Red Lemonade Remixed [SINGLE]

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  • This shit was hot, son. Added to my library.

  • So happy that you made a new video! You made my day as well ;) Good job as it always were and will be.

  • That was amazing. Nuff said.

  • You're still the best in my book, I am very happy that you made another video.

  • Great! And now "Magnetic Moment" PLEASE! :)


  • Hey Ronald, any chance you could put your newer stuff on Rdio? Glad to see you back. Cheers

  • What a sound, I wish to see you live on stage someday.

  • If you were to do a live show on stage, the whole damn crowd would be going off. Consider it. :D Need more fun, jamming sort of dance parties

  • Why did you not put this on Google Play bro?

  • I manually added it to Google and did that a bit late. It'll show up super soon though ;)


    FINALLY! A SEVENTIETH VIDEO! - FIRST ONE IN YEARS, TOO! Ronald, you never disappoint! Some 4 Years and you finally unleash your passion in video ONCE AGAIN! PEOPLE! NOTICE that the only about 3 seconds of that song was played with MORE THAN ONE HAND?! Imagine TWO?!?! When I see you jolting the Key-Board at 1:07, it really shows the enthusiasm you have! Organic, Natural, Genuine! THE VERY EMBODIMENT OF HAPPINESS!

    And about that map...Wherever it is you were talking about, I have no doubt that you succeeded in taking us there! Take the reigns, Ronald! Take the Wheel! TAKE THE HELM! We're going someplace NEW! AWE-INSPIRING! Beyond Description!

    Hats off to the Great JENX!


  • Рональд почему заставил нас так долго ждать???
    Надеюсь у тебя все в порядке и ты больше не заставишь нас так долго ждать твоих новых вдохновляющих и чудесных произведений. Ставьте лайки чтобы он увидел!
    Ronald why made​us wait so long?
    I hope you have everything in order, and you will not make us wait so long for your new inspiring and wonderful works. Huskies put him to see!(

  • Welcome back man. It's been way too long.

  • Please don't stop doing videos. You made my day by posting this new beat and plus we love seeing you play. Very rarely do we get to see someone do what they truly love and share in that experience.

    Thank you! Keep it up!

  • You sir are a magical person with a clear love and passion for music! Thank you for making my ears extremely happy today. I will be pointing more people your way! :)


  • you the man now dog!

  • please.make.more.videos


  • I was just talking about you with my friends yesterday and was really sad about how you didn't make videos anymore. Glad to see you upload again!

  • Hey Ronald,

    I've still got money burning a hole in my pocket for your next CD. Glad you're back and don't stop doing your videos...watching you play is pure inspiration.

    Welcome Back!




  • Bout Time for a Youtube Video. I see a CD on the Horizon!

  • Glad to see you're staying crunchy! Just ordered 2 CD's. Boom. THE JENK IS BACK!

  • I Like this tune without the FUZZ guitar sound. The ending part of the tune that has the cleaner sound is my preference.Would donate for that tune. How about making another tune without the added effect?
    Great job!amazing talent!

  • Thank you Ronald. You make me happy!

  • Thank you so much RJ for taking the time to post another youtube video. Words cannot begin to describe what talent you have. Keep up the amazing work and thanks again.

  • Where is the non-remix one?

  • What kind of speakers are those next to his monitors?....Those are sick!!

  • Just saw all your videos and hits.

    Keep on making music! Your sound is the best I've heard EVER!!!

  • 4 took your time with this, and i think that's good.
    I do hope you will some of your "youtubes" "live" stuff for some of the songs, those imo are still the best, I still remember watching "guitar sound" for the first time, and how it blew my mind of the god damn planet, looking forward to the album release.

  • What the f have you done to me Ronald? I'd post on your new YouTube video but I think I'd have an easier time getting through to you here. I read Gala's video and rushed over to view it and you haven't even changed a lick! I wish I had seen you around when I was in Kentucky a while back.

    You are by and large my favorite musician and I hope you never stop doing the shit you do because not only is it amazing but inspiring, and not even in the "do what you love" mushy-mushy sort of way. Just your beats are a fucking inspiration. Over and out~

  • Nice one! Just downloaded it. I love it. Looking forward to see your new CD.


  • Welcome back<3
    Amazing return, you never seize to impress me, man. :}

    *shout out to phillyd, found you through him years ago. <3

  • I fell in love with this 1 instantly Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  • I have a massive man-crush on you.

  • Hey Ronald,

    Just stopped by to say, Hi (: Love the music and your charisma. I also wanted to ask you a question if i may. Im looking for a good piano to use with fl studio or any other music making software and i wanna know if you have any recomendations? C:

    I'd Really appreciate it if you would email me C: Stay Crunchy Ronald :3

  • Awesome song! congrats Ronald!
    and welcome back to youtube after 4 years! :)

  • Honestly, the best i've ever heard.
    Changed my life.
    For the love of god don't stop making music.

  • Tell me about it man.

  • RJ.. Just wow. You were my inspiration for so long and i'm so happy to see you back at it! <3 don't stop now

  • The Inspiration. Over and over again that's what people are saying. There are a lot of elements from a lot of classical music and hymns and sick beats added too. Making people feel good and be good, this man must have the sun shining on his face as he wake up everyday. Thanks for your contribution to history and humanity, brother.

  • I've listened to this song at least 30 times a day since you put it up for purchase. My girlfriend's 7 and 8 year old kids both asked "who makes this song, it's so cool!". After showing them some of your videos and playing a few more of my favorite songs for them, they had me load a bunch of RJ songs on their iPods. They have good taste ;).

    Keep up the amazing work man, you don't understand how excited I am for this new album. I check your webpage and my email about 3 times a day!

  • Egad Man, this jam is crazy, i got it on loop.

    New fan for life bro.

  • Not sure HOW I found it, but have been jamming to crunchy for about a year, now this tune popped up somehow on my youtube. Plus, I'm in Louisville! Glad to see some more talent coming out of here!

  • Ronald Jenkees is the greatest thing that ever lived. It can't be distilled to a purity greater than that one sentence. Oh, where have all the haters gone? Perhaps they have misunderstood and were waiting for Ronald in the Place of Jelly?

  • I love this video!

  • Just bought it from this site. You sir are AB-SOL-UTELY AMAZING!


    I find myself humming along to this ALL THE TIME!

    So excited for CD3!

  • This is the most addictive piece of music I have heard for ages. Thanks!

  • DUDE!!!! Just heard the full length version and OMFG! You have always been really really sick, but this just blows everything else away. It's my favorite thing in the world when someone does something so sick musically that I can't even look at my guitar. I almost get depressed because I wanted to be the one to bring the world such beautiful, uplifting, soul magnifying music. It's true inspiration. You have ascended to the level of Grand Master, the best licks and riffs that have been hiding from the rest of us mere mortal musicians cannot hide from you sir. Keep killing it Ronald, you have no idea how much your music means to me.

  • i live in scotland and love your tunes man awsome stuff always puts a smile on my face :D

  • споледний альбом заслушал до дыр!!! =) когда будет новый??? =)

  • You have been gone too long my friend! I love this track, laying it down .. Like A Boss! Going to buy the track now. I need more crack bro!

  • This, my good sir, was amazing, Bdoubleo certainly has good taste.

  • Dude i love your music gettin two of your cd's for christmas. Gona be the best christmas yet:)

  • Please keep making more music! More piano tunes too.

  • i just found out about your music... keep it up you are the shit

  • I want to have this song played when I walk down the aisle at my wedding. B) I love your music man, it speaks to the soul. Keep it up...

  • Your music is amazing, which makes you, its creator, something beyond my vocabulary! Keep on doing what you do well. When you go on tour, I will be there to experience this magic up close!

  • AMAZING! Just just totally jammed this OUT! Thanks!

  • this song just BLOWES my mined. You got some talent there Sir. Ronald. You have been my ultimate Artist that has inspired me to pursue my dream of making music and not just that but be a multi media Artist. Like you said "I'm into just about anything technology-wise..."
    You also have given me a positive state of mined by sharing that no matter who you are or what education you have anything is possible.

    hope i could here from you.

    *my friends like your songs also*

  • This music is my favorite, I can't ever work out the genre because it is so exotic and fresh. I always listen to this album, when in a dull mood, when joyous and whenever really. This has really inspired me to try and start to make music; Ronald, you are my hero, my inspiration and my idol. Hope that means alot! Peace.

  • you are amazing!, i ilke your music,you have a nice style :)

  • I love you so much. Keep up the good work!

  • You = Awesome!! I first saw your youtube video a few years back and I forgot your name so I couldn't find you again. A friend had his iTunes radio playing to STS9 and I heard your sound... Thrilled to have found your music again. I'm pretty sure the world will stop turning if you don't keep cranking out those tasty licks. Again, you are AWESOME!! Thank you for your music!!

  • Keep up the great beats, I play your stuff all the time for myself and at my restaurant. My staff and customers all love your music. Happy Thanks Giving and keep having fun doing what your doing! BTW, Red Lemonade that's my Jam

  • Alarm shrills through dream and slumbered bliss. New day...again. Cold and black. So shower, Cornflakes and Coffee but what really prepares me as I drive towards the new days challenge, plays on my car radio as I drive. It's not on the map, but it remaps my mood much more than Coffee and Cornflakes and it places me right where I need to be for a new day. Red Lemonade. Thank you Ronald.

  • You wouldn't happen to have Red lemonade completely in the style that it was in the beginning of Remixed video.

    That versions is the best.

    I listen to it quite often, the beginning is awesome but when the song switches to the Remixed version it comes too calm.

    Please say you have it.


    Hellos from Finland


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