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Update, USA

I'm going to post some random jams on the tubes pretty soon. As soon as I have something interesting to share, I promise to share it.

I finally finished Disorganized Fun. It was a blast to work on, and I have to thank my friend "McFeezy" for giving me some company tackling that project. If you're like me, the hardest part about being solo is working alone, so it's always a blast to have like-minded company chillin w/ ya. Which makes me want to give this advice, for what it's worth.. All you need are a couple of really good friends. If you don't have a hundred fans to give you feedback, that's perfectly cool. Find the people who generally enjoy what you do and give you honest feedback at the same time. It's tricky though.. Some people try too hard to give feedback (saying too much, with great intentions of course), and some just jive with whatever you put out even if it's not up to your standards. Always go with your own gut in the end, but listening to others reactions can also give you some direction and new ideas. So make sure you REALLY appreciate those in your small feedback circle, whatever your art may be. Thank them a lot, and if you appreciate something they do, make sure you spend some time genuinely checking out their stuff and being encouraging.

I have a few more songs to wrap up on my album. I'm not "holding out", it's just the nature of how it is right now. Throwing Fire, the STS9 collab, and Disorganized Fun will be a blast, I think. Those are pretty much done, as with a few other random tunes. The "outer space jam" is still in the works and right now I'm working on "messin w/ a guitar sound". Trying to capture the guitar without it being so murky by the time I lay it over the rest of the beat in FL Studio. I'm using Edison now in FL. It's helping my workflow being able to drag WAV's from that directly into the project instead of recording in the old Adobe Audition 1.0 and then importing those WAV's. Huge thanks to Didier from FL Studio for encouraging me to try it that way.

I was fortunate enough to have met Papa Roach again last week when they played a show close to home. Their show was excellent and they were a blast to hang with. I admire those guys - they're extremely hard workers and they appreciate tons of music. Backstage they were bumping some classic Dre on vinyl. We discussed me doing a remix - I'm all for it. Might approach it like I did with STS9 and write more of my own tune based on their drums and possibly Jacoby's vocals.

Thanks for the continued patience. This is the summer of my second CD. If not, I will record 1 youtubes per day for 3 months after I shave my head, all except for the very back where I will grow a really long rat tail.

Almost forgot: I turned in my final version of the Jenkees/STS9 Collab today after working on it all day. More news on that as soon as I know something, but it should be available soon and I'll tell you where you can get it. It'll be for a good cause. I'm pumped to be a part of that.


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