Sidetracked, part 2

I'm still REALLY enjoying the updates to FL Studio. I was a bit scared of the changes they made in v10 until I forced myself to work on a new project. This is more of that first tune I started on FL Studio 10 where I'm forced to see things in a different way. Within about 10 min, I was lost in this project and I was excited about the changes. It's super-valuable to have a tool you like working with. Huge thanks to those that have put their time and energy into making FL. I'm very thankful to have it.

I don't have an ETA on RJCD3 yet, but I definitely have enough fun material for it. I'm at the point where I need to keep a notebook on my desk and start keeping notes on what exactly needs to be worked on. Organization is not a natural thing for me in my production but without it, I end up going in circles without finishing stuff. HAHA

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  • Sounds great! Awaiting your new album! :-)

  • Sounds great! No need to hurry with the new album but I can't wait until you're done with it.

  • If you have some completed songs maybe you can post them so we can buy/download. I know we're all looking forward to what you have done!

  • i cant wait for the next installment of genius from you dude!

  • Ronson. Bro. You continue to progress. I hear it in your sounds, you're working, you're improving, you're having fun. I don't remember the last time I looked forward to a CD release.

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    A sound DEEPER than the deepest Depths and sends us higher than the Firmament above!!! Musn't faint, MUST KEEP LISTENING! RONALD!!! [GASP! GOSH!] WHOA!!! WE NEADZ MOARZ! Seeing a new post NEVER FAILS to take my breath away! It a challenge I need not accept to restrain my joy in hearing your music! IT MAKES ME WAN'T TO...EXPLODE!!!

    I don't mind waiting for the next revolution in my audible life! But Mr. Jenkees, if we can't buy more albums...DO YOU ACCEPT DONATIONS?!? =D I'd throw my money at you wallet, even! CAN'T WAIT!

    I'm a proud fan of you, WE ALL ARE! Thanks for being such a positive influence on my life..and for being a friend through your work, efforts, and joy...KEEP GENERATING THE FUN!!! In the meantime, I think I'll hallucinate to your music moar!

    41 seconds never sound so long...and felt so great...LOVE YOU RONALD!...!!!

  • Its beautiful stuff Ronald. But you know what else it is? Pure torture!!! Previews?? 41 seconds??? I want to spend 9.99 on a digital download or 12.95 plus shipping (or whatever it is) already!!!! GAH!!!

  • All my hommies like to ride in my car and listen to your boom boom. I look forward to RJCD3 yay!

  • Great! Your music of the future...

  • Your music it that I so long searched. And even this small slice forces to exult my soul! You as always are magnificent, Ronald!

  • You don't know how happy I was to see that there was another update today.
    Soooo anxious for your next album release, Jenkees!
    Every sample you give us sounds amazing!

  • Can't wait anymore for the RJ3....
    I can listen to the musics for hours and hours...


  • The ending is incredible - most accurate to the second CD - I LOVE them! Keep more from "Disorganized Fun" album, it will be great!

  • Roland, with youre Track > RJCD3: Magnetic Moment < you will have a huge commercial dubstep success!

  • Can't wait for the next album... I still watch Throwing Fire and Guitar Sound on youtubes just to see the lethal key play

  • i found a track called The Window on youtubes that claims its Jenkees... sounds clean but wondering if its a fake...

  • I didn't much care for the first 27 seconds of the song but then that transition to 28+ really blew me away. We would really like to see some new content on your youtube other than you liking videos with your music in it.

    If nothing else, we just want you to say hi.

  • You are super awesome Mr. Jenkees and I await the day that you release your next CD.

    Keep at it man!

  • Oshit, that part at 0.28 :O

  • I love your YouTube videos and I love the music. It is funny because almost daily I listen to all the samples you have have on soundcloud. lol. Maybe just put a single on iTunes from the new CD. We want some Jenkees!!!!!!! In the WOW Video it should have said.... RONALD JENKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RONALD!!! Dude, your stuff is so amazing. This song literally just gave me chills. but you have to stop teasing us, man! Release the CD! PLEASE!

  • Just listened to this sick sample. Ronald man you have some great beats. I can't wait for RJCD3! Keep up the great work!

  • I just found you this past weekend driving around town with my husband and son listening to Pandora on hubbies iphone...learned more about you yesterday on youtube ect. You are such an inspiration to me words can't describe. You are so positive and refreshing. You have Angel fingers! I can only tell every true music fan I know to check you out. Already, everyone is hooked. I look forward to the future of music with talent like yours. I wish you all the very, very best! Thank you for sharing your immense talent with the world Mr. Jenkees! I love that smile! "Peace Out!"

  • This sounds amazing. I would pay more than the price of an entire cd just for this full song.

  • WOAAA Ronald this tune is freekin' me out !!! Damn !!!!
    RELEASE THE 3RD CD !!!!! we're starving for it !

    Your music is simply awesome !!!

  • Keep on trucking man love ya stuff :D

  • every song you've posted so far has been incredibly dope. they better all be on 3rd album!

  • Just heard "Disorganized fun" on Pandora. Congrats.

  • The sound you just heard was Ronald grinding the gears, trying to go from first to second without burning up his clutch. The teeth grinding on his Transmission of Love has never sounded better, either.

    When I think about what it's going to sound like when RJ finally decides to power shift to overdrive, I almost can't stand it. It's going to be people screaming and crying and running figure eights in the bathtub, sirens going off and paper airplanes falling out of the sky, pancakes for breakfast and commercial-free TV for the rest of the year. It's going to be a cold snap in the middle of summer because everyone turned their air conditioners wrong side out because they didn't know what else to do. It's going to be butter brickle flowing 3 feet deep down main street and kids rolling around in it like kitties in the catnip and their parents happy for them because they are happy about everything and everyone. They are going to have to come up with a new word for haberdasher, my friends, because when Ronald drops the checkered flag on CD3 his legend will go by us so fast we won't know what to call it anymore.

    I don't know what else will happen besides that, but don't you think that's the real reason that Ronald is holding back RJ III? Sure, we know we're gonna love every moment of every track but, let's face it, you know we're not ready for it yet. If Ronald pulls the trigger too soon he could ruin us all, and that's the last thing he would want for any of us.

    And so he gives us a clip here and a clip there. We slowly build our tolerance for his transcendent musical genius and, at just the right time, Ronald is going to let that slingshot go. I, for one, don't want to be the guy who wets himself because he just wasn't ready. The Maestro can take his sweet time, that's what I say.

    We trust your judgment, Ronald. Long live the King!

  • норм! Бро короче))

  • Dude no sweat at all man,take your time.The way you compose music is so unique its startling.I Truly believe your music will be looked back on 100 years from now as we look at beethoven today

  • Loving the new beats. Can't wait for the next album. I'm gonna scoop it up on the day of the release. This tune is definitely reminiscent of Throwing Fire which was the first song I'd ever heard from you. Made me an instant fan. Guitar Sound is definitely my favorite tune though and I would love to hear a sequel!

  • JENKEES!!! Why the hell did you stopped your jams ??? i loved them like that was a huge inspiration for me now i am stuck at making music a thing that i love and i cant make any song i started about 100 projects on fl studio .. like literally more than 100 but didnt finished one :-/

  • Ronald, I have both of your CD's. Favorite jam: Fifteen Fifty. Now that I know you have a blog with samples, it is forever bookmarked.

    I look forward to album three. Thanks for the autographs.

  • Great as always! Quick question, are you still signing the physical CDs? I'd buy both CD's that are available right now, you signing them would be a great honor. If you choose to reply to this, which I hope you will, please send me an email.

  • Everything you do is amazing IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF YOUR NEW ALBUM!! please tell me its coming out soon, its been two years since disorganized fun and your first album. I've been listening to them on repeat! The wait for your new album is killing me!! Please tell me it'll be out sooner than later!

  • Still checking this site daily.. :p
    Any kind of news about when the album should be released would be greatly appreciated ^_^

  • would love to have the prodigy jenkees do a keyboard duo with someone on a song like a keyboard/solo/battle. would be fun :)

  • Love it!
    All of your music!

  • Just mind blown! Can't wait for a full version :D

  • Your music is AWESOME! Can't wait for the next album :D

  • RJ, Can't wait for your 3rd installment, my buddy introduced me to your tunes 2 1/2 yrs ago & I have been blasting them since. Please come on tour, Colorado would love to see you!

  • Man these little snippets are indicative of the quality that the new CD is going to possess. Can't wait for you to release it already!

    Greetings from the UK, keep up the great work! :)

  • JENKEES!! the stuff is awesome really!! I use FL 10 and its awesome !!
    Just working on some dubstep... and i also love improvizing and jamming on my m-audio oxygen 88... just so awesome!!! :D but i am really unhappy to see that you are no longer uploading the jams and improvs at least you COULD TELL US WHY??? and once the new album will be finished tell it to people on youtube.. most of them dont even know you have this website really... !!

  • PlzListenToRonald

    This is epic. When I saw your yt videos I just couldn't get enough. I always get a good and warm feeling inside when I see you jam out. It is the most plesant feeling I have ever felt. To see somebody who is doing something that he truly loves just makes me so happy. Keep going Ronald.

    A true fan.

  • By the words of Johnny Cash "He spoke to me with a voice so sweet, I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel's feet." the voice... being Ronald's music!

  • Can't remember the last time I was so excited for a CD release! Take your time but please give us another snippet!

  • Amazing. SO excited for your next CD! A friend recently asked who I'd see in concert if I could see any artist/band from any time period. I immediately said "Ronald Jenkees!" and then thought...wait. Is he planning on touring? Are you? I hope so!

  • HAHA!! Immediately makes me smile and start bobbing to the beat. Keep this medicine comin'!

  • Ronald, I just wanted to say your music is amazing dude, was listening to Trifonic Radio on Pandora and your track Super-Fun came on and blew my mind. Soon after I bought every album you have from iTunes.

    As a musician for over 15+ years I can really appreciate the heart and soul you put into every one of your tracks. Keep it up! This is another sick track.

  • Can't wait for the new CD. This jam is great. I'd love to purchase this one now. ;-)

  • Mr. Jenkees.

    You are a true musical champion and a literal figurehead of awesomeness for those of us who truly enjoy musical talent. The transition at 28 seconds just makes me get up and start dancing. I absolutely CANNOT wait for your next CD sir!

    Looking forward to the rest of your music!

  • Ronald, itS GREAT!
    HoW buy this track ?

  • My wife Say: "WHY you stoped this musik??, i like it" :-)

  • Dude, seriously stellar. Best new song i've heard. This is gonna make it rain

  • As soon as I hit the play buton I knew the song was going to be BOSS!!!!

  • This song has so much potential, I must hear more!

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