2014 Album + TCAE sountrack

Time really does go by fast. I'm already overdue for an update here and on the tubes, but first wanted to update here. My album, "Days Away", probably broke some record for me on sales and it's still doing great. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!

Right now I'm working on 5 original tunes for a game called There Came an Echo (mid-2014 release on Steam) and wanted to share one of them. Jimmy Hinson is doing most of the music and is a really nice guy that also happens to use FL Studio. I was a fan before I found out we were working on the same project. The soundtrack will be available on Steam and I'll be releasing my part plus some other songs at the same time in my own album.

My next album (mid-2014) will look like this:
[5 songs for TCAE] + [at least 5 more songs just for my album] = 10-song album

Back to work. Thanks again for the support on Days Away! I'm super-thankful for it!!

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