Newnew for RJCD5

Newnew for #RJCD5

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  • OH YEAH! Such a great job, man! Is RJCD5 coming soon?

  • I check your website way too often...
    Or do I?

  • Hey RJ, no pressure or anything, but is there anything more to share about a possible release of RJCD5 this month? Totally cool if it's not ready yet, I'm just excited at the possibility.

  • I'm also curious about how close the new album is to reality.

  • Wow, Ronald - I have never had a track make my HEADPHONES physically VIBRATE, with bass!! Amazing, you are - (as Yoda might say!!) You are my favorite musician, in the whole world. I once fantasized about what it would be like, to be your roommate, just so I could live in the same home, as this genius work goes on, in the other room!! Haha - Anyhoooo...I would like to get your music on Radio Crystal Blue, a 17-year, long-running indie podcast, that features indie artists, such as yourself. Needless to say, your music would put everyone else to shame, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, eh? Lol Do let me know, if you are interested in airplay, on the show. Please contact me, on Soundcloud, and we could go from there. Have a great holiday season!! STAY CRUNCHY!! <3

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