New shirt is in! And a some more newnew for RJCD4

New Shirts are in! Can you spot the keys on the E's? They're up for preorder - shipping this week.

New Shirt!

Also, some newnew I'm working on for RJCD4. Named this song "All The Circles" in honor of Omnisphere. Jimmy Hinson of Big Giant Circles personally recommended it to me (we're working on TCAE soundtrack together). Too many circle references not to have it in the name of the song. ;) I'm shooting for an October or November release for this year on RJCD4. Can't wait!! Hope you dig the All The Circles preview:

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  • Nice stuff Ronald! This song is my favorite so far. I look forward to the album!!!

  • Who needs a vacation when you can listen to stuff like this? You'd think living on the cutting edge would get tiring after a while, but the Bespectacled Man keeps leaning into it, breaking new ground with every keystroke.

    How does he do it? You may as well ask how does the wind blow, my friends. If it doesn't blow, it's not wind now, is it? And so it is with the mighty Jenks, filleting his way into that vast unknown future, leading as always with the sharp edge, cutting it just right...E sharp, that is.

    For those of you late to the merry-go-round, that's what we call F, baby, for Fantastic!

  • Sounds awesome! Still can't wait for the new CD!

  • Hey Ronald, I love the snippets of your new CD. Your previous album has become part of my working routine and I hear the whole thing a couple of times a day without getting tired of it.

    I have one QUESTION for you: "Simpletank" is my favourite song and I would like to know what it stands for?

    Greetings from Berlin,

    • Thanks a lot, Martin, and thanks to the others for the previous comments!!
      I used an instrument called Sampletank for a few of the sounds in that song. Replaced "sample" with "simple" and kept the "tank". I thought it fit and it stuck.

      "All The Circles" - I relied heavily on Spectrasonics Omnisphere VST which was recommended to me by Big Giant Circles.
      "Synth One" - I used Synth1 VST.

      Part of it is paying homage to sounds I'm thankful to have at the moment and the other is just needing to come up with a name and then that name sticks.

  • Sounds awesome! I can't wait untill the release! Deifnatly gonna buy it the day it comes out!

  • Hey, Ron! Got an update on when you'll be releasing RJCD4?

  • Love the songs, love the shirt with the piano keys. Yeah, I got one :)

  • Still in love with you"r music. I won't stop listen to you, or buy your creations, 'cause it still inspires me as strong as 5 years ago !
    'Love your passion.

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