us out here Ronald, take your time with your music, and remember... it just has to be fun <3

  • hi rj,I'm from china.occasionally heard your music(guitar sound live version),wow i gotta say i'm been shock,your music is so cool,you are so cool!and then i listen your other music,all your work is amazing(outer space,slow to spring and so on),just want let you know,you bring me lot fun,wish you happy everyday and you are the super cool artist buddy!

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