Tangible Orchestra

For this, the artists asked me to split my song "Loui" up by instrument. That took a couple of hours, believe it or not, but it turned out to be worth it. Standing by a pod activates that instrument of the tune. A great, interactive setup, and I'm glad they wanted to use my music. The artists, Picaroon, got nominated for this installation and public voting is now open if you want to throw "Picaroon" a vote: http://3dprintshow.com/global-awards/artist-of-the-year/

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  • A timeless track. Still awesome. I can't wait for rjcd4 bro. It just can't get here soon enough.

  • Awesome! I went to Te Papa museum recently in Wellington, New Zealand, and they had a similar tangible orchestra. I would have loved to play around with Loui though!

  • That's pretty cool. Next they'll have your music going on the space station.

    • @David G - Hey, if you ever visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, you might hear Clutter on one of the exhibits there. Does that count? LOL

  • Any chance I could get those stems? Would love to remix this.

  • How did it take several hours to separate the instruments? I assume you still have the FL files that have each individual component. Wouldn't it just be a matter of deleting all but one track, exporting it, and moving on to the next one?

    • Alex B - I'd say it took a couple of hours to separate instruments, export, listen, usually find something missing or out of place, re-export, listen, etc.. All that combined with my lack of organization (visually, within the FL Studio project) and many layers in a song.. Come to think of it, when it's all said and done, it probably eats up a good half of the day to get it right. But again, some of it is in the way I throw things together in the first place. It's not pretty on the screen and revisiting an old file takes a ton of time just getting familiar with what the heck I was doing back then. Wow, long answer to your question. LOL

  • Loui practically makes me cry, every time. I'm SO excited for RJCD4. Ronald, you'll never stop inspiring me.

  • The Kennedy Space Center should play your track Outer Space at all of their exhibits.:)

  • Hey Ronald, this remembers me of Reactable. You know it? Genius invention from Spain. Don't want your spamprotection to kick in, so I won't post links here... Their website is reactable dot com. There's an article on the Wikipedia as well. YouTube is full of videos, but apparently most of them are just mixing electronic music with it, instead of using it's potential.

    Regards, keep grooving...

  • Dude, I had no idea one of your tunes was in an exhibit so close to me, getting myself through to check it out ASAP.

    Stay Crunchy.

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