No power again! Cold this time

Wow, the two worst power outages in our State's history.. Last time it was winds from Ike. This time it's an ice storm. It's cold up in this piece, seriously! LOL.

Our power has been out since Tues (posting this from my phone) and it might last 10 days total. Still not as bad as some. Friends of mine have no water in their city along with no power. I think that's when you need to head south.

Anywho, I started a brand new tune last week in FL Studio using Synth1 (free VST I found on kvraudio) and some 808 drumz. I want to post a snippet when the power comes back on. It's very recharging to start new stuff once in a while. Helps everything.

CD work continues too. Tis going well. Thanks to those of you who show patience in comments and emails with the delay. The positive stuff is awesome. Can't wait till I'm ready to post a serious update on it.

PS. Weezer finally posted that video I'm in (Pork and Beans mashup). That was exciting to finally see that up.  It's on my Youtube profile page on the Internet. The crew that produced that vid were a bunch of really nice people. It was cool to watch them get so much done. Also there are some very cool covers of my outer space beat on my page right now (guitar and drums).

Late Friday update: Finally on a generator! Definitely scared to hook my music stuff up to it, but at least there's heat, a lamp, and a laptop. Turns out this is THE worst power outage ever around here and it's still crazy. I hope from here on out, people keep their generators outside where they belong. Only YOU can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Wherever you are, if you're reading this, you should take 3 minutes and get a CO detector

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  • *Awaiting patiently for the release of your second album*

  • Thanks for the update! Best of luck with the power and the upcoming cd!

  • 3 cheers for ronald \o/ too bad about the power tho, its like that where i'm from too

  • waiting for new album, perfection takes time and it's worth it.

  • Hope the power comes back soon, Can not wait for the new CD !!! Oh, in your Throwing Fire vid, I really hope the segment from time 2:58 to the end made it to the final cut. I could literally listen to that 7 seconds of sound for 10 minutes strait! It deserves it's own verse :-D

  • aight ronald, whatever you need.

  • get pwr dam it nd finish so i can get the songs come on

  • Natures can be devastatin

  • Aww man Ron well hopefully it will come back. Take you time on the album, but don't forget to fill us in every now and then. =) Have fun man. I am excited for your next album.

  • hey man those covers are fun and good but you know what would be even better... an MP3 of the whole song, i just love "outer space" ! it better be on the next album. so, for now keep on jamming and HF finishing your upcoming album.

  • Best of luck to you and yours. The music I've heard so far from you is great and I look forward to more. I esspecially liked 'Disorganized Fun' and can't wait to have it. Peace be with you.

  • hey, i just recently came across your music on youtube and as an aspiring pianist ill say its most enjoyable watching you on your improv sessions. there is nothing more fun than just playing the keys forgetting about all else to do. ive downloaded your first cd and im extremely excited for the next one. keep up the great work Ronald.p.s. i hope your power comes back on soon bud

  • Great, some news!

    Already started to be worried =)

  • I check this website every day in hopes your second CD is available to purchase. You're music is amazing and I can vibe to it for hours. Always puts me in a good mood. Thanks Ron!

  • You music is awesome! I've been telling all my friends about you. Continue your work because I love it.

  • Chilly! Woo, burr, power outages are no fun, if it lasts 10 days its time to break out the generator but those are noisy. You've been very good to your friends and fans, so best of wishes and luck to getting your power back and it's good to hear you're starting on a new beat. Have a lot of fun playing the new tune! I'm serious about that. Have a LOT of fun ;') Cheers! Have a good Friday and a great Weekend!

    Brian G,

    aka ussenterprise...

  • I cant wait for the new album but please wait till you think its as perfect as can be. Im in the Navy and I am sure someone has said something to you about this but your glasses are the same ones we get in boot camp. I sport them from time to time. Keep on jamming and put out some videos when the power is back on!

    AEAN JONATHAN W. of the United States Navy

    P.S. you like how i made it all official? oh yeah... giggity giggity

  • Ronald my man!!! Sorry to hear about the power outage. Hopefully you can get a generater and use it correctly soon. Or better yet the power will be on asap!!! I can't wait for you new video either. "Pork and Beans" is 10x's better because you are in it. YOU ROCK the video out MANE!!! Keep up the great talent you have. You got more in your pinky then I'll ever have in my life.

  • Hey just giving a shoutout, your music is undescribable. YOU WERE BORN TO PLAY!
    I'm buying your cd soon as I get my credit card.
    Keep doing what you do.

  • Good stuff! I hope all is well soon!
    Looking forward to your next CD, as always!

  • Horible!! No power... I hope the power will be turn back on as soon as possible!
    I looking forward to your second album. I can not whait!!!
    A question: what is your releasedate? or, How many precent is done of your album?

  • Ronald, I just wanted to tell you that you are inspiring. I accidentally came across a video of you on YouTube via and haven't stopped listening to your videos and album since yesterday - I simply can't get enough.

    I've done some amateur mixing with a keyboard and Reason for a while and dude, you've given me the kick to rededicate myself.

    So. Freakin. Good.

    Well done Ronald

  • Nice idea Reinout a percent would be cool. It's still not a certain date, but cool to hear and makes it less ambiguous.

  • hey R. Just an idea you could try out for a jam some day! I'm not sure you are aware of for example the spectrasonics omnisphere contest? The company gave some bits of a "jam" with the new product and people made amazing and wonderfully different productions out of that! *

    That just gives me idea, since you already have a lot of following even in the professional community, putting up a production/mixing contest might produce something interesting if you're looking up to release a single or maybe put something extra for an album.

    Just a tip: if you don't want an ungodly amount of club mixes, it might be better to just release some midi data allowing for more sonical freedom and making it more of a production/mixing contest than a remixing one.

    Obviously there would have to be some stuff in the rules up front so people know whether they're doing some free work for some publicity (getting their name on a single as a mixer for example) and such.

    * here is one amazing jam resulted from of the contest I mentioned!

  • As if the elements could stop the freight train that is Ronald Jenkees! RJ is so bad he makes medicine sick. I say hook a turbine up to the King's Fingers of Fire and let him power up the south himself.

  • Sorry to hear about the storm dude. We got alot of the ice that came from the storm you dealt with here in MD. Glad to hear you are okay. Keep up the good work. Still eagerly awaiting your 'messing with a guitar' to get posted as a single mp3 in lieu of the CD. But patience is a virtue...

    Keep warm. Stay crunchy (LOL)

  • duuuuuude get your new album done, cant wait for it XD

  • Take care of yourself, man. This ice storm is all over the news just glad to hear you alright. Keep jammin on!

  • Scott from G4 checking in. Just wanted to say how much I love your music, Ronald. So fun to see you in the Weezer video, too. Keep up the great work; can't wait for the new album.

  • don't rush the album, we can wait. thank you for the musics.

  • Another fan from France ! J'attends avec impatience le nouvel album ! bravo è!

  • Hello from Louisville... My power was out for most of a week and the landlord brought over a generator when he got his power back so I didn't freeze. Got down to 40 degrees in the house, though. I'm glad to hear your safe. It's been a real mess here. Trees down everywhere, no work for awhile, and my road is still a sheet of ice. Anyway...

    Your music is fantastic. I'll be ordering a CD sometime but I just got another car (99 mitsi) and I need to build, install, and calibrate the speakers before I start playing music I truly love. (I've also put off buying the Bon Iver CD for the same reason; another amazing album with the kind of emotional depth you cannot find in the mainstream radio offerings.) When I get it sorted I'll be proud to enjoy your music on my system. It's hard to explain... It's like my "temple" and I've got to have it ready before the best stuff is played on it. You're a music lover, maybe you understand... :-)


  • really looking forward to the new CD! i cant wait till its released..

  • Yep I have a CO detector they should really include these with the sale of a generator.

  • Also looking forward to the release of CD 2. Hoping all's well, just dropping a note to say hi!

  • Keep on rockin' really enjoy the tunes

    Ironically we are having a heat wave here in Australia, several days over 40+ celcius, with associated power outages too!

    Killer heat here! Freezing cold there!!

  • Yo Jenkeeees.

    Really looking forward to that snippet on youtube.

    Just can't wait for your new album man, keep it up. Messin with a guitar sound is REALLY special, it was perfect as it was on youtube so it's just going to be amazing when you've finished it.

    Dude it can't be colder over there than it is here in England, except here its a double-whammy because we're cold, AND were in England.

    Power will come back soon I'm sure of it!

    Your an inspiration man, spreadin the word of Jenkees in the UK.

    Peace out Jenkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss.

  • Суперрррррр!!! продолжай в том же духе у нас в городе её оценили
    Россия -> р.Башкортостан -> г.Туймазы ;)

  • Good grief dude!

    Soz to hear about the power outages. Over here in South Africa it's a normal thing but it's because we supply too much of our power to Zimbabwe and we're left with none for ourselves...figures that there was NO planning done. Apartheid was bad, but we had electricity at least.

    Good luck with the album. I'm still eagerly awaiting it and I know with all of this extra time put into it, it's going to be an absolute SMASH! :)

  • Woaw, really, you are a genious! I bought your fabulous CD on iTunes! Keep up the good work! Cyril (from Switzerland)

  • u roxxxxx just bought ur cd online! greetings from finldand come drink with us!

  • Круто!!!Молодцом чувак!!!Это круто, сам я из Питера, а такой мызыки еще не слышал!!
    Супер!!Классно))Но я уже твои музыку нашел и скачал бесплатно))

    Так делжать!) Если что пиши, буду рад
    Вот моя ICQ: 475368672

  • Ivan (Russia, Cheboksary)

    When there is your new album? :( since December I look forward.... :(

  • Hey Ron, checking in. I can certainly understanding not wanting to power your expensive gear on a generator. If you have to do it in the future, plugging your gear into a UPS will shield your gear from the RF switching noise generators usually make so you won't have any problems operating your stuff. Hope this helps...and I look forward to your next album soon!!


  • You live in Kentucky!? Man, I wish I could drive down and meet you. You are so awesome and inspiring in music and in your positive attitude. We all appreciate you being yourself despite your popularity. Ps. Looking forward to your 2nd CD!

  • Buddy cant wait for ur next album ur music is amazing:D I listen to it before each of my soccer games to get me pumped!

  • Roman, Alexander, Anna

    =)))) You play fantastic music!!!! Super!
    Russia. St.-Petersburg. =))))

  • hey so i was looking on youtube and i saw you and i lisend to it it

    ROCKED DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was the first time i saw you and i love 2 see more!!!!! so keep righting I love your songs!!! (that was my friend i email your songs to all of my friends)I love you!!!!!

  • Hey Ronald,
    greetings from Germany, loooove your music.
    But Ronald, its April now, APRIL 2009!

  • Hey Ronald I was looking on your blog and saw this....The funny thing is I got hit by the same ice storm and man was it bad

  • hey Ronald,

    I am from Revolt Radio (
    thats wat i do.

    Would love to have some of ur tunes play up or maybe a small video interview via Skype?

    Wat do u say?

    Thx man

    Revolt Radio!

  • А вы как думаете только так? Размышляю, каким образом прояснить данную тему.

  • Hey, Ronald. Awesome music and great joerb. Keep it up!

  • JENKEES THE MAN!!! You will not believe this. I am a huge gamer and I went to youtube to see if any glitches where up so I went to the most random video and I hear this awesome techno, beat box, jazz like music and I go, "OMG this song is amazing. This is pretty much a must have song!" SOOOO, I go to the description of the video and there it is... Remix to a Remix by Ronald Jenkees. I copy and paste the name and fell in love with the song by listening to it over and over again 6 times in a row :D Then, on the right side where all the videos are, I see MORE music. I click on them and I just fell in love with the whole album. I get so excited that I search your name on youtube again and I clicked on one of your videos where your playing songs with the keyboard and stuff. I am AMAZED by the creativity you hold in you finger tips!! This is new generation music for crying out loud! WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD AREN'T YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!? Have you heard the crappy music they put on the radio these days? They may be good but they get worn out after listening to it 3 times max! Your music had impacted me in SSOOO many ways. For example, I'm listening to your music right now as im typing all of this. I listen to your music when im eating, working out, talking to people with one earplug in my ear, while I read, while im in the computer, AND EVEN WHILE IM WATCHING TV (YES, TV) also while im doing my homework. :) Also just want to throw this out there, I started playing the keyboard on January 22 of 2010 and Im still in the basics but thats why I admire you that much. The piano playing in your songs are the best part that I like about them. OH GOD it's like having an ORGASM!!! (im a boy by the way)!!!! Gold Spinners is MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the piano solo with the beat in the background and the jazz like type with the violins and the techno stuff is the most epic part about it!!! OH MAN I need to calm my self here. Here and now forever I will listen and tell everybody about your music. And please please please reply and I have one more question for you. If you dont want to answer thats fine by me but just hear me out... Can you.. give me the music sheet of the piano part for the Gold Spinners song?

    Thank You for reading my emotions and KEEP JAMING!! :D

    Respect from a Puerto Rican boy who lives in the US,


  • Guitar Sound the best! Play more!

  • Oh, yeah!! I remember this storm! I lived in Mayfield,KY when it hit. It sucked. We were out of power for weeks/.

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