Early Morning May, part 2

Moar newnew!!!!!! Thanks for listening! Hope you like it.

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  • Hi Ronald,

    Like many others I wanted to check in and see if there were any updates on your 3rd album. My Ronald Jenkees fund is burning a hole in my pocket.

    Look forward to your next album and hope all is well.

    Keep creating and have fun :-)

  • The OMUS Cartographer

    Why can't I view the rest of the comments?! That's one of my favorite things to do while listening to your music Ronald!

  • Jenkeeeeeees!!
    I must.. have.. some kind of news... >_<
    I've been checking your website on the daily since this last update!!

  • Yeah any kind of update would be so nice man ive also been checking your blog on a daily basis im dieing for some more newnew

  • Jenks' you gotta youtube these new beats man. I absolutely love your new stuff it is really cool when you do videos for the Newbies.....me likey keep it up bro

  • R Jeknees when is your next album coming out!?!? I listen to your music everyday while i work, your stuff is amazing! Keep up the good work, and if your cd isn't done yet thats fine. I would rather wait and have amazing stuff that you are known for than some really quick stuff- then yet again your really quick stuff is REALLY good... like everything...

    Show us your work, or get on youtube again please! give us something!

    your music is amazing man. keep it up.

    my motto to you: Do Work.

  • I love this bit so much .It's been on repeat for like a week now! So much energy, it makes my whole day better.

    So pumped for RJCD3!!!

  • This would've been the best thing i've ever heard if it wasn't for those 2 CDs you released ;) Keep it up RJ. And take your time, don't feel pressured. The music is all about you having fun, we're just lucky we can get a taste every now and then :).

  • So,so, so, sick!!!! Keep it up and I'll keep listening.

  • Why hasn't there been any youtube uploads since '08? :( xxx







  • Can this please be a full song?!?! I would pay for it in a heartbeat.

    Don't tease me!

  • Many thanks for your remarkable creativity, and positive music! "Early morning of May, a part 2" madly is pleasant, very much I wait when there is a full version, I hope for it) Creative successes to you and happiness :)

  • SICK!!!!!

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