T-Shirts are in! And another tune in progress..

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Finally got some shirts in the store! Found some awesome independent designers to work with, so the process was fun and the result was really neat to see.

Also, new tune in the works for There Came An Echo. Jimmy Hinson and I are making tons of progress. I'm hearing what Jimmy is working on (we share a top-secret dropbox folder) and it's crazy-good. It's going to be a fun game/soundtrack.

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  • These are so awesome but I am simply not a t-shirt wearing woman, gosh darn it! I might break down and buy one anyway just because I love RJ so much. The images would make super-fun window decals. I'm just sayin'...

  • Just ordered mine. Thanks!

  • T-shirts???? Awesome!!!! I'll be rockin' mine on campus this fall. And love the new music Ronald. Keep up the awesome work.

  • These shirts are great, LOVE IT! And they come in record time. I ordered mine and it was at my house basically two days later. Couldn't be happier unless it played Ronald Jenkees music. Keep the good stuff coming :) I'm a huge fan.


  • Gunshotproductions72

    Amazing so far, glad to see you working on some new music. Can't wait to listen to it. You are one of the most inspiring people I know of. Take your time, love your music!

  • I said I was not a t-shirt wearing individual but I caved in a got an RJ shirt and I glad I did. Very nice quality and it's fun to wear RJ's sweet face!

  • Ronald,

    I am a huge fan. I have been listening to your music since you first started putting it up on the Youtubes! One of my favorite things to do is put your music on at parties so people ask me who it is and I explain, then hopefully grow your fan base! Back to the Youtube issue though, we need more videos man! I would appreciate a shout-out if you make another one soon! When I was an early subscriber it is the biggest thing I'd look forward to seeing was a new video.

    I'm putting in my order for T-Shirts and CDs tonight too, hope I get a signed one!

    Thanks Ronald!



  • Dear Mr Jenkees,
    I bought one of your Tees for my son-in-law's birthday (coming up this weekend) and it got here very fast! Because he is such a fan of your's, I have ordered a second T-shirt today. Would you PLEASE be so kind as to autograph this T-shirt for him before it leaves. I know he would be so thrilled! Keep up the great, creative work you are doing with your music.

    I can't find any place to contact you to correct this order before it leaves!!!
    Please help!

  • Do you do international orders? Super keen to wear one of these on my next youtube clip. RJ Represent, haha!! Let me know man.


  • I just watched your video clip on youtube, I like them. And these T-shirts look great

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