RJCD3: Magnetic Moment

Some more of the newnew! This one is very new, actually. What you're hearing is almost all of what I've got on it so far but I'm overdue for sharing something and I wanted to share something fresh. Hope you dig it! Thanks a million for checking it out!

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  • Ronson. Bro. You continue to catch me off guard. FRESH, bro. Excuse me while I repeat this clip again. And again.

  • This is sounding great, so fun!

    I would give anything for you to put up a finished version of "7 Times" as a downloadable promo single or something, man... I can't tell you HOW many times I've listened to the 47 second clip on soundcloud. I love it so much. I can't WAIT to hear the whole thing.

  • This is quite, quite exceptional. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

  • thank God. I needed my RJ fix. I've been suffocating for the past 2 and a half months

  • Loving it. I'm glad you posted something again. I was about to go CRAZY! XD
    Keep up the good work, Jenkees.. waiting anxiously to hear your next CD.

  • "Like" button! Great job Jenks!

  • Came home from work, visited the site. And here ...... Yupppi!!!!!!!!
    From Russia with Love!!!! :)

  • You are the most diverse in silico musician alive.

  • Awesome dude ... i will be the first who will buy it when it out :)

  • I almost jumped off my chair when I saw that you posted something. Can't wait for the new CD, everything sounds great so far!

    Greetings from Sweden.

  • Yoww! Ronald this last tune is just freaking sick ! Just like your other songs, simply amazing ! I replayed and replayed over and over all your music samples from Music Cloud and just can't have enough of your music, I just long for your 3rd CD !

    All the good things and greetings for you from Romania !(Transilvania)

    One of your biggest fans, Mike !

    Cheers !

  • By god I just about had a heartattack. I thought RJCD3 was called Magnetic Moment, that was a download link.

    Mr. Jenkees, please please please I want to give you money in exchange for this album. Very badly. The sooner the better!

  • Oh snap!

    Seriously though we need some videos.

  • Good to hear another awesome tune from you again! I can't wait to buy the new album once it hits!!

  • You are sick amazing RJ!!!!

  • This was absolutely stunning. I listened to this countless of times and i just love it to death. I cant wait for your new album i will be checking every single day for new leaks and information. Thanks for the update!

  • Love this beat, so much emotion, so intense. Can't wait for more! :D

  • RONALD~! you are my hero and inspiration.

    Been blaring your music all summer. Looking forward
    to this beefy, juicy, and downright badass third album.

    Keep it up brotha!

  • Come by daily to stream it. Awesome. Need a full length track (any song will do!)

  • Damn this is hot. Can't wait until this album comes out. Can't wait to bump this in my car!

  • yes thankyou ron i needed this

  • Ha, did you expect anything less? Every time RJ posts something, it causes brown-outs in 44 states and makes people everywhere curse themselves for not buying more RAM for their computers. At this point RJ really has no more charted territory on which to plot his course; he's so far above everyone else that he's on his own. He's strutting through undiscovered country now, hacking and blazing a trail through a future so thick that only his unique sound can cut through. He is composing the background music to the 21st century, propelling us forward while at the same time leading us on up to heights the human race could never achieve without him. The very fabric of language itself is strained to the breaking point in trying to describe what he means to the Milky Way galaxy, to say nothing of Earth itself. All hail the King of these internets and the beats thereof!

  • Ronald, you never seize to amaze me! This tune is f-ing awesome, unlike anything I've ever heard from you. I love the WOB WOB WOB in this one, it sounds so happy too!

    Thanks for the update. It's always a breath of fresh air when you post an update, it's hard holding your breath for almost 3 months, you know!

    Good luck working on the rest of your CD, I know it's going to be epic when it drops!

  • Ron, you do amazing work.

    Please continue as long as it makes you happy.

    I'm pretty sure we'll all be right there with you.

  • im your number 2 fan. after the guy who posted the awesome paragraph about you.

    you rock


  • The OMUS Cartographer

    TALK ABOUT A MAGNETIC MOMENT!!! This is was really makes you feel "THUNDER-STRUCK!" A TRUE, TRUE TITLE! A Magnetic Moment is EXACTLY what I EXPERIENCED when I listened to this! THE EXCITEMENT! THE SUSPENSE! THE ENERGY! Forget what the scientists say! We all now know what REALLY keeps the Earth safe from solar flares! MAN I FEEL LIKE A GOD WHEN I LISTEN TO THIS!!! If say Zeus, god of the gods, were a master musician, RONALD JENKEES would be the equivalent to the god of Zeus! May Zeus try and strike me down with lightn'n, I'M SAFE! Again and again, you destroy the boundary we call THE last frontier in audible world. We think it impossible, and right now, YOU BREAK THE VERY BOUNDARIES OF META-PHYSICS!!! Take that Einstein! TAKE THAT SCIENCE! We're move'n PAST THE SPIRITUAL REALM! While other musicians rank a , your score is so high! YOU KNOCKED THE EIGHT OVER!!!

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    --Excuse the erred post--While other musicians score a one to ten, your score is so high, YOU KNOCKED THE EIGHT OVER!!!!!!!! Ronald, you are the only one who can give someone an adrenaline rush while they are sitting! ANYONE! GOD GAVE US EARS FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY "SIXTH SENSE"! MR. JENKEES just gave us the ENHANCED ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SENSE! The lines were true "the platinum in my hand" was your second album! But when I get my hands on RJCD3 (AWESOME! CAN'T WAIT!) comes out, I'll have PAINITE in my hands instead! If this is what the *normal* music sounds like, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RAP! As I am running out of material, I assure everyone, Mr. Jenkees is not. Just wait for RJCD4...if you can!!! *wink,wink* For now, I'll let the music speak for itself!

    ...seriously Ronald, YOUR YOU-TUBES NEED YOU!!!

  • Got Jenkees?

  • I seriously can't wait for the 3rd CD now...I'm going nuts until I get it..

  • This is eargasm for me.


  • Almost there! I'm guessing a release date of the album on like the last day of December. AND AWESOME TRACK. Very metally sounding indeed.

  • Its like sex for my ears. RJ is #1

  • Can't wait for it, keep up the good work!

  • Hey Ronald,

    Glad to see you are still working on your next album. Can't tell you how much your music helps my creative moments or busting a new trail on my mountain bike. Keep making music that moves people.

  • fan for life right here jenkees. I love hearing your music evolve-I smile everytime I hear it!

  • After listening to all the snippets you've released so far, I've come to the conclusion that CD3 will become the best album you've ever made and surely one of the best albums released in years. Hopefully someday I'll get the honor to work with you.

  • Holy crap that's good. Almost Stay Crunchy good. Or Clutter good. I can't wait for the new album.

    Its funny: I've converted most of my friends over into Jenkees fans now. All because they heard me studying to Throwing Fire one day.

  • Its only appropriate that the song title has to do with magnets, because RJ is a miracle.

  • I love it sir!! i miss your youtube vids too they were awwsssssoommme

  • This is so sick - I love it, can't wait for the whole song! Hope you're doing well, Murray needs a live Jenkees show soon. :)


  • Cant wait till your a star!

  • Jenkees... lovin the new stuff! Gotta get together! I call you asap! Peace!

  • Oh. My. Gosh. dude you are amazing, so incredibly talented. i'm in awe. please keep the world in progression from your music. you truly are gifted... in mass abundance

  • waiting for your album!..
    will wait for the album to be shipped to my house..

    CANT wait to play it.

  • If this track doesn't make him a star I don't know what well. Instant smile across my face, so so infectious ... god, wonderful and brilliant music to my ears.


  • You're the MAN Ronald. Never stop doin what you do, brutha

  • I listen to your music a lot. It brings me great happiness. If only you knew how much you inspired me. Keep it coming, brother!

  • Ronald give us a new album!!1!!11

  • Please inform us on your progress!

  • Mr. Jenkees, AMAZING TRACK SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop playing it!!!!

  • Mr. Jenkees in always in beast mode! Big up!

  • Ronald this clip is so sick, I can't wait for the new album!

    Start making YouTube videos again, PLEASE!

  • Excellent!

  • Hey Ronald, I discovered your music through Pandora recently. I immediately bought both of your albums and haven't stopped listening the past couple of days. You're stuff is really amazing!! Anyhow, I don't usually write musicians, but your passion and humility is really inspiring. Keep jamming! I look forward to your next album!!

  • I have had the same ring on my phone for the last five years. It has now changed. Ronald Jenkees = Crushing it

  • I honestly think that you could produce some absolutely amazing dubstep beats. You are a prodigy my friend, and I want to more of your work. Keep it real Ronald.

  • Bad-f'n-ass. All there is to say.

  • So tired of everything I've heard before, I came here hoping for something fresh from my youtube hero. Now having heard 38 seconds of this, nothing I listen to next will compare. And the mystery of what the rest of this song sounds like will haunt my dreams as well as my waking hours until your next CD comes out. Please tell me you've left the keys to your computer to someone you trust will put up all your songs on the net in case an F-14 drops on you!!

  • Dude... Very nice. I can't wait for the new album. I'm in RJ deficit for sure.

  • heard about you through Pandora. First song i heard was "Guitar sound". Reminds me of old Eric Johnson tracks where he would shred it on the 6-string. Just discovered you today and can't wait to absorb all of your work.
    Merry Christmas, Jenkees. Thanks for your musical presents :)

    You have something very special and rare, dude.
    Rock it out.

  • Hey Ronald,

    In March or April of 2008 I was browsing the internets and I came across your YouTube video of Disorganized Fun. Having used Fruity Loops in the past and being a fan of creating my own beats just for fun I was instantly inspired and amazed at the creativity and talent that you have my friend. Browsing your YouTube catalog and website made me purchase your first CD and await your second CD patiently. I would show any family and friends that I came in contact with how amazing your beats are. When your second CD came out I bought it on the first day.

    Since then I have done more with FL Studio and purchased an iPad and spent countless hours using GarageBand and I understand how you can get sucked into creating sounds and beats and when that perfect sound comes together and you feel in your heart and soul that you have a beat that you are proud of there is no better feeling in the world. I also understand how hard it is creating a beat you love into an actual song with riffs and building into and out of the actual beat. After you finish building a beat into a song I also understand how difficult it is to start a new song that doesn't sound too much the same like another one and doesn't have too much of the same structure as the others. The reason I am such a big fan of yours is because your creativity and the amount of work I know that goes into each sound and beat. The work is tireless and yet you keep on doing it anyway.

    The reason I am writing this is because I know when one of those sounds just completely clicks and is above and beyond every other beat and at that moment you know you have created something special. When I first heard Disorganized Fun I felt that feeling and when I first heard Stay Crunchy I also had that feeling, and I get the same vibe from this clip, which I have already listened to 40-50 times. Magnetic Moment, to me, is an incredible beat that I can't wait to hear finished and I know you don't release anything until you are satisfied with it's sound.

    Congratulations on the first two CD's and I'm patiently awaiting the 3rd and I just want to thank you for doing what you do, keep it up and I will keep supporting you, just like many others do the same. You are a gift to the music community and I hope you and your family have a happy and relaxing holiday.


  • Ronald, this track is amazing. Hearing it provides my brain with so much pleasure, it's almost like a drug. It reminds me of the first time I discovered your music; it was Disorganized Fun that made me feel that way too. But really, all of your tracks are so astounding. I love every one of them and have listened to every track on both of your CDs so many times.

    You are so talented and I cannot wait for CD3!


  • This is soooo super cool haha! I am so stoked for your new album!!! You have an amazing gift dude!! CHeers!

  • woooooaaah, RONALD!!! amazing! :D

  • Hey Ronald...
    I hope you get this message... Why on earth are you keep putting these freakin' trunks of tracks out to the site??? Rather just finish the 3rd CD... It has been just taking soooooo long. This is not cool, don't overthink, just do it man!!! We are eagerly waiting, and I don't want any more bits, I want the whole thing!!! Seriously, dude!
    And one more thing if you don't mind... rapping is not your thing, forget it, stay with the synt... with that, you are more than genious, with the rapping... well, worst than mediocre, and I even try to be polite!!!

    I am rude, I know, but I am a fan!!! The first two CDs are simply awesome (of course, without the rapping tracks, those are junk)

    Keep up the geniousness, and finish it, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please please please make this longerrr!!!

  • Thanks for publishing your music, its a breath of fresh air, I hope you can gt mainstream, I think it would be awesome to hear you play in concert. You are like a one man funk explosion and all your music I have heard is exciting and happy, THANK YOU for a positive influence to a mostly depressing industry, may you be Blessed with all the right doors opened to acheive whatever it is you are working for in life.
    thanks again Mr. Jenkees, ;)

    Carl T Davis

  • You're the best! I listen to your music all the time :)

  • Magnetic moment. Its a tune i'd like to try to use with some stuff about the sun. Jut wondering if you're around to chat. my skype name is Owen.Higgins or email me. I've done alot of work on liveleak.com and used a name called dragonsun at one stage. Now on youtube again.

    I deal in solar physics, magneto gram




  • Since we're almost at a year since this was posted - can you maybe post us a half-tack of this? Or (and I'm sure some people will agree) something we can at least loop until your album drops :)

    It sounds AWESOME!

  • Yo I've been a long time fan, loved watchin you jam out on the ole triton I believe it was. Anyways gotta say your music is just gettin better and better, love this tune. Keep up the good work, really looking forward to your new CD, peace.

  • Love what I'm hearing so far keep it up man :)

  • Добрый день Рональд! Я сегодня услышала вашу музыку, Превосходно, Браво. Вы большой талант. Спасибо Вам за музыку, за ваш позитив!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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