More RJCD5 stuff – Dr. Goose Robbins (both parts!)

Heyhey! I've been working on this one for a while. It came together in two pieces and today I uploaded the second half. Super excited that one song spurred on two videos. 2 videos, same song, same hat. Would you just look at that. I'm still working on RJCD5. It'd be awesome if I had it out late this year. I don't know yet - so much is still in the mix. Making videos slows things down for me (production-wise), but they also push me to jam more which is important for my health. :) Thanks for watching and listening!




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  • Love the beats! I wish I could do this. Keep rocking

  • This one really put a smile on my face! I love that lead sound haha
    Can wait to hear your new stuff...gets me super excited to go home and try to jam out on my own!

  • Welp, amazing as usual RJ. Keep up the good work, you're my favorite artist!

  • Ronald you are the man, keep up the awesome tunes. Love the energy!!

  • Huge fan of your music! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • Love the videos, Ronald! You kick ass!!!!!!!!!! Keep posting dude. Haven't been seeing your new stuff on YouTube so i finally made the jump over here to your website. I'm liking what I'm seeing!

  • Just listened to Dr. Goose Robbins--excellent, truly excellent. I only recently stumbled across your work when you came up on my pandora station. I did a quick Google search on you and listened to your single Try the Bass, and since then, I've been hooked. I recently made it through all of your CDs for the fourth of fifth time, and from my perspective, each release is better than the last. Alpha Numeric is, on the whole, one of the best albums I've ever listened to. It'll be hard to beat, but after hearing Dr. Goose Robbins and with Try the Bass coming after Alpha Numeric as well, it sounds like your winding up for back-to-back killer albums. Keep up the fantastic work, and keep doing whatever you're doing. It's working. I jam to your music while at work, and I swear my efficiency has gone through the roof because of it. Thank you!

  • Hey Ronald! If you read this, any idea when you will get more ladies small portrait shirts in stock? I would love to get one and a CD for my wife!

    • I replied to your email but just so I have it answered here, too - I don't think I'll be ordering more of those. Hope to simplify my inventory somewhat and maybe add another unisex shirt down the road. :)

  • where did you get that hat?!?!?

  • As usual, your songs deliver something new during each listening!
    I was not directly appealed by Dr Goose Robbins, I tried a little later in better conditions and I just have to say: wow!

    Thank you so much

    - Jenkeezed since 2009!

    ps: Ronald, it's old, surely, but can you do a mastered version of your JAM as a boOonus track ? :]

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