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No power again! Cold this time

Wow, the two worst power outages in our State's history.. Last time it was winds from Ike. This time it's an ice storm. It's cold up in this piece, seriously! LOL.

Our power has been out since Tues (posting this from my phone) and it might last 10 days total. Still not as bad as some. Friends of mine have no water in their city along with no power. I think that's when you need to head south.

Anywho, I started a brand new tune last week in FL Studio using Synth1 (free VST I found on kvraudio) and some 808 drumz. I want to post a snippet when the power comes back on. It's very recharging to start new stuff once in a while. Helps everything.

CD work continues too. Tis going well. Thanks to those of you who show patience in comments and emails with the delay. The positive stuff is awesome. Can't wait till I'm ready to post a serious update on it.

PS. Weezer finally posted that video I'm in (Pork and Beans mashup). That was exciting to finally see that up.  It's on my Youtube profile page on the Internet. The crew that produced that vid were a bunch of really nice people. It was cool to watch them get so much done. Also there are some very cool covers of my outer space beat on my page right now (guitar and drums).

Late Friday update: Finally on a generator! Definitely scared to hook my music stuff up to it, but at least there's heat, a lamp, and a laptop. Turns out this is THE worst power outage ever around here and it's still crazy. I hope from here on out, people keep their generators outside where they belong. Only YOU can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Wherever you are, if you're reading this, you should take 3 minutes and get a CO detector


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