more RJCD3: From the Arrow Loop

I hope your holidays are filled with fun tunes and good times. Here's some more newnew for that RJCD3. HAHA. I got ready to post this 3 hrs ago and just kept working away on it. Thanks a million for soundcloud/facebook/whatever comments on these tunes I've been posting. I read them all and I'm super-thankful for them.

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  • Dude this is great. Can't wait for the new CD! BUT DUDE, WHY YOU NO UPLOAD ON YOUTUBE? We miss you man!

  • Keep posting the amazing material! Everyone is looking forward to RJCD3!!!

  • I wish I could know the exact date RJCD3 will be coming out. I would like to have a countdown for when my mind will be exploded.

  • Ronald man this new tune is also freekin' sick ! Man you are the LAWD of music !! We really wait for the RJCD3 !!!! Keep up the good work man ! Because as you've said : music is fun !

  • This stuff is amazing man! I can't wait for the 3rd CD; it's going to blow my mind! Keep up the excellent work, it's awesome!!

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    I feel like I'm drowning in...awe. This makes imagine myself having an out of body experience...thanks for the early Christmas present Ronald!

  • My reaction to every update:

    Can't wait for RJCD3 Jenkees.

  • Christmas coming early. Great sound.

  • Awesome sound but it needs more cowbell... LOL Love your music!

  • Awww man that is tight! Straight from space. Keep them coming. Can't wait to BUY the new album, release release release!

  • Ronald, your songs are amazing. Such unique energy! I listen to them when I run. I listen to them on the train. I listen to them just for fun. In tough times they revive my brain. (I'm in school and keep taking "Jenkees" breaks while writing papers. Write a page, reward myself with some awesome sound. Repeat!) Your music is essentially my green eggs and ham. Tastes good anywhere. Yes, that's cheesy, but it's the best analogy I can think of.

    Keep the magnificence coming! Can't wait to buy your next CD :)

  • Tbh I dont like this song as much as the others. I am still a great fan and really looking forward for the next CD but I am not blown away by this toon.

  • This tune was so you Ronald! Love it and keep up the good work!

  • Awww shiiiiiet you're still alive!
    Thanks for the upload Ronald.

  • I like it, however some of the percussion is too loud. For me it sounds like construction noises are all the way over the actual tune almost continuously.

  • As always, fantastic stuff!
    My favorite is still "Gold Spinners". Wish it were longer, though. Any chance of an extended version in the future?
    Lookin' forward to buying the next album when you put one out.
    Btw, on another work marathon and using your tunes to keep me motivated. =)
    Stay your cool self Ronald!

  • good stuff man. Keep it coming. Or better yet, release the CD already! Or upload a YouTube video or something. PLEASE!!!

  • Amazing my friend.. I Just heard a tune of you in pandora this afternoon for the first time and caught my attention. You have a gift of create great music, keep doing what your doing!!

  • Can't wait for RJCD3.. Keep up the good work, when it's out I'd buy all 3 of your CDs :) Hopefully you will still be signing them by then.
    Magnetic Moment is amazing, cant wait.... :D

  • really good jenks cant wait to buy some copies of cd3,I was hoping I could get some before christmas for some awesome gifts but its all good im more than willing to wait it out.Keep jammin man

  • Can't wait for CD3 but I agree, it would be nice to see you blow up your keyboards on youtubes soon!!! #real talk

    Thanks for all the great Music RJ, Happy 2012!

  • Missing your videos and cannot wait for CD3 too bad I won't get it signed as I got the other 2 already :)

  • hey man i just recently discovered your amazing music. You are such a talented individual and was very excited to see that you had a website!! lookin forward to your third cd and the first two as well!!!!!

  • already sold on your next album. Just wish i could know the release date?

  • hey dude.. why you leave us dry for 3 years on youtube? i hope its not because you want to make more money off mp3 sales so you stopped showing music on there.. remember where you got your popularity, dont walk away from it

  • It would have nothing to do with trying to make money off of .mp3 sales - think about it for a second, if he wanted to make more dough that route, if anything he would post MORE videos on YouTube (by far a larger audience then this site can draw) and link them to here. If anything, not YouTubing hurts sales.

    That being said, I really wish we could see more RJ on YouTube. I know you're busy with the studio and such, I'm sure, but I'd hate to see you lose out on a bunch of fans unsubscribing or something, thinking you'd quit posting. RJ on the 'Tubes...definitely missed!

  • @me

    I want to see more videos too, but don't be stupid mate. if money was of that importance to him, he wouldn't take this stance on music sharing:

    "If someone has no way of paying for my music, or if it's "against their religion" to pay for anything digital (LOL), whatever the reason, I'd personally rather those people be able to enjoy my music rather than to not hear it at all. I'm not going to give a tutorial on how to download torrents of my album (google it, it's simple stuff) but I'm also not going to hate on anyone that downloads my music or shares it with a friend."

  • Я влюбилась в музыку. Это-талант!!!

  • As always amazing! Long for sd3 and some videos from u on utube)

  • and also, can u name even approximately the date of releasing cd 3

  • Dude, just heard stay crunchy on disorganized fun. U rock man.

  • ronaldo, please release the new CD soon

  • Can't wait for the new album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me neither.

  • Come ooooon CD#3!
    Still patiently waiting.. and checking the site daily. :p

  • Need some more tunes man! I love your music!

  • Loooooooooooooooovely. :-)

  • One of your songs almost made me cry. xD
    first time i've been able to call music beautiful.
    although i've run into a problem. I can't turn my volume any higher
    Need to see you live. a concert for you would be insane

  • I was just exposed to you through Sequence. After playing for 15 hours, I never got tired of your music. I've never heard this style before, and it's quite impressive. In fact, the first time I ever danced in a chair was when playing Disorganized Fun for the first time.

  • My volume is at MAX!! And its still NOT LOUD ENOUGH!!!

  • This has to be one of the most awesome tracks ever laid by man. Good work Mr. Jenkees! Can't wait for the new CD.

  • I've been missing RJ on youtube, so I went looking for him elsewhere and got here. I'm actually kind of happy it took me so long to get here, since I would have been dying in anticipation that much longer if I heard these tracks sooner. Out of all of the samples on the site, this one and Magnetic Moment are my favorites. I just love how the sound is so full and powerful. Soooo can't wait to buy RJCD3.

    P.S. - Still missing you on youtube Ronald. If you ever have the time or desire, there's a lot of us out there that'd love to see you again in a new video!


  • Hello Mr. Jenkees,
    I am a recent student of film and a long time lover of music. I would love to use this amazing song in my next film, but I would never do so without permission. I've never tried contacting an artist in this way so forgive me if I am going about this in the wrong way. Please contact me if you would consider allowing me to use it.

    BTW... Excellent tunes and I especially love this one. If you would like to see my latest project you can find it on my youtube channel, Airsy009. The film is called "Dead Uprising".

    Thank you,

    Eric Freeman (

  • Oh my god!!! when is your next CD??? I can't wait!!!

  • Ok, this track should perk up every video game developers ears. I can see this easily fitting into some video game and a developer paying you handsomely for this track....

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