Christmas order-by dates, other stuff


If you're ordering my tunes or shirts for Christmas gifts or for yourself, thank you so much for doing so! If you need me to have them to you before Christmas, here's when I need to get the order:

USA: Order by Dec, 18th 2015
International: Dec 1st was the official cutoff time, according to USPS. Normally things take 2 weeks or less to get overseas, but things are different over the holidays.

Other stuff:

The old Triton Le hasn't really left my desk since Try The Bass. I've even had to replace the pitch/bend wheel since then. There are a couple of leads on this keyboard that just make me want to jam. I'm running those sounds through FL Studio doing similar stuff as I did in Try The Bass where I routed the audio from that keyboard into FL to add effects, change the sounds up a bit, and add some tasty crunch. It's making me want to jam more vs. click around in software (which is still fun and necessary, but jams are important for my health), so for now, the old Triton isn't wearing out the welcome at all. Hope to have a youtubes or two out of some of these projects early next year.

RJCD5 is going well. Lots of work to do - still have pieces of things lying around everywhere, connecting dots and what-nots, experimenting and then just playing. Jams are happening, though, and anytime that's the case, life is good. :)

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!

8 Responses to “Christmas order-by dates, other stuff”

  • Hopefully next year will have more youtubes, but I do understand that you are more busy than you used to be. I do love watching you jam it out though!

    Happy holidays Ronald!

  • Glad to see you still going strong! I have never stopped by and left a comment, but the influence you have had on my life has finally convinced me to leave one. Music has always been an important factor in my life, and you have truly inspired me to continue playing synth and work through tough times with music as an outlet. You have a way with expressing emotion through sound that I haven't found anywhere else. I can't put into words the impact you have made. Hell, I even mention you in my Common Application to college. Keep up the great work Jenkees. People like me are dying to hear more.

  • Would love more youtubes. Watching you jam is literally my favorite thing in the whole world. Can't wait for that new new -- man am I excited!

  • "I've even had to replace the pitch/bend wheel since then" What a bo$$! Speaking of which I was wondering what happened to your motif?

    Anyways, keep it up, I absolutely can't wait for more you tube jams!! Try The Bass was a total masterpiece :D

    • Thanks man!! I moved the Triton to the desk because of it's smaller size and it being right there makes me want to jam more. I'll have to fire the motif back up eventually, but the RME interface I'm using right now only has one analog input, so on my list is to get an expansion for that.

  • Jenkees, as you could guess, your fans are YouTube addicts. Every video doesn't need to be a professional arrangement at this day and age, even though they are bad@$$. Some improv, updates, etc. would be a amazing to watch. You brought that "Hey I did this check it out" spunk xxx years ago. The same "messing around" with 720p would be incredible (even once every two weeks or anything!). Once again, keep it up! Hope the album is coming along, don't mean to pressure, just some fan-base suggestions :D

    • Thanks a lot man! I definitely want to do more smaller videos where I'm just messing with what I'm working on vs. finished stuff that takes me forever.

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