Remix to a Remix + Malcolm Kelly Freestyle Rap

My friend and old roommate Daniel accidentally figured out that Malcolm Kelly's (Oklahoma football player) freestyle rap went perfectly with my beat "Remix to a Remix". Didn't even have to change the tempo! So he helped me cue everything up in the video and it's actually fun. I even threw in some fake applause at the end. ROFL.

Remix to a Remix - Featuring Malcolm Kelly (3.4 MB)

Click here to watch the video on the tubes. Or click here if you're interested in checking out my other tunes.

71 Responses to “Remix to a Remix + Malcolm Kelly Freestyle Rap”

  • That's f'ing tight dude. Your improv jams on the tubes are too.
    Do you do solos on your cd? Peace!

  • the video has at the end, hopefully anyone who watches it offsite figures out the typo =-(

  • Your friend is moron for misspelling Jenkees! But the video is awesome!

  • That rox; very cool that it came together like that.

  • I hope this inspires you to put more raps on your next CD, I frickin' love this.

  • Woah! amazing! give us more man! Keep bringin' dem beats 2 da streetz! (4 free of

  • tight az hell ronnie keep that stuff coming

  • ello Ronald,

    Love all your music, brought your CD a few months ago (still listening to right now), but I know what would make all these extra tracks you keep posting better.....FLAC!

    As soon as I got your CD, it was ripped in FLAC and it sounds exactly like the CD, and compared to MP3, its amazing!

    So please think about releasing some of your future releases in FLAC, its bigger, but even using Amazon S3, it would only cost $0.03 per 10 20MB downloads, hell, I would pay 10x that just for 1 download!!

    Keep up the good tunes!



  • Nice tune, of course. But Malcolm Kelly does not improve it.
    But a nice try to diversify and mix with others. Next step is to get someone like Christina Aguileira to join with your tune....

  • you are the tightes producer on youtube hands down any one who disagree dont no music and i look at alot of producer on youtube the only one that comes close is that boy (21)no i dont now him but the truth is the real and im real so keep doing it man you got all the talent without the looks hahahaha!! just kidding much love man stack.

  • Ronald Jenkees has proven, once again, that he has no peer on planet earth...this guy is the true dope, and the one way street down that glorious road we call hop-hop has been renamed Ronald Jenkees Boulevard, and even that fails to properly honor his matchless talent for music and life.

    All hail the king.

  • Wow--you lay down some tight beats, Ronald. And you play the keyboard beautifully. Keep on truckin!

  • Freaking awesome bro - I loved it.

  • Keep droppin those beats Ronald! All of us OU fans think you da bomb-diggity. Hold it down baby!

  • great beat man. im holding you down in north chi and spreading the good word, linking your site to my peeps on my 56k (another great song).
    yo, i got some remix ideas for you:
    the old nba on nbc song
    inspector gadget

  • This is Blowing my mind!

    I wanna get your music off e-music!

  • Oh man, i dream of akon singing that song. Absolutely awesome!

  • Wahouh ronald,

    im from france and i just discover you today trough youtube ... you're just an amazing producer ... go on and on and on ...

  • Hey Ronald,

    I heard your stuff by way of a friend who thinks you are awesome. well boy, now I think you are awesome. I was wondering if you'd be interested in checking out some of the music I've made. You obviously have a great passion for music, as I do, and I'd like to share my music with you, just as you have shared your music with so many. Thanks for being an inspiration, man.

    ~ RUTH

  • Where the hell are you? It's been 3 months and no tunes. Hook me up man...

  • Mannn, your beats are more than AWESOME! I really mean it.
    I watching the Elevator - Music, so I just went to your site.

    I have some friends that rap, I sure am gonna make them listen to your beats!

  • WXRT Radio Station in Chicago showed on their website that you were on youtube. After listening and watching I must say that I very much enjoyed you tunes. Especially that space song.That would make a dandy sound track in some movie. I am 55 years old and getting to the point that not much catches my attention any more, but that song surely did. I just wanted to wish you luck and thank you. M. Bever

  • So Uh dope?

    - Knowing that i'm kind of a big deal, i'm pretty impressed with the beats you layed down on your album, although I didn't purchase it, I've been thinking about doing a song on one of your beats. I don't collab much with producers, because I feel what i make how it's soulful and shit. But uh, I'm going to get a hold of you so we can talk about some things. Your style is crazy man, but i respect what ya doin. So i guess this is a warning for some big shit hapenning within thsi year. I can make you famous boi. Talk to ya soon. Keep up what you doing. Maybe you be here one day.

    "Welcome to the Good Life."

    -Kanye West.

  • huh different thats what makes all your stuff good

  • ey man that malcolm kelly remix to a remix is so sick! perfect beat for that! Can you make it so we can download the mp3 for free of that website please!

  • Guckt der wie Harry, aber geniale musik !

  • whats up man i'm glad i could finnally get a hold of u, (i dont have an accesible email account anymore).
    saw you on youtub and you have tallent!.. obviusly. i'm here to support and Because i have great advice, check out http://WWW.SOUNDCLICK.COM, huge way to spred your music! i'm telln ya check it out u wont regret it, many famus artists started there! you can to... u'd probly make it huge. plus there are tons of other artists who make beats to... you'd love it although, not to.. many as good as you, so u would make it huge. i cant stress enough how badly i would like to see you on sound click! look me up on soundclick as NAVE7 you'l find me easy (i'm the one pimpin in the suit)
    bro.. i know this is all alot, its because i see your potential and am already a huge fan! see ya on SOUND CLICK

  • Great stuff Ron, I love your music. I can't wait for your CD to come.

  • Very nice, excellent beat and of course I love the fact that it's Malcolm freestylin to it. They always said he was the best rapper on the team.

  • So Uh dope?

    - Knowing that i’m kind of a big deal, i’m pretty impressed with the beats you layed down on your album, although I didn’t purchase it, I’ve been thinking about doing a song on one of your beats. I don’t collab much with producers, because I feel what i make how it’s soulful and ****. But uh, I’m going to get a hold of you so we can talk about some things. Your style is crazy man, but i respect what ya doin. So i guess this is a warning for some big **** hapenning within thsi year. I can make you famous boi. Talk to ya soon. Keep up what you doing. Maybe you be here one day.

    “Welcome to the Good Life.”


  • JENKEESbEATS baby!!

    I love what you are doing although I know you have heard that a 1000 times.
    You will be the next big producer in the WORLD!
    That sick style of yours is what sets you apart from the wannabees.
    Keep it up neva fall off.


  • Just stumbled upon your disorganizned fun on youtube and now i'm here checkin your site out. You aint half got an ear for beats. Going to buy the album, and when's the next one coming.
    Dude what people are sayin is true your going to be big as a producer/proformer.

    To anyone who hasn't got stumble upon type it in to google download it and for god sakes I LIKE THIS site. The more times it done the more often it come up.....

  • Hello Ron,

    I want to say this as best I can, your songs are rockin! They honestly move me and I can feel the love / free spirit that you put into them! You deserve all you wish for and mark my words are going to be a world wide producer if you so choose!

    I have nothing but love for you and your music. Keep it up and never give it up!



    P.s I love that disorganized fun. I'm gonna buy both CD's when your new one comes out. Do a double CD deal please!

  • you...



    keep producing those videos and tunes!

  • you are a very good singer ronald keep up the good work. good work very nice

  • You are so talented.

    I am very glad that my friend introduced me to your music. It is amazing, I just might have to buy your cd.

    I'm quite sure you will be making more music because it's what you love to do. I am astonished that you are so joyful in every single one of your videos, I wish everyone was like that. This goes to show how much of an impact music can really make on someone.

    keep making these frigging amazing things,

    I love it,
    and I just love how happy you are :) !


  • Dont make the audio output so loud turn the volume down on it
    and the input louder.. You can barely hear Malcom rapping but its alright except for the last 10 secodns was whack

  • hey what's up??? am a young producer from Boston... dude a really need some help /// am 15 years old... if u wanna hear my stuff just e mail me and we cant talk i would love to make a beat with u... i now that S@#$% ill be fun lol.... ama be waitin for ur answer ... PEACE keep doing this f@#$% s@#$% music is magic .

  • Great track, Seriously one of the best beats i have ever heard..

    Keep doin ur thing Rj


  • Loving your stuff RJ keep the cold beats coming!

  • Your awesome !! Really good job, i love what you are doing.
    You got a unique talent.. You should produce a CD with a big company, you deserve it more than some popular singer.

  • Dude ur music's sick ass. U realy know what ppl like to hear, and make sick remix's. Keep up the good work. Peace out bro

  • men i'm shure in russia loves ur music, i like ur stile. seriosly you got a huge talant! right more we're waiting for new beat.

  • You Best!
    Hi, from Russia :)

  • Fine sound, fine music! 8)
    You a talent!
    Make more!

  • I am LOVING your music. Next stop is a CD order. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Dude, you're a fucking genius! Some of you're work is actually some of the best I've ever heard, props to you man!
    Keep on making fun music, and stay tuned.

  • dude nice music but btw are you dutch

  • В Росии слюшают и любят твои трэки!=)))
    Спасибо тебе!=)))

  • Greetings from Russia Ronald, I really liked the sound of your compositions, it is really cool. My name is I'm from Sanya city of St. Petersburg. Sam is not a musician, I paint graffiti, but feel the sound and understand that this is really good music. I fighter for quality and want to buy your album in a collection of in-kind. You can preslat it in Russia by mail? Answer nezlob.

  • peace man!
    good work. wery good.
    keep it real. Latvia. East-Europe.

  • Фу-у-у что за ужас! слушать невозможно! :(

  • i need all sound track to but it in my web site

    ur goooooooooooooooood man :D

  • Ronald Jenkee's fan

    I love your music man. I stumpled on to your music because I am an OU fan. If it wasn't for Kelly being on that track , I might have never heard the music of the great Ronald Jenkees. I believe I have listened to every beat you have on Youtube. I plan on purchasing your cd shortly. Keep up the great work.

  • Dats iz pretty nice man. I possibly could hook you up if i lived wit my dad.

  • very good...i make french hip hop from paris take a look please. 974scm myspace....
    gettho maestro...

  • man I just played that sic beat with malcom man your killin these beats son your the man dogg hurry up and put out that new cd son asap

  • Hey Malcolm can rap better than he can run a 40 had to say it..

  • Ronald i am really imspired by your music, i think you are super talented. people you really need to listen to all his beats and music!!!! Holla back, dude;much luv dawg!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Jenkees your stuff is amazing. I just found out about your stuff like ten minutes ago while I was blog swimming. Your youtubes are great, I love listening to your beats and that freestyle just goes right together with your stuff. You, sir, have talent and what's even worse, you have fun while you are doing it. That's a recipe for greatness my friend. Great Stuff!!


  • your music is more than a music,
    you have magic fingers dude,
    keep doing that,

  • Bless you for your guidance.

  • I can't get enough of this track! It's so sick with Malcolm Kelly's rap on it! This is better than 95% of the music on the radio, you have the skills man!

  • You're genius man....Ukraine loves and respects you...I guess you're Mozart in our time ;) Don't give up!

  • Mr. RJ... What a pleasure it has been listening to your music. I am a 100% music consumer, and because of that I have no boundaries when it comes to listening to good/great/awesome music. To cut a long story short (would be more than happy to share it if you ever get the time to read it), YOUR MUSIC ROCKS!!! And Remix of a Remix is still my favourite, mainly because it was the first tune that I heard from youtube "Elevator Music" episode... I was hooked from then on. Thank you, and please, keep up the ultra positive attitude in your music, we need it more than we realize it.

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