Mega Mushroom by Patrick Watson (feat. Ronald Jenkees) on iTunes

A fella by the name of Patrick Watson sent me a tune he made in FL Studio and asked me to mix/master it as well as to put my style on it. I don't get to do this kind of thing much with album work happening but his tune reminded me so much of Mario Kart that I couldn't pass it up. Mario Kart puts me in a good mood so even though it took me way longer than I thought it would, it was a blast. When it was all done, Patrick renamed the track Mega Mushroom. Whatta cool guy. HAHA

The track is part of a soundtrack for an independent film called Polypore and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

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  • Nice! Love me some mario kart ;D

    Whats the ETA on RJCD3, we're dyin here!

  • Amazing as one expects from you. Made my night!

  • Ronson, bro, you did right by this Patrick kid. This track is a pleasure to listen to.

  • Awesome work Ronald !!!
    It would also be great if you share some videos on youtube for us ! :)
    Anyway THANKS for this cool tune and hope to hear from you soon !

    One of your biggest fans, Mike !!

    Cheers and many greetings from Romania (Transilvania) !!

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    SO DIFFERENT! YET STILL AWESOME! Nice re-construction! It really sounds awesome! Reminds me of the psychedelic rainbow road from F-Zero X and still comes with that nnrsnm feel of trance and light dub-step combined!TO THE KING! ( We need more youtubes, Ronald! ) LOVE'YA!

  • Hey Ronald, Nice tune, was wondering if this will be on RJCD3? In any case i love your work and great job! Keep it up.

  • Mario Kart. You and Me. Let's go.

  • Bought. Great job once again, Mr. Jenkees! :)
    Looking forward to your next album! I want to tell you to rush on it, so I can hear it sooner.. but take your time. Perfect it!

  • have to say that there are a lot of your `ine of your geatest fans`) and i`m aone of them) and again perfect, like allways) long for the album
    Also a lot of greetings from Ukraine )

  • I'm hearing more and more people bump your s*%t, but I can tell you that we're all in agreement on one thing - WE NEED ANOTHER ALBUM, MR JENKEES! Keep up the amazing work.

  • Ronald - When will you tour?? Dan

  • Ronald,
    Having you give us another glimpse into your musical genious was the best birthday present (October 20) I could have asked for. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day. Thanks!

  • It is sooooo neat that you are on a soundtrack, Ronald, but look at where the time has went! I and everyone else expects you to follow a trend of releasing an album every two years as was set forth by the duration of time from your first album to your second. Disorganized Fun was released in 2009. Its 2011, with two months left. DONDE ESTA!!!!!!!! Oh, what am I saying! I can't rush genius! Take your time Ronald, but take heed to this advice: people don't like to wait.

  • Just bought this one on Amazon. Nice!

  • So awesome as usual. When is the new album coming out???? My ears are going through RJ withdraw.

  • Pyrchased. Love.

  • The OMUS Cartographer


  • So you took on a project from this guy because his song reminded you of Mario Kart and that made you happy. That's the kind of thing that only happens when your music isn't driven by money and sales, and that's why you'll continue to be happy in your craft. Props.

  • RJ what up!
    How good your music is, and i can wait for RJCD3
    But in my opinion RJ on his best is when hes jamming on his keyboard!
    So much fun!

    Still feel like recording yourself when jamming?
    Anyways keep it up, hope to hear from you soon!

  • not related to the topic, but you shouldthink about putting a tour together, because ik some venues you would blow the roofs off of

  • Jenkees,

    I've been into electronic music for years and yesterday was the first day I heard anything you've created. This is some of the best music I have heard, EVER. My hat goes off to you and your musical talent. I will be actively seeking your next album. Happy Holidays and take care!

  • hey jenks just stoppin by to to remind you im still waitin for that CD to drop my man....goodluck to you

  • When will RJCD3 be ready? I discovered you a bit late and wanted to buy the two firsts but you came and anonced a third so I'm waiting to et all three of them at the same time but I'm diying to get the two firsts!!!

  • Nice work Ronald. I've been kind of a passive listener and never really got INTO your stuff. But after seeing more recent things, I really got into it. Now I've been tinkering around getting into music development myself, maybe as a career, or at least as a hobby.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Alright dude. You're past due for another hit. Or I can wait another month as long as the next post is the NEW ALBUM RELEASE!

  • Hey are you looking for an apprentice your style is face punching me. I'm I'm NYC.

  • Hi Ronald I just wanted to let you know I love your music, and you seem like an honest person.
    Thanks for letting us enjoy your creativity. Hope someboy realizes how talented you are and you can live and make money out of this.
    Best regards.

  • Dude! Keep up the good work! I love your music! I'm waiting to buy the next album! Amazing songs! Can't wait!!! You have to release the next album!! :) I'm craving!!

  • Believe it or not, there was a day when the name of Ronald Jenkees simply did not draw much recognition. The mind boggles at the thought, for how did did ANY of us...properly function as we maneuvered down that foggy one way road called Life? Was it any wonder we were going so slow?

    And then suddenly, as if on if double-time was just a bad if we could eat Froot Loops straight out of the box all of our days...there he was, shining in our midst like the glare of a white-hot sun.

    Oh, in those days you had to just catch a glimpse and then look away. He burned too brightly then, his Rocket Ship of Love blazing a blinding trail across the heavens that shamed every shooting star that ever shot.

    Youtube was the womb that bore him. Yes, and some say Bill Simmons was the attending physician who brought him forth. But, unlike all the Great Ones who have shined briefly during their time upon the Earth, Ronald Jenkees arrived footloose, functional and fully formed.

    Straight out of the box he was scaring up a game of Balderdash. He was hunting birdsnakes, trapping spiders, and disposing of cigarettes like he'd always been here. When he revealed the ideal laundry configuration, demonstrated the most technically correct double snap kick ever executed on film AND showed off his new car stereo whilst preaching against riding dirty...ALL IN ONE GLORIOUS SIX MONTH TIME PERIOD...well, we were ready to march off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings if he'd given the word.

    But he'd hardly touched the throttle, my friends. We know that now. That's when the music came. That's when we understood why he was revealed to the world. We'd never heard or seen anything like him before. No one had. Every single video he was wearing another kind of hat. He said "youtubes" and "internets" and insisted the only reason he even played music was because it was fun!

    Imagine that. We'd never seen an un-tortured musical genius before. Pretty soon he was being interviewed on the video...then he was being interviewed live on television. People like Katy Perry plugged him on her website, Papa Roach entreated him to come to the studio whilst they recorded. You see, it wasn't just us. It was everyone. Even the haters couldn't look away, couldn't help but be moved by his sheer transcendence of space, time, and living tissue.

    Every musical release bogged down the internet like a brownout rolling through southern California. His website nearly locked up every single day with his fans begging him for new material, for just a crumb from the Table of Love at which Ronald composed his musical offerings.

    Two CDs came and went. Accolades, tears, euphoria, head bobbing and everything else that came with the music came and went. And then nothing.

    Oh, a post here and there, snatches of brilliance offered as an opiate to his public, the teeming masses that surfed by his site every day hoping for a glimpse of his majesty. The doubts started to surface. Concerns for the well-being of the king were expressed.

    Whither Ronald? Have we seen the end of his singular talents? Oh, how sad. How soon they forget. For just as Ronald once was not, and then he was, someday soon these lean and sparse days of drought shall be not, and in their place there will be something the likes of which this planet has never seen. The wonder, the beauty, the utter transforming power of CD3.

    Can you hear it? The faithful know it's there, crouching low into the future just off to the side. It's not time yet, but it will be. And in that day Ronald will wipe away every tear, frustration and doubt that anyone ever had about his ability to come through.

    Wait for it, you fans of Ronald Jenkees. Bate your breath and wait. Those faint footsteps belong to the Maestro, and when his shadow crosses the threshold, you will not be disappointed.

  • (When) will you (ever) come back on YouTube? Your videos give/gave me so much inspiration... :^(

  • Some more newnew! Its exactly what I wanted for xmas!

  • love this one :>

  • Your music inspires me. Just the best!

  • Wie stabil sind eigentlich solche Rutschauto?

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