Another tune in progress for RJCD3: “Days Away”

Some more stuff I'm working on. Thanks a million to Ken Scott for making an incredible drum package (epik drums). It takes forever to load in FL Studio but man is it worth it. Anywho, really appreciate you listening!!!

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  • Amazing as always! Can't wait for the new album.

  • I've never been this excited for an album release. Thanks for making music that's worth looking forward to!

  • Super-cool ! I look forward for the new album !!

  • wooow!!! no, it`s not as always, it is even better!I think that work with drums costed this result) simply amazing!) long for the cd3

  • Ronald, your music is more inspirational than even those Epica tracks and orchestrals...especially this one. "Days Away" has to be the most enlightening and refreshing tune you've ever made! Again, I thank you for the unmatched audio-therapy! The title is giving me shivers for how excited I am for patience is stretching - BUT it'll ALL be worth the wait when it hits us...

    P.S. I hope the title is some obvious omen of RJCD3 coming out soon! I HOPE SO HARD!!!

    P.P.S I must quote 'iGalaktika':
    "Why no more youtube videos. Too much fun remeber? :("

    ...I miss those days...

  • You are very talented - and I don't say that often.

    Great energy, balance, textures. Why hasn't someone picked you up for film soundtracks yet? The playfulness of your performance is a strength - hearing human character in electronic music is rare!

    Small note: high-hat sounded a bit too hot on my headset. The grit and volume was distracting from what is going on underneath, although I could appreciate the contrast. Thinking out loud: how about contrasting the syncopation of your playing with a highat that's something more organic and swishy/mushy, or shoot in some reverse reverb to make it sloppy. Like a bunch of feet on the floor, sample computer keyboard typing and speed it up, go crazy, open the roof and shoot out.

  • I think this one has too much clutter and I can't really figure out which direction it wants to pull me in. This tune is alright in my book, not my favorite and definitely not my least favorite. Can't wait for the CD to drop!

  • A man was so passionnate about music today, sharing his love for Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus that he asked me what music I loved. I replied Ronald Jenkees.

  • I have wondered about u, I have missed u!!!! I keep checking YouTube, here, Facebook, all the spots for word of where you have been! I'm just glad u are ok! I listen to your music daily, I love it so much! To say that I am excited to see new music, would be a big understatement! I am counting the days till the newest addition to my Ronald Jenkees collection is is here.....

  • Oh where oh where have the haters gone? Oh where oh where can they be?

    I think the reason that The Jenks doesn't post vids anymore is that same reason that he no longer gives ETA for his music drops: it's because when he does, the whole internet goes off tilt for the better part of a week.

    When you are THIS good you got to go easy on the throttle, a little too much and The Jenks would be smoking his tires. Too little and the fandom collectively begin to despair of his well-being.

    And so The King drops a few crumbs here and there, offerings from The Master's table that keeps the faithful hanging on, but not so much that they bloat and begin to vex The Jenks and chap his gizzard.

    Kudos to the Sultan of Sweet Jams for playing the edge so well, and for somehow always landing on his feet. CHEERS!

  • I can feel it! Awesome!!

  • I can't wait for this to be available! Makes me smile and want to get out and live this life to the fullest!! thank you!

  • hey Ronald, I just now got into your music and I really love it! You should make a t-shirt with your YouTube profile picture on it that would be awesome!

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