New Album Status: December

Hello peeps!

I'm not a fan of deadlines when it comes to music but for the sake of you being in the know, my hopeful goal for the new album is sometime in December (digital release, physical CD's take a while to get pressed). "Late summer" has already past and the work is slower than I anticipated. All the basic groundwork is laid out though - the ideas are all there in front of me. All the tracks are pretty much picked out. Disorganized fun, messin with a guitar sound, throwing fire, stay crunchy (released ), and others that some of you have told me you like on youtube will definitely be on there.

I could have rushed things and had something sooner, but I'd rather not release something I'm not 100% comfortable with. Does that mean it'll be perfect? Probably not! LOL.

I don't know about you other musicians, but for me, finishing tracks is the most difficult and time consuming part. That's where the "work" creeps in.  I've been told that goes along with all creative work. It's a weird balance between keeping it fun and actually having some organized recorded media to show for that fun.

Also, a new video should be out super soon. I'm doing a VERY VERY fun collab thingy with a cool band. I want that video to be a surprise though. It's been a BLAST working on it. It's got me charged up every time I sit down to jam with it. Kinda has that same vibe as "throwing fire".

And some quick thanks to Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park for shouting out to me on his blog yesterday (WHOA!?!), Katy Perry for her flattering post that I forgot to mention a while back, and to Papa Roach who continues to stay in contact by email to encourage me on my new music and videos.

Thanks for your patience and all the cool emails that keep me going.

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  • you didnt make december. your falling off the map. is there a new release date¿ found you on youtube while searching surfing with the key word "fun" its a good discription of your music. throwing fire is my fav

  • Hy,

    i look everyday on Youtube our Video's. So good Songs and Producings. Im a Fan of our Style... Very very good...

    Sorry for my bad english: im from Switzerland ;)

    but i cant wait for the new CD from You...

    Nice Work, Raphael

  • Greetings to you from Moscow, did not expect? =) You have cool music, great bits. Write more of this music, and come to us with a concert =) I'm sure that after some time of you here speak, and you will be popular in our circles (I am listening to your tracks with your friends, and they are well appreciated), I wait for exit in light of the second album. Good luck to you!

  • You make a good music! Respect from Ukraine!!!

  • Wow, good for you Ronald! I knew the amazingness of you would seep out into the world of stardom, im glad to hear that you're getting recognized for your amazing work! You're gonna go so far in life. keep it real. :)

  • Ay man keep up the good work. Me and a friend have been watching you on youtube and dude you are an inspiration to us. After I heard some of your music I quickly bought Disorganized Fun. I'm actually listening to it as I'm typing. Stay Crunchy is really cool dude. Keep making great music man.

    Leroy Boards

  • I like your music.

  • Me has really stolen my heart.
    Nature Cleanse

  • JENKEES THE MAN!!! You will not believe this. I am a huge gamer and I went to youtube to see if any glitches where up so I went to the most random video and I hear this awesome techno, beat box, jazz like music and I go, "OMG this song is amazing. This is pretty much a must have song!" SOOOO, I go to the description of the video and there it is... Remix to a Remix by Ronald Jenkees. I copy and paste the name and fell in love with the song by listening to it over and over again 6 times in a row :D Then, on the right side where all the videos are, I see MORE music. I click on them and I just fell in love with the whole album. I get so excited that I search your name on youtube again and I clicked on one of your videos where your playing songs with the keyboard and stuff. I am AMAZED by the creativity you hold in you finger tips!! This is new generation music for crying out loud! WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD AREN'T YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!? Have you heard the crappy music they put on the radio these days? They may be good but they get worn out after listening to it 3 times max! Your music had impacted me in SSOOO many ways. For example, I'm listening to your music right now as im typing all of this. I listen to your music when im eating, working out, talking to people with one earplug in my ear, while I read, while im in the computer, AND EVEN WHILE IM WATCHING TV (YES, TV) also while im doing my homework. :) Also just want to throw this out there, I started playing the keyboard on January 22 of 2010 and Im still in the basics but thats why I admire you that much. The piano playing in your songs are the best part that I like about them. OH GOD it's like having an ORGASM!!! (im a boy by the way)!!!! Gold Spinners is MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the piano solo with the beat in the background and the jazz like type with the violins and the techno stuff is the most epic part about it!!! OH MAN I need to calm my self here. Here and now forever I will listen and tell everybody about your music. And please please please reply and I have one more question for you. If you dont want to answer thats fine by me but just hear me out... Can you.. give me the music sheet of the piano part for the Gold Spinners song?

    Thank You for reading my emotions and KEEP JAMING!! :D

    Respect from a Puerto Rican boy who lives in the US,

  • Pretty cool that you got a shout out from Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Congratulations!

  • I see YouTube our Video's everyday. all are good Songs and Producing. It is Stylist listening and watching is good.
    i am waiting for the new CD from You.
    Nice to you.

  • This man is a great singer. Your youtube views are extremely huge which shows that you are a great singer. I listened to some and yes it is very pleasing to the ears of the listener.

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