New CD is here!!

Click here to preview and download the MP3s!

I put a ton of fun and hard work into this release and hope you find it fun and interesting to listen to. Huge thanks to my friends who give me input on the little stuff when I needed it, and millions of thanks to you for listening to the end results! I hope you like it!

The physical CD is now shipping (order here). It features more original artwork by Kori Michele Handwerker and Peter Selmayr on a high-quality digipack. I can't wait to see what they look like in person.  It's a fun thing to anticipate seeing after all the effort put into the art alone. Update: They're here and they look awesome! Very happy w/ them!!

Other items of interest:

- Stores: iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, my MP3 store (MP3 download directly from me), Amazon (soon)

- Physical CD Signing: I will still be signing the CD's if you buy 2 or more, including if you buy an old+new CD. To keep it simple on me for shipping and to stay consistent/fair with the way I started doing it when I only had 1 CD, I only put the autographed CD's in packages of 2+ orders.

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  • You made my month Ronald! Nice work!

  • Finally!! It felt like such a long wait!!!

  • JENKEES!!! MY HERO!!!!!!! It has been a hard couple weeks, real hard actually. You make it ALL BETTER!

  • I brought the CD like I brought the last 2 of you and I must admit that I am a bit disapointed. Sure I had crazy high expectations and I am still happy with buying it but I must say that I was a bit let down. Forexample error me out I had hoped on that hte whole tune was like the preview. Yesterday when I wanted to take another listen I actually ended up on soundcloud since thats the part of the songs that I really enjoy. In the old days it was amazing when you did a small switch in the musical style (such as in throwing fire) in the middle of the song, but I would have lowed if error me out would have stayed like a quiet relaxing slow song.

  • Jenkees this is one hell of an album. You can hear the passion and hard work you put into the CD from start to finish. So many awesome tacks that I can't list just one as my favorite. This CD was well worth the wait. Haven't been able to stop listening to it since I got it on Thursday. Thanks again Mr. Jenkees for showing our ears what a great composer is supposed to sound like.

  • Thanks Ronald! I must tell ya, I almost lost hope in ya. It was looking pretty bleak that you would return to youtube. I look forward to replaying your cd over and over. Take care!

  • Ronald, I'm so excited about the release of this new CD. The songs you've composed are splendid and unique, and I've asked for it for Christmas this year. I look forward to listening to it for years to come. My older sister, an art teacher, is also buying one and looks forward to playing it for her art students. Thanks again for posting all of those previews while you were working on it, and congrats on the release! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • This will be the third CD I've actually purchased in YEARS. The other two were just about a month and a half ago, and they were yours too. :)

    Awesome stuff, Ronald!!

  • Awesome Album! I'm looking forward to having 2 signed copies of your new album. Great work!!

  • Wonderful, Positive, Thematic, and Epic -

    A must-hear Start to Finish! :))
    Worth the wait.....
    Thank-you for a Spectacular Album Ronald !!!

  • I'm really loving Piano Wire and Deep-Sea Sounding!!!!!


    SO AMAZING!!! Got my signed copy in the mail today (I already had bought two albums electronically, but decided I wanted a cd of all of the albums, signed....)...


    This is truly art, without sight.

    I have never lost hope in you, and never will! Though, it would be nice to get updates a little more frequently.... :D


  • Blah now i need to find out if anyone wants a copy of his cd since I already bought the first 2 signed and the third MUST be signed now haha

  • Have listened to it a couple of times now. Good stuff.

    My only gripe; why does Ronald's girlfriend join in on her old-fashioned typewriter on two songs? The clickety-clack is really getting to my nerves... the first time I heard it I thought my earbuds were broken.

    Error me out is great.

  • Will you ever play a concert?
    It wold be fantastic...even though I couldn't go.

  • Wow, blows my mind away that you can make this stuff. You rock man.

  • Can you please add the option to download the album in lossless audio, FLAC or apple lossless instead of mp3. Thanks!

  • Oh my god!! I finally got your "Days away" CD !! First thing is to put it in my car and blass the volume up!!! Thanks RJ for sending this great CD to TAIWAN!!!!

  • Have decided to pick up complimentary physical CDs to FLACs collected earlier. Great opportunity to support an independent, original and humble artist like RJ is. Music rocks.

  • Finally!I'm getting the MP3 version right now.
    Cheers from France Ronald, nice work and keep having fun :)

  • The CD is fantastic! Thanks for the awesome music!

  • WOW RJ, you get a 10/10 on days Away.
    Super Great CD.
    Keep Having fun, i am with this CD.

  • Ran into you on YouTube looking while listening to old Keith Emerson Moog stuff.

    I could listen to your music all day. Seriously.

    Next payday, I'm buying.

  • Haha. Me too. Well, I actually bought IM - Army of Mushrooms too, but that was disappointing and does not count.

  • I now own all of your CDs signed. I'm going to frame them together and hang them on my wall. Your music inspires me RJ. Keep it up man.

  • Amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!! your russian friend...

  • 非常喜欢你的音乐! 最近上下班路上一直在听,希望能听到更多有意思的东西。

  • Beautiful and inspiring, and as always the best music I have ever heard for juggling to... or just having an uncontrollable freak out dance party of one or a hundred. You've totally gone mainstream, and I mean that in the best possible way, because that means people's taste is improving dramatically compared with what is usually mainstream. I have heard your songs in public places quite frequently in the last few months, in the best restaurants, bars, and even in the grocery store, and everyone that isn't completely tuned out to the world seems to be enjoying them. I hope to be hearing songs from this album all around me soon as well. Congratulations on another great success.

  • Love it. A little disappointed about there being no raps though. Would have made it a lot better. Hope you make some more in the future!

  • This is definitely my favorite CD so far. Also love the album cover!

  • You're shit is AWESOME!!!

    Not at all disappointed about there being no raps. I think this is a great album. Got the physical CD's! My friends and I went in on a couple together so they get signed; we love that.

  • When's the tour man!? Would love to see more LIVE electronica!

  • I was looking up Daft Punk's new album coming out soon and I thought, I wonder if Ronald put out his album yet and then I find out it came out months ago!!!

    I love it! I bought, I'm listening to it now and I love love love it! Magnetic Moment hands down my favorite. I've been listening to that sound bite on sound cloud over and over again hoping you would finish it and it's brilliant!

    Amazing stuff!

  • Hello Ronald. I bought your CD. It's fucking great.
    Best of luck!

  • Ronald! I just wanted to say that your track speaker 1 is the fattest thing I have heard in years. Gave me goosebumps and a huge smile! I hope you consider making more 'ominous' sounding tracks like that one in the future! You are an incredible composer and I absolutely love your venture into the heavy baselines with the new album! Please for the love of all that is holy, continue sharing your amazing talents with us! Thank you! /Fredrik

  • This CD is truly phenomenal, every track is killer, and the diversity is incredible. While I don't think the album as a whole is better than Disorganized Fun (and let me just say they're both FRINKING AMAZING) I do think there's a definite musical development evident in Days Away. Everything just sounds a little more professional, a little more deep, there's just an element of sophistication that's really remarkable.

    I cannot wait for the next album...

  • Hey Ronald!
    I just downloaded Days Away. Wish I could donate more but moneys tight, but I just wanna say your music gives me the edge when I design. When I'm on my sketchpad I fuze with your creativity. I graduate this year from design university so thanks for your help! Now on to the real world which is only DAYS AWAY.

  • Ronald Jenkjees has peeled away the stressful layers of life, food phone, power, rent. He has dismissed the early suburban wait at lights as the sun burns through early metropolitan smog. Check in, check out on arrival and departure. He finds the very core of himself, It's a beautiful place! We all made it today... just...We come home to a place where we can revisit ourselves. We refind our very core and remember just who we are, what we want to create. Ronald Jenkees does the same, he finds his very core and in doing so, he helps me to remember while I wait at the lights in the early metropolitan smog, that I do love my life.

  • To the contributor above... (Shane) Ronald Jenkees crafts music. I see you craft words. Well said dude. I would have said what you said. How did you know ??? I wait at lights early in the morning as well and listen to Ronald.

  • To you, who have complimented me. Thank you! At special times, I do find something to write, have something to say and something I want to share. Sometimes after finishing, (In a way), I snap back to reality and read what I have written and find it hard to believe I wrote what is laid out before me. It "IS" fun! Ronald helps me find that place. Maybe he does the same.

  • Bought it! Great work, please continue to develop your musical talents and share them with the world.

  • i come from china i like your song very much.especially it make me powerful. but your ablums in china is very very few.

  • 没想到还有中国人

  • Still listening to and greatly enjoying all 3 of Ronald's albums.

    Listening to FLAC sources (see his Bandcamp site) and will save my 3 signed CDs from Ronald. His work is absolutely genius and a treasure. Days Away is his best album IMO, and I certainly don't miss the rap either. I am always surprised how much I love his music after getting back to listening to him after a break.

    Awaiting his RJCD4!! (see his mailing list tag! :))

  • Within seconds of previewing track #1 the album was in my cart, as if I even needed to preview it! Ronald, you have such an inspiring love for music, it shows in every one of your videos and tracks produced. I'm a bit embarrassed that I've gone this long before DLing Days Away. Thank you for being a part of the preservation of real, good, music!

  • Hi, Ronald,

    I just bought your CD:-)
    The CD has bekomme great.
    I Looking forward to your next sounds.
    Keep it up.

    Greetings from Germany.

  • I used "With Water and Light" as my alarm. It's such a nice change to have an alarm that wakes me up sweetly. :)

  • Still loving this Album! <3

  • Hey Ronald! I just wanted to let you know that I and several other amateur laserists think highly of your music and at least of couple of us have completed shows to your most awesome tunes. Here's one I recorded recently:

    I think I'm going to go backwards and work on Stay Crunchy, in part because it is so much fun watching you play it on your old youtube video. Keep up the excellent work!

    -David Kumpula

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