Red Lemonade, RJCD3 update

Heyhey! I'm working on trying to include this tune on my 3rd CD, and I'm overdue on sharing something. Thanks for your patience and thanks a million for listening.

I'm shooting for a 2012 release on RJCD3. I'm hoping I can make that happen. It's hard to plan because I get extra bursts of steam at unexpected times, so the gears sometimes switch to songs I didn't plan on spending any more time on. So my workflow is pretty weird right now. Inspiration hits and I'm spending 4 hrs on a tune I didn't plan on working on at all. That's how my first two CD's eventually came about, so I'm hoping it'll come together in 2012. Thanks again for your patience!! Back at it.

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  • Looking forward to the new CD, got your first 2 signed (will you be doing this for RJCD3) oh and by the way, can you post a Youtube clip... thanks :)

  • Oh my god that preview is so fucking good! You've got to release your next cd, I love your work so much! You are a fucking genius and a boss at all things music! Don't stop man, whatever you do keep goin'!

  • You should really start making youtube videos again =)

  • Hey man, I never buy CD's anymore but hell I'll make an exception for RJCD3. Keep up the good work man

  • i always buy two copies so i can support you more and get your precious signature on my disk :D

  • ...What is this mysterious "Red Lemonade"? It TASTES?! It Tastes of Splendor! Of Majesty! OF POWER!!! It's scent - one so sweet! - TOO SWEET! Too great for the unappreciative mind! It attracts all, like honey-birds to Nectar, the Nectar of the Fruit of The Tree of Life! Those who drink learn and are PURGED! Haters like flies, it's Aura like a BUG-ZAPPER! Ronald Jenkees makes this divine cock-tail, one of a taste INEFFABLE!

    This is his music, HIS MUSIC! The Music of The GREAT JENX! His Music is his Aura, his RED LEMONADE! Behold! A Music SO GREAT, IT HAS TASTE! The Highest Taste! The GREATEST TASTE! A Drink so Sacred and so Lively, it has it's own heat-signature, it's own Radioactive VIBE! This curious liquid seeps from the juices of his key-board, his fingers pressing the magic fruit at every note! It is this living, moving, glowing, electric DRINK that will lead our minds to the other side of INSANITY! It may kill us, but the experience IS LIKE NO OTHER! JOY IN-PROMISCUOUS! HAPPINESS IRREPRODUCIBLE! It awaits us on the other side of the moment before us: to drink or not to may kill us - but it would be PURGING! MORE THAN WORTH DYING FOR!~FOR A GREATER CAUSE! OF JUDGMENTAL SCALE, PRIORITY AND AUTHORITY! This drink will define our destinies, to be our energy, a Liquid Juice, a Liquid JOLT, the Juice that keeps us running that long Marathon THAT IS LIFE!

    Of your Larger-Than-Life Music, Pour Us a Cup, Ronald!
    And with it - this RED LEMONADE!


  • -It is the drink that will quench our every thirst...for ever...

  • Hey there, glad to see a new update!

    I can't wait for the finished product, I know it will be great!

  • 2012 you say, that was some very good news! Looks like you have some really great tunes to share Ronald! Keep up the nice work.


  • Hey bro, dont worry about rushing the release. Just do your thing. Im behind ya all the way. Great tunes are few and far between, and your brand is a rare one.

  • I like this tune a lot. You must be closing in huh, any word on how many songs this album will have?

  • Another awesome performance.

  • Can't wait for cd#3! I'm looking forward to it. This preview was awesome!

  • Thanks Ronald for this update ! Thanks a bunch !!!! I kinda feel that my last comment from your post "simple tank" put you on thinking to make another update. So again THANKS ! This tune also kicks ass just like the rest of your tunes ! We are "hungry" for any kind of update from you. It's almost 4 months since your last update if I'm not wrong... This update made my day ! Also what would be really nice you can reply to our comments here on your site , cause we ain't millions here, just a few people, haha ! We are looking forward for new updates from you man , keep it up !! greetings from eastern Europe, Transilvania, Romania :)

  • Shut up and take my money!!11!

  • Sick beats dude!

  • Holy Cow! That is awesome!

  • thanks for the tease, I'm pumped for the new CD, see you in another 6 months

  • I will seriously give you $20 to have this as a single before the CD comes out. I'll sign an NDA to not redistribute, and prepay for the CD as well. I need this.

  • you have a great style. I heard you on reddit today! here is my 2ยข, I think you have a very early mars volta-esque style. When I went to check out your music, I was a little turned off by the drums, bass, and beats in the background. If you put your music out minus the background beats, I would be sold. Far from hating, I'm just picky like that. The music does it for me, the beats take away from it for me.

  • Keep it up, I'll buy your next CD, can hardly wait.

  • I've never been so pumped for an album... the electrojazz is too strong


  • sounds so incredible. Just remembered how relaxing it is to listen to RJ. keep it coming, I love your work, this is the greatest birthday present I could ask for.

  • Dear jenkees, your music is the next genartion of music. Keep up the good work.

    Sincerely yours

  • Can't..





    DANG!!! I can't wait to hear this whole song!

    I just discovered you today, and I already regret not having done so years ago! I love songs with change-ups, driving beats, simple and complex going on at the same time, quirkiness, fun, complete theme changes between tracks, instrumentals, and you are ALL that and more!

    Phenomenal stuff, Ronald, just phenomenal...

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