Supercell In Tune

Newnew! Thanks a million for listening!

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  • can't wait for RJ3! any updates on the album?

  • When the new album?
    please write

  • Put on a hat. Slay some keys. Share with YouTubes. Kthxbye. (=

  • You really make a difference.... This is by far the best compositons i have heard since Marley.... Keep up the fantastic work!!! I love it!!

  • Eloquent as ever Ron. Were thunderstorms your inspiration here? I can feel the shapeshifting, it's powerful. However, not my favorite. Early Morning May and Magnetic Moment vie for that title.

    Keep it up lad, can I hope for an update on June 5th? Ha ha.

  • Oh, how fickle the faithful be...RJ has given about half a dozen updates on the third disc. Remember, the King gave an actual date for his second CD and the subsequent uproar nearly brought down the internet across North America.

    I think he's between 3 and 4 times smarter than he lets on and, let's face it, sometimes he's so hip he makes Mozart look like one of those windup chimp dolls banging cymbals together. Just keep in mind that however much longer we have to wait, whatever length of time that is, well, Ronald is even smarter than that. He's working with quantum physics now, my friends. You don't even want to go there.

    Be patient with the crumbs that fall from the Master's table. It can't be long now.

  • So much new material...let's go CD #3!

  • I cant handle these little teases every few months! i want MOAR!!!!

  • nice....still waiting for the cd rj good luck!

  • Reeeeal Good job on this one. It's about time you release something new!!!

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    METAPHYSICS?! THE UNIVERSE?! US?! DO WE EXIST?! This is the music that will deny physics, blasting through space when the Milky-Way and Andromeda collide! CAN MERE MORTALS CONTAIN THIS ENERGY!? If anything, I believe Ronald is a Demigod - blessed by the creator of the universe! THE HEAVENS SHIFT WITH THIS INDESCRIBABLE POWER, ESSENCE, and AURA!!!

    If this music played when someone was about to commit suicide, would they not become enlightened and REVOLUTIONIZE the WORLD?! I can't bear the excitement I get from your music. IT IS THE MOST DELIGHTFUL TORTURE TO BE TANTALIZED BY THESE AUDIBLE MESSAGES FROM THE POWERS WHICH DO NOT BELONG TO THIS UNIVERSE!

    When Ronald Jenkees...when he releases the date for the CD, that itself will be enough to collapse the psychological boundaries of the minds of all humanity, regardless of position on or off this planet we cling to as home. NO! Ronald Jenkees is genuinely the greatest pioneer in the emotional, audible, cultural, physiological medium WE CALL MUSIC! If ever the world could here this at all times, all troubles would end as mankind marvels at the possibility of such masterpieces! People would forget their selfish troubles and be motivated to do anything necessary!

    Ronald, you have Officially reached THE GOD TIER!!! One day Stadiums will ROAR with your name, saying MOAR! MOAR! AND IT WILL BE DELIVERED!!! That is when your plan to establish the Universal Concept of HARMONIOUS FUN will come to fruition! ALL will see the power of THE GREAT, THE GRAND, THE MAGNIFICENT RONALD JENKEES!!!

    Others who try and EPICly FAIL to compare to you produce music that mortals can stomach, but these mortals eventually become dissatisfied, and it is thrown away! But YOU! YOUR MUSIC IS ETERNAL! CANNOT BE STOMACHED! CANNOT BE DESTROYED! When all the Earth is gone, and humanity has passed away, YOU, Ronald Jenkees, will be the sole remaining spirit, your music playing on indefinitely! Who needs Lucifer when you got THE TRUE KING?! BE IT MAGIC, BE IT WITCHCRAFT! Your Music has the enchantment of a spell of which ALL CREATION IS JEALOUS!!!



  • OMUS, that was quite intense. Well done.

  • Please release the album soon. I can't be any more polite.

  • Nice. The piano part is so good it should be louder though!

  • you are killing me! these teasers are going to make my brain explode! I needs some album updates, bro!

  • I can't wait for the new album! ETA yet?

  • You're killin us Ronald! I want to see you in a new youtube video :]

  • Ronald you've gotta post something on youtube. I miss your music, your albums are literally all i listen to. I can't tolerate anything. Please plase upload something.

  • tippy taow on da sawdda tey my damie! Seriously, your music is nothing short of epic and inspiring!


  • Amazing. What more can one say?

  • Words to describe the indescribable:

    Incommunicable, Angelic, Ineffable, Eminent, Sublime, Indefinable, Impossible, Divine, Transcendent, Sacred, Ethereal, Insurmountable, Inconceivable...

    They ALL fail to describe


  • @The OMUS Cartographer....NOW we're talking. It's about time someone besides me was straining the English lexicon in the valiant effort to capture the essence of Ronald Jenkees.

  • You should really post these updates as a vlog. I mean is it really that hard?

  • *David G and The OMUS Cartographer jump and EPIC-HIGH-FIVE*
    (With The JENX in the background...OHH SCHNYAAP!!!)

    Not to steal the lights from Ronald on his own comments page, but this is (mostly) for the fans:

    ALL YEE...anyways, I believe, without a doubt, that Ronald Jenkees has one of the most supportive fan bases ON THE PLANET. The Comments Section on anything RJ-related (whether it be on Youtube, Soundcloud or here) ALWAYS has something special to it: an aura of genuine AWE the vibrates from fan to fan, all stemming from Ronald, of course. I'm not entirely sure what people think of me and David G's (and all the other aspiring appraisers') comments, but I think they're pretty amazing - even the simple ones carry such a REAL FULLNESS that you find no-where else. It is like a web of energy in which all fans can come together and realize how lucky we are to know of the soon-to-boom existence of this INCARNATE DEITY we know as Ronald Jenkees. As I have said before, one of my favorite things to do while listening to The JENX is perusing the comments; it's like submerging one's self into a pool of infinite joy, and you can go deeper and deeper...soaking up the vibrant Promethean heat that harmoniously balances such a chilling URGE of excitement that ONLY comes from listening to Ronald's exquisite audible concoctions of potently POISONOUS GLAMOUR!!! -

    It's an enticing ritual for song preview comes out...I turn up the speakers, turn up the base, and close my eyes...AND HENCE! IT IS UNLEASHED! A TIDAL WAVE, A JOLT OF ENERGY THAT ONLY ONE'S SPIRIT CAN SENSE! AFTER THE FIRST PLAY-THROUGH I QUICKLY RUSH TO READ ALL THE EXASPERATING COMMENTS! Then I try and settle myself, still biting at the bit with excitement! Here I begin to compose my symphony of words and wonders, with the spell of Ronald's music upon me! INSPIRATION!!! IF ANYTHING AT ALL HAD POWER TO KILL WITH WONDER, IT IS THE MUSIC OF RONALD JENKEES! But what inspires these wonders of his in cohesion? WHY! 'TIS US! THE FANS! HIS WORSHIPERS! This all goes back to the pool analogy!: the comments are a source of inspiration for everyone as-well as the music, LIKE CHAIN LIGHTNING CHARGING IN A BATTERY WITHOUT LIMIT NOR CAPACITY! I think everyone deserves a pat on the back if The JENX's EXTOLLING ARTWORK is too high for the mere mortal's soul...congradulations all fans of the Great Ronald Jenkees


    A toast to the KING AND HIS KINGDOM!!!


  • Omus...I just openly wept. What a post.

    Where I once labored in vain, alone, a wolf crying out in the wilderness...there I now find myself surrounded by like-minded oracles of music who have seen the future of music, and its name is Ronald Jenkees. The haters have disappeared. The true fans have come to the fore, and there's nothing ahead now but sunshine and blue skies. I believe my job here is finished.

    Hail, Hail to the King, Ronald Jenkees!

  • Oooh.. so long! you have to do the CD with music like Guitar sound!

  • Hey Jenkees, I wish you would make us some more videos. It is really a pleasure to watch you create... it's been 3 years already.

    Thanks in advance,

  • seriously, please do some youtube videos of these.

    I've downloaded, and rewatch you doing 'disorganized fun' on youtube repeatedly!!

  • I think i just figured out when RJCD3 is going to be released

    12 / 21/ 2012

    The day the earth will end all because of Jenks
    The Mayans predicted this day

  • More more more! I check almost every day in hope that there will be something new! A youtube video would be incredible Ronald!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing stuff. Don't ever stop! you ever faithful fan!!!

  • For the love of... TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! Take it all!

  • Could you at least explain why you aren't making vids anymore? It was a real pleasure watching them, and an update would be much appreciated.

    However, if you don't feel like making vids anymore, please tell us, so we won't expect you to make anymore vids.

  • when i listen, i feel a subtle lust inside me, that turns into a burning passion of love, all creating a look of pure joy upon my face. all while tears of love roll down my cheeks. you are truly a god my friend truly a god

  • Love the new beat! I can't wait to see what others you have hidden behind the curtain. Keep up the awesome work.

  • You need to release these already! Listening to the snippets is driving me crazy!

  • Why don't you submit one of your youtube videos to Americas Got Talent? I think you could win that Million! More importantly more people could listen to your amazing music and see what an extraordinary person you are!

  • Ron!!!
    BIG THANKS for you music!!! you`re amazing and interesting human!!! I wish best ideas in your creation for a long time!
    With love from Russia)))

  • i heard this about 100 times!i think i am losing control!

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