Full Discography Sale: 25% OFF on (signed) CDs

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Now you can buy all of my physical CDs (signed) in one-go, for 25% OFF. Been meaning to do this for a while. Finally did the math, financial calculations, and got it approved by HQ. If you're after digital stuff, there is still 30% OFF my Full (Digital) Discog here: Bandcamp

I'm really thankful to have anyone listening to my music in whatever way works for them, but I will always love handling this real stuff that I made whether it be CDs, shirts, or maybe some vinyl in the future. With downloads and streaming, it's crazy to me that I still ship CDs out at all these days, but I love it because it's a tangible thing. I made it, when someone buys two or more I still sign them, and then I have to make sure it gets delivered. It's totally clerical and not-so-creative, but it's a fun process when you're the maker of that thing, and it gives the other parts of your brain some rest.

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  • Awesome!! I was planning to buy all of them sometime soon, I'm glad I held back a bit ;) Really appreciate the sale!

  • But, but what if I already own all of them :)?

  • Hey RJ,

    At the end of Dr. Goose Robbins part 2, you said you had another project you were working on. Are you close to sharing anything on that, or is there any more news on what you're working on for RJCD5?

    Love your music, and can't wait for RJCD5. Thanks for making such great music.

    • For anyone reading this, go check out Aquatic Jambiance on RJ's Youtube channel. It got uploaded the day after I posted this question. I'm assuming that's what he was referring to at the end of Dr. Goose Robbins pt 2.

  • Hi Ronald, love you music big fan here, where can i buy aquatic jambiance?

  • Where's my boy RJ at? Working on anything new?

    Really looking forward to a glimpse at the next thing you're working on.

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