Early Morning May, part 1

HEYHEY I've got some NewNew! I have a lot of tunes in progress right now that have several different parts to them that need to be tied together somehow.  This happens when I work on a song one day, come back another day in a different mood and put new/different energy into it. It almost always happens that way for me. Maybe that's why some say my songs have songs within that song.

Anyways, this is a section of one of those songs, and it's the "minor" part (the way I think about major vs. minor: minor = serious, major = happy). It's very different from the other parts of the song. I'll share those soon too. Maybe I will have married the two parts by then.

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  • Awesome as always!
    Can't wait for what the future will bring! :D

  • Great stuff man! I love it!

  • Thanks for posting more stuff Ronald! We ALL really enjoy it.

  • Hell yeah man, made my Friday. Great stuff.

  • You have idea when the Album will be done? Can't wait, the first two were ridiculously good.

  • OMG you uploaded! I love this, too! I love you!!!! (in a completely non-sexual way, so don't worry) AWES000000000000ME!!!!!!! W00T W00T!

  • Ron, that is definitely some bass filled goodness! Can't wait to here the other pieces. Then to hear how you package them all up with a badass bow on the top!!! :) It's good to hear bits of what you've got going on. Have fun Ron!

  • Soundin' great man, keep it up!

  • You have some powerful stuff coming out of your brain and into these beats. The drop here is amazing.

  • waiting for the 2nd part

  • YESS! Mr. Ronald Jenkees is back! I was worried about you man, wondering where you vanished to, but I see you've been working on some more magic which is a relief.

    I can't wait to buy the new stuff. You're one of very very very few artists that I will gladly give my money to. Keep blowing our minds.

    Much love brother.

  • Mindblowing stuff, as always! My anticipation for your third album is at maximum. Also, let me say that you've really been an inspiration to me and my musical endeavors. Mixing together a collaborative song at the moment (think techno but with live drums, guitar and bass) and the flow could not be stronger!

  • We need some youtube vids Ronald! Advertise!

  • Come on Ronni...Youtube.. Thanks.

  • More! More! More! More! Finish another CD! More!

  • Please........Ronald..........quit teasing us with little samples! I dig your music way too much to be hearing such small portions, but take your time, dude! I hope you finish soon, but don't finish 'till you know it's gonna be FAN-FREAKIN-TABULOUS !!!

  • Thanks for posting, Ronson! I like this one a LOT. Do me a favor and post Part B ASAP. ;)

  • It's coming along great! I can't wait to hear the whole thing, but don't rush it. One of the best things about your music is the time you take to perfect it.

  • Hi! Nice to hear your stuff here — in Russia!
    Ronald, why don't you post any new video on YouTube? It is so great when you make some jamin' on video!
    I am waitin' for your jam on you tube!
    See ya!

  • Hey Ron, just wanted to say I like early morning may pt 1. Can't wait to hear the tune once you get the parts together. Keep rockin man!

  • Thank you for the post it made my week. Can't wait for the release. One of the best songs I have heard in a long time. If I have anything to say it will be that, I am sure all of your friends will agree with me when I say that you need to get back on YouTube with some more throwing fire disorganized fun type jams. Also, most of ur fan base on YouTube I am guessing do not check ur website as much as me so I really urge you to make one video on YouTube for you million plus fans. Been waiting a long time for your return and I glad and I with all your friends hope and know that your 3rd CD will be an amazing great success and we all look forward to your emerge in the music industry soon.

    That said, have a nice day! Peace! LOL!

  • Whoops I meant fans nit friends but what is the difference? Haha

  • SUPER DUPER COOL !!!!!!!

  • Love it ;)

    Look forward to some more epic tunes !

  • SO glad you are posting again! please keep us updated and toss up a youtubes video!!!!

  • Keep it up man! Stoked for the new cd!

  • Ronald! Hey brother, have you experimented with dubstep? You've got the talent and energy for it that's fo sure!!

  • I am so glad you're back, so glad.

    Also on a side note, I'm looking at getting a nice studio setup going and I wanna have a nice digital keyboard or synth going, anything you would recommend checking out.

    So glad you're back.

  • Please make a new video

    I'm ganna off myself if you don't :(

  • TrentDfunbeatmaker

    Watched an RJ utube video the other night before I fell asleep and had a dream I was RJ's roommate and he showed me how to play "guitar sound". Haha. Btw I'm buyn both ur cd's in a couple weeks.And thnx!, beacause of u I make beats on Reason5 now with the disorganized super fun beat style. Thnx! Life changer!

  • I missed you Ronald man, I missed you. I thought you dropped off the face of the earth, but you didn't. The sound is so good. So good. So good.


  • I like it! But i'd love to hear some energetic, driving, less-laid-back songs like Disorganized Fun and Stay Crunchy on the new album as well.

  • Awesome samples you have here! You never cease to disappoint with your creative variety. Very excited about what you will do with this next album.

    btw.. good to have you back

  • YEEEESSSS! I wonder if you realize how awesome you are. Anyway, how about some more youtube videos?? I think that's where a lot of the magic comes from. Your music is incredible, but YOU are even greater.

  • Christopher Farmer


    Never stop. Please.


    A Great Fan.

  • You should look into working with Karmin (also on YouTubes)

    Her voice + your beats would be heaven in my ears.

  • ae, Great stuff! From Russia with Love ;)

  • Sounds awesome, can't wait for the new CD!

  • Love your music! Waiting for more youtube videos and you third CD! Please never stop :)

    Keep it up,
    From India

  • Артем Высоцкий

    Translate in the translator:
    парень ты супер продолжай в том же духе и ты будешь знаменит во всем мире!!

  • Man your sound rocks. DON`T SELL your soul, no labels, no producers, and other commercial shit. Waitin` for your new tracks and beats.

    Greetings from Ukraine (Kyiv)

  • Make a contact section :) you have so many fans. Also you should be more active online because this is where you got famous, don't loose those people:)

  • keep at it bro, sounds pretty sick so far

  • Ronald your the best! I have both your CDs signed and I keep them hidden so they stay in great shape :) I am so happy your back just like the rest of us! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

  • This is some SERIOUS stuff!

  • Отличная компазицыя, молодец у тебя отличная музыка, а когда выйдет новый альбом жду с нетерпением?

    Sorry do not know much English

  • Love the C64 sound in this! Really works well. Drooling for new album!

  • Крутячок! респект парню) Like it!)

  • Really nice tune, would love if you put them on spotify

  • big ups to u ronald, ur shit is tight man.. i'm an emcee from australia and would love to do a collaboration with you mate, your a real talent and your beats are fire. Get at me mate, we should work somethin out. Have a good one cheif, check the website i left if you got the chance, we're an independent label based in Queensland, Australia. Peace cuzin

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