Sidetracked with a new tune

Got sidetracked last week with something new after I downloaded the updated FL Studio 10. Things are good when working (playing) on a new tune is more important than sleep. LOL. This one really threw me off my sleep schedule.

I want to save the rest for CD3, but here's the start of it.. Thanks a ton for listening!!!

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  • not one of your beats have been dull! how do you do it???

  • So good! I'm stoked for the full version of that track. My fave so far!

  • Hurry up and TAKE MY MONEY

  • This is gonna be an epic disc when it drops.

  • Ronald!!! hurry up and drop your CD, I cannot wait any longer. This song sounds amazing, makes me want the album even more!

  • Mr. Crunchy! My iPod says that I've played your first two albums a total of 609 times... More music please!

  • sick sick sick!!

  • Nice. I demand more YouTube stuff though, watching you do your thang was the thing that got me hooked. I miss that.

  • I'm with Mark, I'm jones'n for some youtube vids!!

    One thing is for sure I will be camping out with my sleeping bag at the head of the line to get your next album. :)

  • Should be a sweet release!!! :)

  • New CD... so anxious... to hear... >_>


  • Ron, that stuff is dope dude!!! Yew haw! What is so awesome about your tunes is that they make me feel different ways. I'm going through some tough things right now and this clip makes me feel like I gotta be tough amd fight through it all. Thanks for the inspiration this morning! It's started my day off right!!! Keep it up man!!

  • By the way... I am really hoping you follow suit and stick a couple raps on the end of cd3. I love those.

    I'm really stoked about this upcoming album! Don't get yourself sleep deprived though! We all want your best!!! :)

  • So glad you're back into producing music after your hiatus... I can't wait to get my hands on the new CD and I really hope you make some more YouTube clips as well.

    "Hello YouTubes!"


  • On another listen, track starts with such a solid jungle vibe for the first few...then drops this sick ass industrial beat on you...then around :22-:24 or so, it almost feels like 'late 80's cop/law drama' haha...what an amazing juxtaposition!

  • Dude, you've gotta make more youtube clips. Watching you play (improv especially) is equally as good as listening to your CD's.

  • I keep coming back to listen to this track...
    We won't talk about just how many times I've listened these 15 measures...

    Where do I preorder? (:

  • My god, if I had the money Id buy both of your CDs right now :)

  • I want more



  • I believe you need a pre-order section for this album, sir. :P

  • Glad to see activity again! Even tough obviously you have been busy! Loving the stuff! Can't wait for the new CD!

  • Why arent you making youtube videos anymore!?!?!?!??

  • Ronson, bro, this track is special. All your tracks are special but this one is hot and special. Ronson is back in the house with hot and special beats. Life is good.

  • I usually hate that kind of wobbly computerized stuff that pretty lights and dubstep use a lot but you really made it work here, good stuff

  • Pressing Play after every 37 seconds gets tiring, but not this beat...

    Nicely done!

  • Oh and we need more "Hey You Tubes" !!!!!!!!!!

  • Stumble upon your videos on YouTube while looking for a great music channel to add to my website through the use of RSS so more videos can be embedded onto my website. I've to say, you are awesome musician. I love your beats and whatever you do with your pianos. Looking forward to see you release many more videos on your youtube channel!

  • *thumbs up*

    And I concur with the idea that you should try and add a video or two on to youtube!~ Bring back the inspiration you once showed us

    Take it easy~

  • Promising would be suuuch an understatement...

    This track could become for your third album, what GUITAR SOUND has been for the second one. A timeless masterpiece!

  • Hey comeback to youtube we want to see you ;)

  • Ron, I think it's safe for me to say that we are ALL super excited for cd3. I think you are an amazing artist and individual who inspires us all through your hard work and dedication to your music. It's obvious your tunes are getting deeper and more complex with each new album you put together.

    But please please please don't forget that the RJ we all fell in love with wasn't only the RJ who makes amazing music, it's also the RJ that let us peek into his world through his videos online.

    I can honestly say that part of the RJ experience was watching you work and do your thing for us on YouTube. And for me, it's what made me connect with your music even more! I felt like I got to know who you are by watching you online. It was sooo refreshing that you showed us who Ronald Jenkees is instead of letting me concoct my own ideas of who you might be.

    Anyway, I appreciate the time you put into your music for the world to hear, but I think we'd all appreciate another look into your world again. Because seriously... This is really the big difference I can see between this album and your past ones. This time around we don't get to see the hard work you are putting into this album like you have in the past.

    (and it doesn't have to always be you playing... because your video of your Laundry Hack is f'ing brilliant!!! - That's the Ron we LOVE!!!!)

    Peace out.

  • come back to youtube(s). we miss you.

  • I love this new one. But come ON! 37 seconds of a song? WE NEED MORE! What happened, did you get a day job?

  • Where have all the haters gone? Is there no one left to take cheap shots at the King of All Keys? Look upon Ronald and weep, foul hating peoples of yesterday, for he has risen to heights that most mortals need a solid fuel rocket to reach. Can anyone massage the English language sufficiently to describe his transcendent worth? Lo, for he has surpassed his fellows and now walks among the elite, breathing that rarefied air of which we all dream, yet so few ever draw into throat and lung. Praise, praise for the New Mozart, the fresh life giving blood now coursing through the veins of that which we call Music. This blood is Type RJ positive, my friends, and the good news is that it's a match for every anemic musical soul in need of a transfusion today.

    Rejoice, my friends! Rejoice! Ronald Jenkees LIVES!!

  • I love the patience exhibited so far in the sample track. Admittedly, I was afraid you'd be falling behind from the musical curve given the long hiatus. In a way, the restraint briefly but still notably exhibited in the way the build-up works shows a degree of attention is being paid to the maturing of the public for your type of music. You're without a doubt a force in this type of style and I await with much anticipation (and dedicated funds) your next album. I, among many, can't wait sir!

  • Honestly I'm really looking forward to this next CD. I just leave my browser open and play these snippets over and over between working on assignments towards my degree. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world Ronald.

  • Love u man! I cant wait to hear the new album. Your music is the only music i can wake up to, party to, and sleep to!!! keep up the good work, ur music literally ridiculous and i <3 it

  • Luckily i made a paypal account so i can buy new album :)
    Please check out my youtube channeô if you have time :) its HaatoSK :)

  • So glad you are back and sharing with us! Would love to see more videos, your energy is infectious. Keep up the great work, can't wait to hear what's next!

  • When I told my son last night that the music you make is only made by one guy he said, "Wow! He must have like eight hands!". Ha! :) So when I told him you only had two he couldn't understand how you could do what you do with only two.

    Keep it up Ron!! Can't wait for cd3!

  • Love your works, Mr. Jenkees! Can't wait to hear more!

  • I cant wait for this to come out!! any ideas of a release date or pre-order? :-)

  • I LOVE you man. You are amazing. Please come to Minneapolis.

  • Hi Ronald,

    My son introduced me to your music about a week ago...I can't stop listening dude! Thanks for taking us on an amazing ride.

    Something to think about...You need to do a video DVD or live tour. You're amazing to watch.

    Looking forward to buying CD3 when it drops.

  • I want the new CD now! When are you done? Cant wait anymore :D

  • more!!!!!!! Can not WAIT until this is released!

  • I can't wait to see more *new* Ronald Jenkees YouTube. When he rocks double keys while changing programs on the fly... It's AMAZING!!!

  • Ronald,

    I'm a A&R Executives with a major label and have been a big fan of yours for some time. Naturally, I have been keeping a close eye, not only on your current material, which is just great by the way but your new unreleased snippets you are teasing the public with here of late.

    I would like to offer up some free advice, if I may, and remind you to always play to your strengths, i.e, you're piano composing and playing. I am not hearing much of that in your new material which quite honestly concerns me. While I understand artists grow and evolve overtime, the "Ronald Jenkees" sound that the public absolutely loves is 100% the passion behind your fingers. Remember that. Songs like "Stay Crunchy" and "Guitar Song" Just explode across the senses and give your fans / consumers a great listening experience that is truly unique. I personally believe with the right agent Ronald, you could get signed. A lot of that hinges on your 3rd CD.

    Remember, stay true to your strengths. DAW, Synths, Loops, Maschine, Plugins, absolutely will not carry you. Your keyboard, your passion, your brilliant ear, imagination should always be up front and center.

  • Ron doesn't want or need a record deal. He puts our what he wants to put out and that's the way I like it.

  • Well Mr A&R, I've followed other artists who stay true to what they do best and after awhile it gets boring. It's the same old same old syndrome. I loved Ron's first, then his Second blew me away with how much further he took it. So this third one ought to be something special! Its a lot of pressure for Ron cause he set the bar high for himself with Disorganized Fun, but if Ron just stays true to his motto of having fun then noone can go wrong. Sorry to disagree, i just don't see how can you really get an idea of what Ron is producing when he's only released a few snips of what he's got in the works? To me, it seems that it's premature to offer that sort of advice with little samples. Ron, just keep doing why you are doing, it sounds great!

  • man this is awesome; can't wait to hear more

  • A suit giving advice to The King? Perish the thought.

    RJ is going with what got him here: his gut. Finely tuned and pimped out, those guts have never steered him wrong and if he wants to spray burning keyboards all over his next CD, it's gonna light up the world.

    If he wants to go with an even hipper sound, well, that sound is gonna shock the world.

    Grown men will cry and strong women will feel faint once this next disc drops. You thought Y2K was gonna be bad? This event is going to shut down major cities and airports, melt all the ice cream and put a crispy finish on everyone's nose hairs while curling them back to the roots.

    RJ is Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har all rolled into one. He can't make a mistake, for whatever he does is the right thing to do, by definition.

    Long Live The King!

  • DUDE YOU ARE A STUD!!!!!! i cant wait for the new one but your old one are so good too :D :D :D

  • Man update your channel on YouTube with some new stuff!!

  • Record label - given what he has already delivered , you are a fool to tell him what to do, he is creative and his latest track sample sounnds like it could be the best track he has made so far..

    Ronald, you dont need a label, you have Real tallent, continue to make what you make- you dont need influence you just need a kick up the arse to release quicker :-) if you need anything, you need a vocalist and a writer to work with to extened your capabilitys to "POP" music which you could do easily
    .. (sorry for spelling, i've been drinking).

  • 7.18pm is actually 1.25am in UK time :-)

  • I noticed no new youtube videos, came here see you've got some stuff. Love your music! Can't wait for your next work!

  • Бесподобная музыка,очень приятно слушать.Радуйте ещё новыми треками))))

  • Hey,
    I know, there will be something great from the big silence.
    We are patient...and tuned. :)

  • Hey mang! I am a HUGE fan of your music!!! keep up the awsome work man! I enjoy all your tunes! I have all but one... String Jams#1 It's my favorite and even though String Jams#2 is very well done I cant help my self but play String Jams#1 over and over and over again! I really hope that you put it on your upcoming CD3 but if not could you Please!!!!! finish the that track or atleast loop it and put it up forsale on your site or Itunes or anyway that is possible for you I would be in debt 2 you... and from the comments I see on your youtube page for that song I know I'm not the only one. I do hope you get the chance to take this into consideration and possibly have the time to finish the track and post that its available! Your music is uncompared to anyone and really stands alone for it is Unreal! It's a must have for anyone! Thanks Ronald Jenkees for the time and hard work you put into your music we ALL apreciate it and will continue to follow you!

  • this kinda feels like a movie sound track

  • I want to say that you are extremely talented and gifted. Your music inspires me to pursue a career in what i love to do and that is beatboxing. If you would ever want to check out any of my music add me to facebook or i could leave a video in your blog. I hope you keep going and keep on releasing cds!

    I (we) want more!)

  • Holy hell Jenkees, whens the CD coming out? I'm (we're) dying with anticipation!

  • Hiya Ronald... been really enjoying your 2 albums for awhile now; even passed along your site url to MANY friends heh. Many of whom have purchased your albums as well. We've all agreed upon the admiration of your YouTube videos & how well you portray a true love & passionate personality for music :). Keep that positive vibe up man .... with all the negativity in the world, it's essential for some true positive vibes to emerge & remaining vigilant & constant in this crazy world.

    I personally hope you venture more into and/or produce some more tunes similar to your Guitar Sound tune on your Disorganized Fun album. LOVE rock-ish type self-produced stuff like that... a subtle hint to ya hehe ;). But keep on rockin man. Can't wait for your 3rd album :)

  • очень классная музычка!

  • Hi Ron, Big pleasure like all other time, please give us some more we are all waiting for you in France,

  • hey ronald what happend with your youtube videos????

  • Высший класс. Поражен и восхищен твоей музыкой. Так держать!

  • Hey Ronald,

    Hope all is going well on CD3...I'm ready to pre-order!

  • Hey did you know Ronald Jenkees music can make people fly? Don't believe me? Check out these two vids:


  • Hey Ronald just wanted to let you know that these beats are SICK!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say that your music speaks to people in so many ways. Keep fighting the good fight and keep making the music we all love!!!

  • I can't explain how STOKED I am that you've got another CD coming out! I love your work, and can't wait to hear more of it. You're a genius, and your music does wonders for me. Keep it up, please!!!

  • Where is the Flattrbutton DAMN!?

  • красавчик, что тут скажешь))

  • You really need to make this the theme song to some video game...Please, send this to EA or something...

  • I am so looking forward to your new album man :)

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