Stay Crunchy – YouTube Jam Download!

Edit: You used to be able to purchase this song right here but I'm working on my new store. It'll be up in a bit!

So here we go. This is an early cut off of my next album. A lot of people have requested more of my YouTube-style jams, so this song is pretty much the exact jam I did in "messin with an e-piano sound" mixed down to 320Kbps. Figured this would be a good way to experiment with this fancy new shopping cart AND to see how people like it when I leave the grime in a track. Can't wait to hear your feedback. This method of blog-posting and selling music is new to me, but maybe it beats waiting on a complete album to be finished (still working on that!). Anywho, I hope you like the tune!!! It was definitely a fun one to create.

iTunes - this won't be a single release on iTunes, but it's not too hard to buy it this way and drop the MP3 into iTunes. It just adds an extra step.

PS. Thanks to my friend Fil Smyth for always telling me (and pretty much anyone he comes in contact with) to stay crunchy.

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