Email updates, and some more newnew!


If you want me to email you when my CD is done, you can put your email in the top-right corner. Thanks to for setting that up for me in a hurry. Super-cool. Back to work.

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  • Always ballin' bro. Great, great track. *subbed*

  • subbed !!!!

  • You rock man! Keep it up!

  • Amazing Ron! I am really looking forward to hearing your completed works. Best of luck to you!


  • Good shit Ron, I also like the frequency at which you're releasing content. Can't wait to throw my money at you!

  • Ronald man i love your story dude. I almost am the same way i cant really get into reading music I just love to play what sounds great! I cant wait to hear your 3rd cd i love the samples and the videos on youtube. Keep jammin!

  • I don't need to subscribe to your e-mail list, I check your blog every day!!

  • Tbh I don't like this track a lot. "days away" is great.There are 2 songs (atleast what I remember:P ) where you mix in other instruments then your traditional keyboard sounds. THat is "Messing with a guitar sound" and "days away" and both songs is reaaally amazing. So please try to have a bit more fun with mixing in other stuff

  • RJs' newnew is breaking space time continuum .
    welcome to the other side everyone !

  • this thing is amaaaaziing!!!!!!!

  • After this demo I'll be the first man from Poland, who will buy Your third CD.

  • You do understand you make the best music ever, there is not a day on which i dont listen to it =P

  • I've had your first two CDs for and while and you got some talent homie. You have some perfect beats to do a Dub Step mix. Disorganized fun had perfect beats for it. Check out Zomboy's "City to City" for a good example. You have an ear for the timing nessassary for it. Give it a shot. It will give you an edge.

  • I want the pre-order option. This way I can sleep soundly, knowing that I get your CD once it's available.

    Keep on rocking!

  • Ronald, I've been listening to you for years. You are to this day my favorite artist in the entire world, and I have never been so excited to hear someone's new music. I don't mind dying in suspense as I know that your final product will be flawless. By the way, don't cut out "red lemonade". That beat is hot. HOT. Thank you for being you and giving us your music. I swear, if one of the classical greats were reincarnated as a modern-day man, it would be you.

  • Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE make more youtube videos its so amazing to just see you play!it feels like you and your instrument become one. it really takes my breath everytime i see you play the keyboard.
    and also every single one of your videos has over 5 MILLION VIEWS i mean people love it. so please please give us more of them. (:
    i mean i really like the music on this site to but its just not the same because this is made in a studio and everything is calculated and planned and stuff.
    we just want to see you jam and have fun! so if you read this please have mercy god i mean ronald and upload some more vids
    of you just playing along.

  • do what you love to do ronnie!
    such positive vibes and great sounds!!
    you're awesome!!

  • I cannot wait to buy this third album and get my signed copy for storage!

    Keep up the great work RJ! You're a musical mastermind.

  • Love your stuff man, never gets old. Whens the new album comin out? keep up the awesomeness

  • Your passion for music is beyond belief not many people enjoy anything as much as you do your music im glad your back please continue to dope vids and PLEASE KILL a dubstep beat (if thats your type of music) blessings to you and last but not least THANK YOU for sharing your gift with the world

  • This track is awesome. Cant wait till i can listen it when finished.

  • I wish we could hang out and jam. I really think I should be featured on your 4th album or something hahaha.

    I want to say that "Sidetracked, part 2" is probably the best WIP I've ever heard you put out. I can not get enough of this clip.

    "newnew: Simpletank" coming in second. I really believe these tunes show your progression in such an outstanding way. This is purely feel good music.

    Some thoughts:

    It's comical to read how many people begging you to do a dubstep track and I really wonder when that fad is going to die out. - I say do what you want but figuratively speaking I basically worship what you've got going on now and would hate to see the style change from this perfect world of sound and vibe you've created. Some dubstep elements are great, and chances are you might have already explored some of them within your music (I'm not a dubexpert.) For example, Wobble bass is pretty neat, sounds funny and makes for a nice way to squeeze a some extra rhythm in electronic music but that's about where my appreciation ends. I guess it would be really cool to have kids running around asking if you've heard the latest Ronald Jenkees tune, rather than the latest dubstep repeat and regurgitation.

    Just as we all are anticipating the release of your new album, I'm really seeking those head bobbin' tunes you push out, nothing dubstep could offer in this case.

    More youtube vids are always a plus. I think I'm not alone that we like seeing you jam and it certainly makes us all happy.

    Anyway, good work man keep it up I am eagerly awaiting the release of this new album.

    Best luck,


  • Maybe it would be more interesting to ask "Could you do one of your tunes on an Acoustic piano?" than to ask if you could do a dubstep track.

  • Once again, you have made my day!

  • Truly Inspirational!!

    The feeling you put into your music is incredible -we all can see that in your youtube video's -don't ever stop having fun Ronald and keep sharing it with us all!!! Please stay Crunchy ;)

  • Really well done Ron, keep em coming!

  • Hello Ronalds!! :D

    I'm typing from Italy and I will surely buy your third cd... Can I have your signature on cd as well as the previous cds???

    Thanks bro!

  • hey ron lets put some vocals down,i dont sing but do you?

  • Jooow ron

    Youre sooooo generous for giving bdubs that licensed copy

    ;) love your music, i just felt for it hearing it in bdubs vids

    thanks sooo much ;)

    greeting a happy bdubs fan

  • Bdubs sent me here :D

  • I'm so inspired and Loving you music...!!! So much love Brother!
    I want to ask you if I can use one of your songs on my kick starter video? I did pay for it.. I am a visual artist/ painter, and listen to your music while I paint. My kick starter is for a mural of a "giant human heart" That I am going to paint, to remind us all to use our hearts with consciousness. I really hope I have your okay on that.. I have the video edited already, and can show you before I go live with it.. Perhaps I can send it to you via skype, if you have it. Any way, so much thanks for your bright light, you are a true blessing to have in this world!

  • Я из России ,нечего подобного не слышала,супер ,ты молодец))) продолжай)

  • чувак ты просто супер!!!) твоя музыка чудесна и необычна!

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