STS9 charity remix album, get it!

STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) - Peaceblaster (The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes)

Or click here to download in MP3 or FLAC directly from STS9. My track is second to last, but be sure to check the rest out.

This is a remix album that STS9 put together called Peaceblaster (The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes) - 100% goes charity. The STS9 collab thing I did on youtube is on this album.

Details on the charity can be found here. Basically, the sales go towards building some futuristic/green homes in some hard-hit areas of New Orleans. Katrina seems like a long time ago, but to anyone who's been there since, it's easy to see they still need help.

I think the whole album is awesome. If you like electronic music, there's a really good chance you'll dig the whole thing. Big thanks to those guys for helping a good cause and for including my collab tune on there. Too cool!!!

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  • your the best out there i love your music!!! ive been showing all my friends in franklin tn your vids and music and they all become addicted haha beyond right now remix is perfect you should do some more sts9 like shock doctrine thatd be sick we all talk about how insane itd be to see you live.. cant get enough of your music i wish i could jam like you keep blowing minds!!

  • yo man i just ordered your cd's. i hope they get here fast! love the music man! cant wait to listen to them all, keep it up dude

  • Where are you?

  • Haven't heard from Jenkees in over a year it seems. Where has he gone?

  • Dude, i loooooove you! Please come back to youtube! YOUTUBE NEEDS YOUR! YOU CURE BORDOM! ='[ AND YOUR THE NICEST GUY EVER!

  • JENKEES THE MAN!!! You will not believe this. I am a huge gamer and I went to youtube to see if any glitches where up so I went to the most random video and I hear this awesome techno, beat box, jazz like music and I go, "OMG this song is amazing. This is pretty much a must have song!" SOOOO, I go to the description of the video and there it is... Remix to a Remix by Ronald Jenkees. I copy and paste the name and fell in love with the song by listening to it over and over again 6 times in a row :D Then, on the right side where all the videos are, I see MORE music. I click on them and I just fell in love with the whole album. I get so excited that I search your name on youtube again and I clicked on one of your videos where your playing songs with the keyboard and stuff. I am AMAZED by the creativity you hold in you finger tips!! This is new generation music for crying out loud! WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD AREN'T YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!? Have you heard the crappy music they put on the radio these days? They may be good but they get worn out after listening to it 3 times max! Your music had impacted me in SSOOO many ways. For example, I'm listening to your music right now as im typing all of this. I listen to your music when im eating, working out, talking to people with one earplug in my ear, while I read, while im in the computer, AND EVEN WHILE IM WATCHING TV (YES, TV) also while im doing my homework. :) Also just want to throw this out there, I started playing the keyboard on January 22 of 2010 and Im still in the basics but thats why I admire you that much. The piano playing in your songs are the best part that I like about them. OH GOD it's like having an ORGASM!!! (im a boy by the way)!!!! Gold Spinners is MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the piano solo with the beat in the background and the jazz like type with the violins and the techno stuff is the most epic part about it!!! OH MAN I need to calm my self here. Here and now forever I will listen and tell everybody about your music. And please please please reply and I have one more question for you. If you dont want to answer thats fine by me but just hear me out... Can you.. give me the music sheet of the piano part for the Gold Spinners song?

    Thank You for reading my emotions and KEEP JAMING!! :D

    Respect from a Puerto Rican boy who lives in the US,

  • i love your music. you make me feel like you're along lost brother. Man I hope everthing is going well for you man. Your music is amazing!!!!!!!

    I am listening to clutter right now. OMG what an amazing song!

  • Hi RJ,

    Many thanks for this good cd's. Keep up the good work can't wait for the next.

  • What's your insipiration?

    The music is such a beautiful mix of modern and old can't stop listen to it, just amazing!

  • Dear Ronald Jenkees,

    We need more funk-tastic tunes! Your music is awesome, waiting on the next masterpiece!

  • Hey! U are the best, your music is amazing BUT where are u? You`ve just started your way in music and now you`ve gone... =(

  • Hi Ronald , I am here agian your friend from Brazil, How are things with you?I am waiting to get your CDs, have you come to Brazil to visit the other friend you told me you have here???
    well dude! I want the cd but tell me how to get it and pay through your site.

    God bless you friend!!

    keep your awesome work

  • Ronald, I like it very much ! Guitar sound,because i play guitar.nice music and imagination.

  • i m not a big rich man or i m not tat much into internet!! i m a guy from india now working in UAE .. i really amased and wondered about the talent that u have!! u make gr8 music tat makes me feel good all day!!atleast i m able to listen some of your videos in you tube!!

    u really r a gr8 key board master!! i salute u man!! keep makin wonderful music lik tis and keep making a wonderful life for music lovers lik us!!

    all the best man

  • Да блеать) я русский)))
    я не понял нислова что там написано...но он реальную музыку делает))))

  • Сool music! Plat hard go PRO!

  • Ronald,

    Looks like the purchase links for that Peaceblaster "Beyond Right Now (Ronald Jenkees Remix" are no longer working. This is such a shame, as this is one amazing tune. Wonder if you and the STS9 guys could work out a deal for a re-release somehow? For now, this is one of my top favorite one of your videos on YouTube.

    Thanks for what you do!

    Dave in Huntsville, AL

    • Thanks man! I checked all the links and they appear to be working from my end. Let me know if you continue to have trouble and I'll help out!

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