second album: still workin on it, still fun.

First I said "late summer". Feeling a bit pressured, I then said "December". I'm looking at where I'm at with the album and I'm not sure I'll have a complete December release. I could, but it's just not ready. You know that moment right before you completely go to sleep? It's a time when you're kinda vulnerable - if something worrisome pops in your head, you're awake all over again a little bit startled. Lately, that's about the time where my brain has faithfully reminded me that my album isn't done yet and there are people waiting for it, as if I didn't think about that enough all hours throughout the day. Should I get out of bed and work on music? Sure. What would it hurt? Lets go work on some music. 2-3 hours later and sometimes that process repeats itself - back to bed, back to the Motif. Sometimes I have some recorded media to show for it, sometimes not. Never do I beat myself up if not - music is always worth the time you put in.

Things continue to be fun though. Just the other day, I found myself adding a minute of newness to the end of "Throwing Fire". It's the kind of stuff I love to do - just go anywhere I want to with the song. All else is moving along too - some songs quicker than others.

Back to deadline speak, I (thankfully) don't have a label beating me up to release a second album, just people interested in hearing new stuff and I'm grateful for that. Just be patient with me while I have fun with music and get it recorded. I'm just thankful I don't have a label imposing arbitrary deadlines on my creative progress. I do that well enough on my own. LOL. Late summer. December.

PS. A friend and fellow YouTuber, David Choi, finished his album (there's a buy link on his myspace). All original stuff. Threw it in the car and I was digging it even though it's different than stuff I normally listen to. It's calming and he's got a great singing voice. I think it'd also make a good gift if you have a female friend who digs love songs.

PPS. Got to meet STS9 when they toured through KY. Zach (the drummer) had me come on the tour bus to meet the band before they played. Very nice people and the show was a blast. Thanks to my hat guy, Sam at Livity, for telling Zach about my music and making that collab possible.

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  • Ronald,

    Just checking on when the next C.D. will be out brother. I do have one request. When you get your new C.D. out, please put out a video programming an old 808.

    There are a few vids out but I think the true talent has grown past these vintage machines.

  • In sacramento you have spread like wildfire, this second cd will only gas up the flames! ill need to get fireproofed before putin it in my cd player!

  • I know u probally heard this over a million times. but i cant wait for your second album, so i can buy your first one, along with the new one and have them both signed.

  • WHO DA MAN!!! YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!.....seriously though i can not stop watching your videos! and for some strange reason i find myself watching disorganized fun at least 10 times a day! if you came out with an album with 2 hours of that i would buy 100 lie.. that shit is SICK! (in a good way)

  • Ronald,

    I StumbledUpon a video and one of the related videos was your keyboard-guitar solo. I am so amazed that so many great keyboarders like you are still coming out. You've had the greatest inspiration on my producing. Although I'm still a kid, still needing to do my homework first, while I walk home from school I listen to your music and it makes me feel so good, it's indescribable. Though it hasn't given me much ideas for my own music making, it sure inspires me not to give up and (like you've said many times) have fun with it. I wouldn't say that your new album will be much better than the last, because to me that a little bit more pressure on me also if I was told that. So just take your time, cause the more time you put into it, the better it will be.

    Again thanks for the GREAT and uplifting inspiration

  • Mr. Jenkees,

    Can't wait to be able to listen to your new tracks while I walk to classes. I check iTunes everyday to see if you have released your new material. You're keepin me on the edge of my seat man, but do what you gotta do to sleep easy on releasing your new album.

    God Bless

  • Hi,man,I'm f**king crazy about your music,you're a real talent,go on and don't stop. Just Rock, baby, hell yeeeah!)))

  • JENKEES THE MAN!!! You will not believe this. I am a huge gamer and I went to youtube to see if any glitches where up so I went to the most random video and I hear this awesome techno, beat box, jazz like music and I go, "OMG this song is amazing. This is pretty much a must have song!" SOOOO, I go to the description of the video and there it is... Remix to a Remix by Ronald Jenkees. I copy and paste the name and fell in love with the song by listening to it over and over again 6 times in a row :D Then, on the right side where all the videos are, I see MORE music. I click on them and I just fell in love with the whole album. I get so excited that I search your name on youtube again and I clicked on one of your videos where your playing songs with the keyboard and stuff. I am AMAZED by the creativity you hold in you finger tips!! This is new generation music for crying out loud! WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD AREN'T YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!? Have you heard the crappy music they put on the radio these days? They may be good but they get worn out after listening to it 3 times max! Your music had impacted me in SSOOO many ways. For example, I'm listening to your music right now as im typing all of this. I listen to your music when im eating, working out, talking to people with one earplug in my ear, while I read, while im in the computer, AND EVEN WHILE IM WATCHING TV (YES, TV) also while im doing my homework. :) Also just want to throw this out there, I started playing the keyboard on January 22 of 2010 and Im still in the basics but thats why I admire you that much. The piano playing in your songs are the best part that I like about them. OH GOD it's like having an ORGASM!!! (im a boy by the way)!!!! Gold Spinners is MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the piano solo with the beat in the background and the jazz like type with the violins and the techno stuff is the most epic part about it!!! OH MAN I need to calm my self here. Here and now forever I will listen and tell everybody about your music. And please please please reply and I have one more question for you. If you dont want to answer thats fine by me but just hear me out... Can you.. give me the music sheet of the piano part for the Gold Spinners song?

    Thank You for reading my emotions and KEEP JAMING!! :D

    Respect from a Puerto Rican boy who lives in the US,

  • Man Ronald found you on youtube and I want to say as soon as i have money im buying your cd's. This is the new generation of music absolutely perfect man keep them coming for us listeners.

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