Hotel MIDI – new RJCD4 stuff

RJCD4 is in progress and going well. here's a clip of some newnew:

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  • This is heavy, I love it Ronald. CD buyer for life, ha.

  • Oh man. This sounds like your old stuff with some awesome new stuff thrown on top to create an awesome display of music. Can't wait to buy the album mate <3

  • Sounds awesome! Can't wait until the album's out!

  • Hello Mr. jenkees, my name is christian, I am an experienced producer, director, and cinematographer. I am contacting you for permission to use your piece "stay crunchy" in an up coming film of mine. the film will be starting the first stages of post production April 23-29, 2014.
    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your greatly appreciated time.


  • Please update your Youtube channel with a new song!! Thank You!

  • Mr. Jenkees, please add the Fast Song onto this CD because that song is simply amazing just like all of your songs!

  • Your stuff is so awesome. Pure amazing. I thot you were gone! But nope. So yay!!!

  • Christopher Banks

    Hey Ronald,

    I've been listening to your music ever since I heard your "Guitar Sound" video you put on YouTube years ago. I've been hooked on your music ever since and you always come out with better and better stuff each year.

    If you would like to talk.. I work for a professional soccer team and I would be honored if you could produce us a song we can use for promotion. Your name would be all over it, too.

    Let me know, man!


  • Huge fan since Bill Simmons Sports guy hooked you up. Got a few signed CD's and now reading about the copyright stuff. Hope it all works out man. You're an amazing talent.

  • I love you!
    I wish you are happy
    Thankyou for the music!

  • I took the liberty of transposing "Lee Van Cleef", a song that is an ode to the greatest spaghetti western villain that ever lived (by Primus) to more accurately reflect my taste in both music and humanity:

    Ronald Jenkees

    Got a badge, a red rider at rocket camp
    Out at Nohack Peak
    Lookin' for jailbirds left an' right
    Tryna' knock 'em up out the trees

    Errybody i know's watching Clint
    We all like watching Clint
    (Hi Hi Hi Hiiii)
    All the lil' snaps wanna be like Clint
    They all wanna be like Clint
    But i wanna be like Ronald Jenkees
    You know i wanna be like Ron
    Whatever happened to Ronald Jenkees?
    Whatever Happened to Ron?

    A yellow Studebecker with a 302
    I see the green naugahyde
    put a couple a' dinks in that pickup truck
    a few more dents in his pride

    At Hilltop Drive-In there watchin' Clint
    They all like watchin' Clint
    (Hi Hi Hi Hiiii)
    All the babies scream they wanna see Ol' Clint
    They all wanna see Ol' Clint
    But i wanna see Ronald Jenkees
    You know i wanna see Ol' Ron
    Whatever happened to Ronald Jenkees?
    Whatever Happened to Ron?

    Now the Studebecker's gone that Ron passed on
    Clint's still sharp as all beyond
    Hilltop Drive-In is an Auto Mall
    But no-one's built over Ron

    Don't know if you've heard this song by Primus. Someone turned me onto it a couple days ago. I has one of the nastiest bass grooves I've ever heard.

    Look up "Lee Van Cleef by Primus on the Jimmy Fallon show" when just absolutely, positively have to get that groove thing goin' on.

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