RJCD5 update

I'm waiting on one album art tweak from the artist for the RJCD5 cover. I've tortured every artist that ever did my album art but this one I've tried to (and had to) let go and let it be. Should be soon. In the meantime I still have my mixing/mastering hat on so I have no choice but to check/fix small stuff until my ears fall off.

11 Responses to “RJCD5 update”

  • If you need and art cover tweak let me know mate, I got you! Check your inbox

  • What if RJCD5 being finished was just an April Fool's joke? :P

  • You should remix Gold Spinners while you wait ;p that would be superb.

  • Sometimes making music just takes time. I definitely want to see a new album and a video of new material, but I have made the mistake of force-finishing something and that's what it is, a mistake. So, looking forward for sure, but a worthwhile wait, is just that, worth it :)

  • How about just putting up their E-Mail address and we can all torture that person for you? ;-)

  • Fans will buy the album no matter what the cover looks like, but attracting new fans sometimes takes a little eye candy... well worth the effort. Stay crunchy my friend.

  • We are not fans. God simply gave us better ears. I love ronald because he and my husband are the only ones showing me NASCAR and butterflies do have certain things in common. May God bless them.

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